Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yes. I would like a little cheeze...

A double helping of cheeze would go very nicely with my whine right now...

I was just considering issuing forth a high volume screeching scream in response to the totally disorganized packing chaos that currently surrounds me.

Two things stopped me.

My windows are open - which means that I would have to explain said ruckus to my neighbors. Seriously. A call to arms like that is reserved for a slithering critter - or at the very least some kind of blood letting injury.

Cardboard and packing tape do not qualify.

Reason number two for squelching my off key soprano aria? Well... I choked on it. I choked when I thought of how ungrateful I am to have the nerve to even want to have a *head desk* moment over moving.

I present to you the obvious - First Course:
  • I had breakfast this morning. I did not go hungry.
  • I went to church with my friends. I was not alone.
  • I played on my iPad while eating lunch. Play - rest - food - toys - fun - yep, and the list goes on.
  • I looked through old photographs and even older photographs. I have a loving family and more friends.
  • I read my daughter's blog. Again. *smack* What a reminder of how different things could have been.
Second Course:
  • I had money to purchase packing tape. Oh - such a necessity of life! *dripping sarcasm just in case you didn't hear it in my typing*
  • I have things to pack. Not only that, but I have things to give away.
  • Some of these things have been in my family for a 100 years. *no sarcasm here - just the actual literal antique facts*
  • I have a home waiting for me.
  • I have a home until I can get to the home waiting for me.
Third Course:
  • Crow
Well, "crow" with a side of *head desk* as I ask the Lord to forgive my ungrateful heart one more time.

And He does. He's that way. And then He reminds me that He really does have a plan. And it's a good one!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD.
“They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11

And I remember that it's okay to ask "why" or "what" - but "whine" is just cheezy.
Gratefully enjoying a bit of quiet packing.



  1. I hear you there. We get so caught up with what is wrong we forget what is right (usually a bigger list!)

    You have permission though to scream if you need to (sometimes it helps!)

    Good luck with the move :)


    1. Amen! LOL - not sure that I want to expend the energy on a scream... Thank you!

  2. Sometime we can get caught up in the daily happenings and forget how lucky we really are. It's important to take the time now and then to make these lists as a little reminder.
    You are a very lucky lady Kathy :)

    1. Thank you, Edi! I agree - taking note of what's really going on in our lives is really important. I do feel really blessed!

  3. Reminder for me to take a minute to count all the good around me.

  4. I am blest and lucky and happy to be able to sort and clean and give. I am happy to be alive. It's not necessary to enjoy the cleaning...did one oven yesterday :P

    1. LOL - nice to have the things to clean, though! So true!

  5. What a great way to put things in perspective Kathy! We're cleaning out as if we were moving but we have no plans of moving and instead of being overwhelmed by all the stuff, I need to count my blessings for everything I have and am able to donate to others who need things more!

    1. Well, said! We can be blessed as we bless others with the things that have blessed us!

  6. Moving is SO STRESSFUL!! Glad you were able to reframe the frustration into gratitude.

    1. Everything is coming together in the Lord's timing! Sometimes I just want to peek at the time card, though. LOL

  7. Sometimes when I find myself grumbling about the work around my house, I'll stop and remind myself how grateful I truly am for the wonderful blessing bestowed upon me in the house. And then the blessing list continues.
    (I do love packing tape and am grateful for it. It has a number of good uses!)

    1. That's a wonderful response! Once we start being grateful, it's easier to see other things to be grateful for, also - including packing tape!

  8. Blessing in abundance, indeed! BTW would you like some more boxes..... :-)

    1. Cynthia and Timothy are moving this weekend - and I don't know when I will be down next. Pretty crazy right now! LOL First thought is yes! Second thought is ****ack**** hahaha Let me get with them and see what's up. =)

  9. Kathy, if I never said it before--you are a very good writer! And I love your humor, right along with truth! Great post!


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