Sunday, November 17, 2013

Euclidean Geometry

An infinitely beautiful sunset -
posted here so that your brain may rest
between colliding infinitely infinite thoughts.
You're welcome.
Remember pi r square? Remember that whole radius of a circle thing? I have a vague recollection of high school geometry - probably because I had a very cool teacher. Mr. Draper was able to explain math to right brained people - what's not to enjoy about that kind of math teacher?

I (vaguely) remember a discussion about how the radius of a circle determined the size of the circle. Mr. Draper went on to explain that the radius was the same measurement all the way around a circle and that you could find out how big the circle was if you knew how long the radius was.

Being totally right brained even back then, and having brushed up against the concept of infinite distances in space - I blurted out the first thought that came to my mind: "But what if the radius is infinite?"

"Ah," he responded without a pause, "then you would have Euclidean Geometry."

Now, umpty-ump years later I am hear to tell you that today was the first time I ever looked up Euclidean Geometry. To me, it simply meant that there was infinite stuff in math that would make circles (oh - and maybe squares) so big that they could reach out to space and touch that star - way out there.

Today, I know oh so much more. Yeah, well. Ummmm. Well, Euclidean Geometry... has a history. And it means a... *cough* lot of stuff. And all I can recall from what I just read is this little drawing on Wikipedia - but it says a lot about Euclidean Geometry.
In summary:  if "a" is that-a-way and "b" is this-a-way, then eventually they bump into each other.

Math people, I see your eyes rolling back in your head in despair - so with apologies to Euclid, let's just change the subject.

Infinity is something that only God *really* understands because He is the only one Who has always been. And that concept is too big for me to comprehend. I'm really grateful that God knew we would have a bit of trouble with that - so he slipped on human skin and came to earth to explain it to us. *whew* Thank you, Jesus.

Sometimes I feel like that little triangle. There are dotted lines that meet up somewhere - but they aren't always visible to me. So I pray - a lot. I know those lines bump into each other, because God always answers prayer. Always.

Okay - I hear someone saying, "But...", followed by a list of missing blessings.

I stand by what I said. God always answers prayer.
  • He says "yes" and showers the blessings we ask for on us.
  • He says "not yet" and asks us to wait for His timing. Then He pours out His blessings on us.
  • He says "I have something better for you." and then He pours out favor and blessings and surprises that we could not have imagined - or even thought to ask for - all over us!
Step into infinity and give God a chance to do something spectacular for you today. Pray. But don't expect Him to be like the shopping mall Santa who pretends to check things off our list.  Be prepared for Him to know what really will bless your sock right off and send them into (infinite) outer space!

Anticipating some of those incredible blessings,

The earth is the Lord's and all it contains,
The world, and those who dwell in it.
Psalm 24:1


  1. Oh I love today's math lesson! God's love for us in infinite and doesn't that just make you feel wonderful!

  2. Another inspiring post, Kathy. Sometimes I get caught up in the shopping mall Santa mindset, I'm afraid, with my list of people I want to be healed or problems I want to be solved (emphasis on I) -- instead of just turning those things over to God and saying, "Do what you know is best with this situation."

    1. So very true - the same thing happens to me, too!

  3. Interesting post, lol I loved geometry but wasn't all that good at the math part of it!

    1. Thank you, Pam!
      Once I didn't have pictures in math, I was totally lost. lol

  4. Amen and Amen! Remember how Mr. Draper had us create that cool string art? What an awesome lesson in geometry!

    1. Thank you! Oh my - I don't remember that! I do remember his very special tree, though - and how funny he thought it was!

    2. Yes, I was going to put that Bush in my post, but for some reason didn't. We did have fun that year!!!

    3. Best math year ever! LOL that's for sure!

  5. inspiring post!
    (love the sunset)
    infinity--so difficult to comprehend. I remember staring up at the sky and thinking how it goes on forever. Then my brain would burst.
    It's hard to imagine God's infinite nature. Yet we are allowed to experience it.

    1. Thank you! Yes it is - I did the same thing. Such a blessing to experience His infinite nature - even when we can't fully comprehend it!


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