Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh, for the love! Funtry Friday

Oh, for the love!

Yes, that is the title of this Funtry Friday... because when my daughter reads this she is going to say that, and probably more than once. Ahem.  So - let's get started on our oh so lovely Funtry Friday!

Actually, we have to start Funtry Friday with Thursday when - yes! look! I made it to the dump. And it was open, too, unlike yesterday...

Keep Children

Well I could get really sidetracked on that half a sign, empty pick up, and leftover baling twine... but Thursday is still underway - so let's get going! I mean really - who wants to spend all day at the dump? Except maybe the guy who works there.

Next stop, PO. (no worthy photo op there...). Safeway. (boring). Sandwich shop. (haha - too hungry to mess with the camera) Up to church to have a little art fun and good conversation with my friends. Now we are talking! Literally, too - including some about the Doce fire. Oy. Here's the view from the church yesterday.  Good news today - it's 15% contained.

We had a good visit in spite of the smoke which makes Granite Mountain look like a volcano.

After our visit, it was time to head home and finish a little project.

*yawn* and head to bed - after washing the day's dust off of me...

So, now - good morning! and welcome to the Friday portion of our Funtry Friday! We usher in this day with a visit to the Hen Motel.

These little girls belong to a family who had to evacuate from the Doce fire area. A friend of mine is housing their horses, but she didn't have a chicken pen for the girls. Voila! Chicken Motel at your service. She brought the girls over this morning.

I think they like this a bit better than the horse trailer.

Okay, back to the half finished chores. Time to turn the water off and move the other hose. I'll just step over this big stick here. There. Now the water is off, and...!!!!

I would like to think that it was the Moses and the staff thing, but I didn't see Moses around anywhere. I mean, at this point it would be ***really*** nice to think that I had just stepped over a stick that had some dynamic transformation ***after*** I had stepped over it.

Wait. Ummm... This snake is really lumpy and still...

Could it be that this critter has met it's demise? Shall I nudge it with my foot? AhyeahNo. I am totally not up to the excitement of finding out how fast this slither can slith while my foot is in range. How about just tossing a few little not quite twigs to see if it wakes up...

Oh. Yes. Slither can slith just fine. It's funny shape is because it is full of something and I don't want to know what... Though there are a lot of gopher holes right over there ----->

I wonder if it makes snakes dizzy to tie themselves in knots like that.

And, no, this is not the same snake as before. This one is only about three feet long.

However, this slither has a tail of the happy sort so my tale ends on a good note. Though I certainly hope there are no more stick costumes at this snake's disposal.

Welcome to Funtry Friday - where you never know what will be happening! I think I need some chocolate now.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Almost Dump Day

Well, here I am - all loaded up to go to the dump. All ready. See the nice tarp? See how high the pile is? Good, Kathy - getting rid of "stuff"! (No worries - nothing in there could be recycled...)

What "good Kathy" didn't do was believe the web site. Nope. Didn't think they had the right information. And, yes, today is Wednesday and I knew that when I drove to the dump.

We shall consider today a tarp testing trial run, okay? And, at least, the truck is all loaded for a journey tomorrow morning when, hopefully, there will be less wind. By the way, the tarp worked just fine. I knew you wanted to know.

In the meantime, look what I rescued from the dump! Well, actually, I didn't go dump picking - I just didn't throw away this pair of jeans.

Well, and to further clarify, these aren't really jeans - at least not any more. This is my awesome purse which I love!

It has a very cool outside pocket - and one on the inside, too. Want to know how I made it? I bought a 25 cent zipper and cut pieces of the jeans and sewed them together until they looked like a purse.

No joke!

Happy recycle, upcycle, redo, reuse, or re whatever - this is my ready-to-go hold everything cowgirl saddle bag. Ye haw!

And it is a perfect answer to the Blogging Business Artisans challenge for June!

"June- AntiquityTravelers - June is a month for weddings. But how about a bit of twist on the saying "something old, and something new" .... does anyone 'upcycle'? How do you take an old item and make it new? How about reworking an antique? Anyone do steampunk? how about quilting with fabrics from clothing that has memories to you? ... any other ideas?"

How about them road apples?

Some road apples are better than others. We have a few roads closed around the Prescott area due to the Doce fire. I can see it from my front porch, though it is about 35 miles away.

Please be praying for the firefighters and the people in that area. Current information about the fire can be found on the Yavapai County Emergency Management website.

Watching and praying,

PS My zipper pull says "got Jesus?" I do and I am really glad that I do!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Strawberry goodness

I love strawberries. Yum! I happen to believe that oatmeal exists primarily to be a vehicle for strawberries. Seriously.

