Do you like to learn something new? 

Like to experiment?

Like to read what others have discovered?

Like to pick up some new hints?

If you like any or all of those things, then this is the place for you!  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of these Tutorials and/or Hints and I will be glad to chat with you!  tapestry316@yahoo.com

A great demonstration by Caroline Linscott of painting clouds in watercolor!

How I got from my photograph to my framed painting.

A great way to transfer a drawing to your paper!
Just have to love crayons!

Comparing bright white and cream watercolor paper.
Painting up a storm... or two!

Two different ways to stretch watercolor paper.
How to have a flat watercolor painting without an iron.

Finishing touches on my watercolor paintings.
Down to the details, sparkles, and signature - all done!

Create a handmade card ~
Make it special, fun, and unique!

A little paper weaving fun!
What to do with the *whoops!*

Painting white and black - without white or black paint!
When is white not white and black not black?

Using a limited palette.
Packing my brushes for a watercolor class!

How to keep track of what paint is on your palette.
Keep a painting journal!

Here is a litte tutorial that uses ink and watercolor, adds a bit of the element of suprise, and produces some very fun results.
What is this blank-ness of paper that I see?

How to make a tracing light box with materials you probably already have!
Bet you can make this Tracing Light Box in 10 minutes and for FREE!

Having trouble finding your creative muse?  Here are some suggestions that will help you get your creative juices flowing.
Artist's "block"?  Here are some helpful ideas!

Experiment a little - create different art with the same image.
Do something different!

Do you have a badly damaged old photograph?  Do you have some version of Photoshop?  Here is a very basic Photoshop tutorial that will help you to make that photograph look new again.
Photoshop wonderful to Grandmother's rescue!

Do you stand in the art store and wonder what "that" brush will do?  Here's a fun blog post that puts some brushes to work for you.
Confessions of a brush-aholic...

These three blog posts follow an interesting art process involving india ink and gouache.  The illustration on this page was done with this method.
Taking some inspiration from my art journal!
More Journal thoughts...
A little Monday Art fun!

Did you ever wonder how to use Art Masking Fluid?  Here are some great hints to get you started.
Independence Day - Happy 4th of July!  - I painted fireworks using masking fluid.
Art Masking Fluid - a few tips and hints for you!
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