Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ptewie Season

Yes. Ptewie Season. It is a real season that overlaps spring and summer. It has to be in a dictionary somewhere.

It's the season when you open your mouth and something... somethings fly/drift/divebomb you.

Like dust. We have a few little winds here and some *cough* little dust devils. There is a reason they are called dust devils.

Oh, and there are tumbleweeds taking wing in there, too. Just in case you want to add a little "dodge ball" to your Ptewie Season fun! If you are brave enough to enjoy open windows at this time of year, just keep a shovel handy to return the topsoil to the great outdoors. Daily.

Hmmm... What else causes major ptewie? Wellll....

Poor itchy horses! Yes, I am having Palomino Flurries and a Dusting of Sorrel. And a lot of horse hair ptewie to go with it! It's actually fun to brush the horses when Ptewie Season is "full on". Never do you get to see so much hair fly in the wind! Don't laugh. Unless you can laugh with your mouth closed...

And, yes, there is wind. It's really hard to take a picture of the wind, so let's just move on to something else.

Ummm... like moving.

Yep. The for sale sign went up this week. Oh my! There is no sense of panic in my typing. Seriously. I passed panic a few weeks ago. At least until tomorrow morning.

I will apply a cure for panic then. I will start my day the way I usually do - with my nose in a good book. In The Good Book. Yep, I will grab my Bible and my breakfast and take a few minutes to talk to the Lord. You see, most of my (so called) panic comes because I want to know exactly what is next and when it is on the schedule. And there is that clause that I insert - the no fair to make changes to the plan clause. Did you just hear God chuckle? I did.

Hey, seriously. What fun would life be if we knew exactly what was going to happen every minute? Yeah, I know - some stuff hits hard and hurts bad. I also know that some of those hurts have made me appreciate other parts of life a lot more.

So for me, I'm going to keep on having those chats with the Lord. The ones that start in the morning and sometimes don't stop until sleep overtakes my brain. Those are the really good days!

Those are the days I know this is true:

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18
Oh, and one more thing. Sometimes the Lord is persistent in what He wants you to know. This verse has come my way from several different places this week - today's sermon was one. Another was this beautiful blog series by Shannon of Copperlight Wood - upside down. If you have a heart for adoption, go read this series. If you know someone who has adopted, read this series. Heck, go read it even if you don't - maybe God will surprise you and put someone in line with you at the grocery store. He likes surprises like that, you know!
And He won't leave you all alone out there in the middle of any of your surprises.


  1. I can't imagine that much wind! although I'd love to experience the dancing of the tumbleweeds, lol!
    glad things are moving along nicely Kathy!

    1. This is the windiest place I have ever lived! The tumbleweeds are fun to watch - as long as you aren't in the "flight path"! LOL
      Thanks! It's getting there...

  2. I kinda of miss seeing the dust devils we had when I was growing up in Utah. We see a few here that are wanna bes but they have a long way to go.

    1. The dust devils are pretty neat to see - from a distance. LOL I have been caught in them while driving and also while outside with the horses. Not quite so much fun then! I think it's the wide open places that let them "grow up" past the wanna be stage! LOL

  3. a new season! I'm not sure it sounds terribly fun. But the pleasure in life comes from finding joy in all circumstances.

    1. haha! Amen! Not such a bad season - if you keep your mouth closed! ;-)

  4. LOL Kathy, sounds like a plan to keep your eyes, nose and mouth closed. Maybe you need one of those masks they make for horses lol

    1. *roflol* Now I never thought about that, but that is a really good idea! haha!


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