Friday, March 29, 2013

Funtry Friday Dozen

Okay, the cliff hanger is over! As promised, here is the real truth about my crazy statements in my last blog post, "Did I really do this?"

1.      I rode in a hot air balloon. Absolutely and totally false! I think it might be fun to do, though.

2.      I washed and dried a mouse. Unfortunately for both the mouse and I, this is true. You will note that now I NEVER, for any reason, leave my washer lid open unless I am in the laundry room and the washer is in sight.

3.      I rode a race horse. Well, yes – but not in a race. Our first horse, Sweet Lady Jane, was a retired Thoroughbred Race horse and we rode her until her eyesight got bad.

4.      I made a dress out of a plastic bag. Yes, and I still have it – just in case my daughter wants it for one of her lovely daughters. It does have eye holes… basic black… long… will go with any kind of shoes… For some reason, Cynthia didn’t want to wear it in Junior High.

5.      I told my sister she could fly like Superman and she found out she couldn’t. Seriously, who would do that to their sister? Yep, me. She took a flying leap off the top bunk and did a belly flop on the rag rug. Honestly, I figured if anyone could fly it would be her. Mom’s reaction convinced me not to repeat the encouragement. Oh, and my sister was thankfully uninjured. Maybe she could hover for a short time…

6.      I wrote a little cookbook. Let’s just say that if I write a cookbook, you don’t want it unless you do a lot of science experiments in your kitchen.

7.      I dyed my hair red. Not once, but twice – about 20 years apart. And you would think I would have remembered how bad it looked the first time. For the record, I have my plain old ordinary it's-really-my-hair-color hair in my profile picture.

8.      I have moved a total of 22 times in my life. Yep – I counted them all up just for you.

9.      I won an art contest when I was a freshman in High School. Nope – totally a lie. Of course, you have to enter a contest to win and I was way too shy to do anything that adventurous!

10.  I designed my own home. Duck Lips! Yes, I did. It was a LOT of fun and I still really like the floor plan.

11.  I have had many public speaking engagements. Duck Lips revisited! I have spoken to many local art groups, as well as other local community groups. I have also led two women’s retreats and co-led another with my daughter. Leading the retreat with my daughter was a blast! It was the most fun I ever had speaking in public.

12.  I have duck lips. Well, if you read this post and my daughter’s blog post you can plainly see that the answer is yes.

I do have duck lips and sometimes I do like to share a little brag time.  But Cynthia is right. All my bragging words don’t add up to much of anything next to my Lord saying:
“Well done, my good and faithful servant." 
Matthew 25:21

Well, I hope you enjoyed with my Funtry Friday Dozen! Be sure to let me know if you create your own list – I want to see it!

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  1. Ha ha! You are full of surprises, my friend!

  2. Your blog is so much fun Kathy! ;)

    1. Thanks, Linda - I like to have fun here ;-)

  3. I love that the mouse and your sister "flying" are true...these are great :)
    I've only moved 4 times in my life...and I've still never left my home town for any of them!

    1. haha - I would have not minded missing the mouse episode so much... But my sister did a great flying leap... before everything went "south". Maybe we should have been striving for Peter Pan instead of Superman.

  4. Fun! I once convinced my sister a cake I made of sand was real chocolate cake and she ate a whole slice. Yeah...

  5. LOL I loved these last 2 posts from you! What fun!
    Your poor sister lmao

    1. Thanks, Pam! LOL - she has forgiven me - I hope!


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