Friday, May 23, 2014

Here a box, there a box... Funtry Friday


Taking  a break from packing and having a little Funtry Friday fun out here!

Not that packing can't be fun, you know. This little treasure turned up in my studio. Mom's oil painting of Grandmother's hand colored photo came out very nice, I think!

You may remember that I did a bit of photoshop fun on the same photograph a few years ago. I think this beauty is going to be on display!

I took another break from packing when the dogs created a major ruckus outside. Gadfry! Not a great photo because I took it on my phone, but, yep, there's a big bull snake in the photo! Do you see the critter slithering right up next to the fence?

This one is about four and a half to five feet long. Ya know, it's hard to measure them accurately when they are slithering away... Especially if "away" is where you want them to slither.

Sometimes after an excited day of packing - or packing interuptus - I just need a little iPad game break. Seriously... this is what happened.

No. I am not all packed. *sheesh*

That's it! I am going to hunker down and read my friend's latest book!

Carol Cox weaves a good tale - and Mr. Nefarious Villain has just appeared.... ewie! Catch you all later!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. You should definitely display that painting -- what a treasure! And I think the game is trying to tell you something :D

    1. LOL - ignoring the game today - haha
      Thank you - Mom did many paintings and sketches that are beautiful.

  2. Lovely painting! You found treasure!!! I'll pass on the snake - they have a purpose and I say "go off and do your thing" . So is your iPad trying to tell you something? and is that a side of hot chocolate? Enjoy your little fiction jaunt. :D

    1. Thank you! Yes - definitely a treasure!
      I happier when they are not in the dog yard for sure!
      That definitely is a side of hot chocolate! LOL Medicinal purposes, of course. ;-)
      Thank you - I did!

  3. Glad you're taking a little time for R&R in the midst of packing! Hope there are no 5-foot bull snakes where you're moving!! Yikes!!

    1. I enjoyed the R&R for sure!
      I don't mind the bull snakes - hope we do have some, but I hope they don't sneak up on me! LOL

  4. Still be in snake country when you move? Haven't read any of Carol Cox's books; I friend huh? The only author that I know is Bodie Thoene. Our kids went to school and church together in a little Sierra Nevada foothill town many years ago! Good times!

    1. Carol is a kindred spirit for sure! She and her daughter and I certainly can have a lot of fun and then wonder where the time went!
      I think I have read one of Bodie Thoene's books. It seems to me my daughter shared one with me.
      hahaha - Hopefully bull snake country! So far, quail and ground squirrels dominate the landscape.


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