Recently I discovered something interesting about strawberries that I had never noticed before. I have always thought that they were a very pretty fruit inside and out. You have all the little seeds against the pretty red on the outside and all these cool white lines in the juicy redness on the inside.

What I had never noticed before was that each one of those white lines comes from a seed on the outside of the strawberry.

A seed that reaches all the way inside the strawberry to the very center.

To the heart of the strawberry.

Words are like that. They land on the outside of people and then they sink right down inside all the way to the heart. How often have I spoken words that left sparkling lines in someone? How often have I spoken words that cut and hurt to the heart? Sometimes hard things have to be said, but saying them gently can change the hardness.

God is like that. He tells us things we want to hear. And He tells us things we need to hear. I'm good with the first - and sometimes grumpy with the second. Please tell me I am not the only one! What I have to let sink into my heart is that He loves me and He wants the best for me.

For God so loved the world that He gave is only begotten Son
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16


My turn now - my turn to remember that my words need to be sweet like strawberries and gently reflect the Best that the Father has to offer.

Off to munch a strawberry or two,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Funtry Friday Fly By


You never know what you will see around here. This is one confused chicken. In fact this is one peculiar looking chicken, too...

Oh, it's Peter Pigeon.

Peter has led a very confusing life. A number of years ago, he arrived next door during a storm which left him injured and rather bedraggled. My neighbor rescued him and nursed him back to health, but told him he could not invite pigeon friends to visit.

Peter decided that the grub was good and the company was fun, so he stayed. He is the only pigeon around here, but he isn't really lonely. Every spring he helps a couple of morning doves build a nest. He even helps feed the babies when they hatch.

He was a little distracted this week, though.

He found a place to have lunch, but the door closed behind him. The chickens were a little surprised to have company, but they put out the welcome mat for him.

He flew around the coop for a while. Well, rather like a maniac because I was bigger than a chicken - but he calmed down when I opened the door and sent him on his way back home.

Kind of missed having the pigeon in the chicken coop today, but I think he prefers the roof top anyway.

Hope you had some fun fly your way this Funtry Friday!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just a little nearsighted.

Hello, my name is Kathy and I am nearsighted and I like it.

I am used to my fuzzy world and, quite frankly, first thing in the morning it is nice to have a fuzzy world. I can choose when to bring things into focus simply by grabbing my glasses and putting them on my face.  I can even delay focus for a few moments by keeping my eyes shut. Yeah. I do that.

Some people have surgery so they don't see this way. I can tell you that I have never even considered doing that because I like the way I see things.

I do see a little bit better than I used to, though - part of the aging process is that nearsighted people do tend to loose a bit of their nearsightedness. This is pretty close to the way I see things now. Well, as close as I can come to it with Photoshop.

Of course, there are a few draw backs to being as nearsighted as I am. You don't want me to drive without my glasses and I don't want me to walk across the room without them.  I never know what I might step on...

Some surprises are better than others. If it is dark, I turn on the lights and put on my glasses when I get out of bed. Yeah... and I put on my slippers, too. It pays to be prepared when you see don't see the way I do. I didn't always do this. I did learn the hard way. Yes, broken toes heal pretty well. And I won't list everything I have stepped on...

Sometimes I choose to leave my Spiritual glasses off. Guess how bad my eternal vision is then? On a scale of 1 to 10, it isn't even on the scale. Things in life look all blurry and out of focus - nice and soft, with no hard edges. Or teeth. Then life bites me and I wonder what happened. Doh.

Back to digging into the Word instead of reading familiar Bible passages that are comfortable. Back to seeking what the Lord really wants me to do. Back to being His, not mine.

It's a much better deal. When my life is in focus eternally, I am much less likely to be tripped up by the fuzzy day to day-ness of life. I am much more likely to see clearly in the here and now as I look forward to the then and there.

Fixing my eyes on the Lord,

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen,
since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
2 Corinthians 4:18

Friday, June 7, 2013

Real Life Funtry Friday...

Gadfry. (just happens to be one of my favorite exclamation point expressions...)

I repeat. Gadfry!

Welcome to Real Life Funtry Friday where the Real Life Adventures have taken over... Today we are featuring Bethie, who doesn't feel well.

Doh. Ummm... Doe doh... Doe doldrums. Doh. Welcome to mastitis. Yes, goats can get that even if they have never had a kid. Apparently, a precocious udder can have mastitis the same as a normal milking udder can.

 I was going to draw you a map of my travels for her today, but after all the travels I don't have the time. Suffice to say, I went to the feed store for an appropriate goat thermometer (apparently both my neighbor and I have misplaced ours... scary thought), back home to call the vet with her temperature, out to the vet's office to pick up medications, and back home for a further adventure in goat care.

