Sunday, October 13, 2013

What's so hard about this list thing?

It's Fall already and some of the projects I began in January are still just a beginning. Now that the "frost is on the pumpkin", I feel more than a little bit behind.

I had this list… a long list, kind of left over from last year and added to in January… But then things happened along the way. A lot of things – too many to mention right here. Just take my word for it… or wander through my past blog posts this year. Things that made me put aside my list and just stamp it “later”.

Last week my pastor said “Life is full of distractions.” (Yes, I am a week behind in digesting the sermon, but that may make me ahead of schedule with the way this year has gone.) Distractions seem to be the “new normal” for me these days, but I did drag out my list and a few dozen assorted scraps of paper with general and specific scribbles (some faintly legible) and (deep breath) I rewrote my list.

Now what?

I was inspired to “put it in writing” when I read a series of blog posts by a friend of mine. wait and listen: 31 days from chaos to quiet… But a list is just words on paper if you don’t do anything with it.
So what’s so hard about this list making thing? I mean really. You just make a list. Do something. And cross it off the list. Right?

It’s when something hard to do is on the list that I look for distractions. Oh, I can handle “pay bills” and “clean the bathroom” okay, but “get ready to move”*?


(deep breath) Yes. There. I said it. Get ready to move. Look, it’s in writing.

And oh how I love (dripping sarcasm) change. But it is time to move.** So, while I go check my list again, here are some answers to the questions that I am asked every time someone finds out that I am moving.
  • Where are you moving? Generally, closer to my daughter and son-in-law – specifically, I don’t know.
  • What are you going to do with your animals? (seriously – this is how it is usually worded… I am running out of duct tape...***) Lord willing, I will take them all with me – right down to the antique chicken.
  • When are you moving? When the house (which is not listed yet) sells.
So, now that I have crossed “blog about moving” off my list, I guess I had better go take inventory of available boxes and resume sorting and packing – and crossing more things off my list!

Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.
Isaiah 40:31


*For some time, I have felt the Lord impressing this on me - but, oh, those distractions!
**Gah! see * and watch me don His "armor" and smoosh the distractions!
***because what I want to say is "mmmfft mffft mmmttfff"... Next time I'm buying wild colored duct tape... or maybe zebra print...


  1. Kathy, there's nothing like planning ahead.....well ahead. Happy packing.

  2. Moving closer to your daughter will be great! And how wonderful that you'll have space for all the furry kids :) I could never leave Harley behind, so how could anyone assume you'll leave your critters behind!
    I hope the distractions aren't too great and you're able to get your list whittled down and the house listed!

    1. Thanks, Edi! The reaction may be more regarding the livestock and other "farm" related critters, but... ahem. Yeah! LOL

  3. Zowie! the cat is out of the bag now! Packing - oh boy! New adventure sounds like fun and I will love reading about it :D

    1. haha - There could be lots of "blog fodder" over the next several months! LOL Thanks, Lee!

  4. wow! That's a huge step! sending encouragement.
    I hear ya about lists and distractions.
    yes, a new adventure! Enjoy the process.

    1. Awwwww! Thank you! I will take all the encouragement I can get! LOL Yes - totally a new adventure.

  5. Pretty Pumpkins!

    Wow, I was too tired to read your blog late last night...

    I can't believe your moving, that will be great to be closer to your daughter and grand kids, hopefully you will be very happy.

    Be sure to take lots of pictures of the inside and outside of your house, as after being their so long your sure to miss it, and you can look at the photos when you do!

    1. Thanks, Pam! It will be good to be closer to them and I sure will take photos!

  6. So, I have helped with 2 of your many moves - so let me know if you need help again! Other than that, when Cynthia and I hook up I can pass off some boxes - just let me know if you need them - they are the kind that reams of paper come in. Even though you don't have a set moving date, it sounds like you are starting to pack, so boxes are good! I know this will all come together in His time!

    1. Thanks, Karin! Ahhhh, yes - another adventure in moving! LOL Yes, I can use the boxes, thank you :) absolutely in His time!

  7. Oh wow, that's quite a list! Hope all goes well with your move and so glad you'll be taking your critters too!

  8. Oh, my! A move is always stressful, even if it is a "good" move (being closer to your daughter). I am hoping it goes well. You have a lot of faith and determination --- I am sure it will turn out OK. Now back to the next thing on your list...

    1. Thank you! I know The Lord has a plan for sure. I just need to keep listening ;-)


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