Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Picking daisies!

Well, really painting daisies but since we drew imaginary daisies to paint we sort of did pick our own daisies!

It was really good to be back to my watercolor class after such a long absence. I did remember how to paint (mostly) and I had a lot of fun.

This week, Caroline Linscott had us paint daisies so that we could learn how to paint (not paint?) white flowers. The trick with white flowers is to leave a LOT of white paper and really concentrate on the background.

Since I needed to keep all that paper white, I covered it with masking fluid before I painted the background. And, yes - there was a generous dash of salt all over the wet paint in the background. I love the texture you get when you use the salt with watercolor.

We are using two main colors for this fun painting - aren't they luscious!

Masking fluid off - now it's time to paint a few stems and concentrate on not painting a lot on the flowers.

It was really hard not to get the details on the petals too dark, but by the time I got the last flower finished I was getting the hang of it. We also added a bee. Mine is kind of the Godzilla of bees - just a wee bit large there. Kind of matches the stems which almost look like tree trunks. LOL

Moving right along...

I softened the stems a bit and darkened the background around the daisies. I like that better, but I think I am going to lighten the stems on the right were I got just a wee bit carried away. Oh, and Mr. Bee needs a couple more legs on the other side of his body and maybe a little bit of blue on his wings. The salt pattern came out really cool, so I am going to work on keeping that pretty much the way it is.

It was really fun to paint along with Caroline and we all had very different paintings. Here is hers -

"He Loves Me" original watercolor by Caroline Linscott
I love her delicate colors and the wavy stems - and her bee is really cute, too.

Another very fun painting day! Local to Prescott, Arizona, and interested in joining her class? Contact her! See you there!



  1. What a fun way to paint white flowers! :-) love it Kathy!

  2. Your painting is so beautiful! Cute little bee :)

  3. How wonderful! Thank you for taking me along to so many of your classes. I now have a much deeper appreciation of water color paintings. I do like your godzilla bee.

  4. Salt for texture is interesting! At first glance I thought you were painting green flowers -- shows how much I know! Ha!
    Maybe Mr. Bee is not a mammoth size, maybe the daisies are just a wee variety! Besides, I think he's cute!

    1. LOL - love it! These must be the teeny daisy variety! Thank you!

  5. So cool! I love the colors and the white flowers. I also thought the painting had green flowers at first glance! There are some big bees in the world - have you seen carpenter bees? They're enormous!

    1. Thank you! Very true! We have those bees in Arizona, too.

  6. Thank you! It was fun to play with this idea!

  7. Love how your painting turned out. What a fun technique.

    1. Thank you! It was fun to paint these daisies!


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