The Adventures of Super Truck

I bought Super Truck new in 1995 and have had a lot of fun travels, adventures, and crazy times as we have rolled down the road. 
The dealership sent Super Truck home with me for the weekend so we went for a little drive in the country.  Ummm... Yep, we took Super Truck down "the stack" and 114 miles later, I signed the papers.  And, note that there was no "Arizona pin striping" from our trip down "the stack"!  How we managed that, I have no idea...
Super Truck was in the local Chino Valley 4th of July parade with a bunch of 4-H kids sitting on bales of hay in the back.

Camping?  Lots of times!  Moving?  Wowser!  Moved myself, family, friends... and then repeated all the moves again!  Hauling?  Hay, feed, kids, gear, and poop.  Well, sometimes you just "got to do that"!

Over the years, Super Truck aged gracefully.  Ahem, and sometimes creatively.  The "aging adventures" definitely have provided me some humorous moments. Want to know where Super Truck's new home is? Check out this blog post:

More "Vehicular Genealogy" and a fun giveaway!

Here are a few of the more recent events for Super Truck... and a few other family vehicles.
10/16/11 - And the WINNER of the Giveaway is...
10/7/11 - Giveaway ends 10/14/11
10/2/11 - Giveaway ends 10/14/11

9/30/11 - Giveaway ends 10/14/11
7/21/09 b
7/21/09 a
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