As if the thermometer was not enough of an adventure, the medications are all in syringes. Nice. Four days of two shots a day. Bethie is going to just love this...

Not only that, but I had to enlist the aid of my neighbor who very patiently said "Right cheer!"

Yep, there's a first time for everything. I had never given a shot to goat before. Only six more to go... Hopefully these will make her mastitis go away. They already made her feel a little better. That could add an interesting note to giving her shots tomorrow...

On another higher note... Our first batch of baby swallows are in the air!

And, on that soaring note, another Real Life adventure in Funtry Friday Country ends.

Hope your sun set on a lovely day full of fun!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ah, the artistry of creativity...

Creativity takes such a wonderful variety of forms! Each creative process takes a different path and has a different result. Compare sculpture to painting, and you can easily see the differences. However, there is a creative path - one which twists and turns it's way to a unique finished project and many of the stops along the way are the same no matter what the media.

Take this wonderful book, for instance. - "Trouble in Store" by Carol Cox.

This well crafted mystery is an excellent example of the intricate path that creativity takes. I have heard the words rewrite, edit, and deadline, and watched the travel for research, locating of places for imaginary towns, and "building" of structures in the mind that are both intriguing and believable. Some people may think that the words just drip off an author's fingers and fall magically (bound and ready to read) onto a bookshelf. I know first hand that there is a LOT of behind the scenes hard work that goes into letting me have my imaginary adventure.

On her web page, Carol has a lot of advice for writers. I know that she takes her own advice because her characters are believable, her plot is well thought out, and her settings are the perfect frame on a lovely painting (the picture framing artist in me could not resist that comparison!).

For a very fun historical mystery romance, check out "Trouble in Store" by Carol Cox. Set in 1885, this mystery weaves it's web around a mercantile in Cedar Ridge, Arizona. There is, of course, a nefarious villain - no mystery would be complete with out him. And, for the record, I totally picked the wrong persons... and I am telling you no more! Grab a copy and enjoy trying to figure out the tangled clues for yourself!

Happy reading!


PS Just in case you were wondering, the items in the photograph with Carol's amazing book, do have a little bit to do with her chosen subject. Items similar to these may have been sold by Caleb and Melanie at their store.

What you see here is a framed calendar from The Tiffault-Kamps Mercantile, Co. in Wisconsin. I just happen to be related to Mr. Kamps and this lamp is from that same Wisconsin family. Next year I will enjoy using my vintage 1913 calendar (yes, it really is 100 years old!), because it will accurately display the dates for 2014. Imagine that!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pizza and other changes.

I was 19 years old before a slice of pizza passed through my lips. Yep. It took a bit of convincing, too.

"Like - what is that peperoni stuff? You seriously want me to eat this?"

I came from a Kentucky fried kind of family. Pot roast and tuna salad. You know - a cross between Southern and Yankee cooking with an emphasis on "our favorite recipes".  Repeat daily.

Now I make homemade pizza on a fairly regular basis. And consume it, peperoni and all, with great joy. In fact, my son-in-law introduced me to a delicious dipping sauce for pizza:  Ranch Dressing. Yep - a culinary treat!

After the pizza, I got a lot more adventurous in the food department. Between the first slice of pizza and adding a' la Ranch, I also had frog legs and snails.

Frog legs tasted like chicken and they were teeny tiny. Slightly disturbing...

Snails proved that if you put enough butter and garlic on something, it will taste good.

Okay. The snails may have come after the Ranch dressing. Keeping chronological track of culinary adventures is not my strong point.

In fact keeping chronological track of lots of my life adventures is not my strong point. Even though I keep a calendar and a blessing book (kind of like a journal, but listing a daily blessing from God), I still miss writing things down. 

See, what happens is, I am strolling around in the middle of life doing my day to day stuff and something happens and I just keep on going. And then a few days/weeks/months/years later, I wonder when that totally awesomely important thing happened. It was so day to day, that I didn't write it down.

For example... you can ask me why I believe Jesus Christ is The Savior and I can tell you. If you ask me when I became a Christian, I can't tell you. Clueless. No Christian I knew back then ever told me to make note of the day I decided to let God run my life.  But, frankly, I don't think it's really that big a deal. Seriously - what's more important:  following the Lord day by day or knowing the day the journey started?

I'll take the actual journey, thank you. It's been kind of like my first bite of pizza. Taking that first step to follow Jesus, opened my eyes up to all kinds of wonderful incredibly awesome happenings that just keep on happening. Sometimes it's tough and sometimes it's a little scary, but I wouldn't trade this wonderful walk for anything the world has to offer.

*following my Savior close to see what adventure we will have today!*

Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.
Psalm 25:5
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