Friday, December 7, 2012

Remember... Pearl Harbor Day

My father was a WWII Veteran who served in the South Pacific on the USS Franks, a destroyer in the US Navy. 

He did not speak very often about his wartime experiences.  I do know that he enlisted in the Navy so that he could protect his widowed mother and his sister, and insure that the enemy who bombed Pearl Harbor would not attack their homeland. I know this because he shared that with me when I was in college.  Last year, my sister surprised me by framing this wonderful tribute to our father and his service during WWII.

Yes, we remember!

The portion of the original newspaper page that my father saved from December 8, 1941, is preserved in this frame.

Details of the Japanese attacks were printed in the newspaper, as well as the entire text of the message delivered to Congress by President Roosevelt asking for a Declaration of War.

There is a record included in this tribute to Dad, too. One that he recorded.

This is what Dad wrote on the label:

President Roosevelt's War
Message to Congress, Dec. 8, 1941
Dick Golter
This has been a wonderful way to remember an important part of my dad's life. I wanted to share this with you because today is Pearl Harbor Day.  I also want to thank those who have served and are serving to protect the freedoms that we have. Thank you, also, to the families who have waited, are waiting, and who have mourned the loss of a loved one. God bless you all.


  1. Awesome! Just awesome, that you have such a token of your father's service! What a way to give tribute to him and all of those who served. My own father was in the Navy on a Destroyer Escort! Maybe he escorted your dad's ship! Who knows!???

  2. wow! This is really special! Thanks for sharing such a lovely tribute!

  3. This is a wonderful tribute to all of those who served at Pearl Harbour. Thank you for not letting us forget.

  4. What a wonderful keepsake! This is really special!
    My grandpa served in WWII in the Air Force. As he's gotten older, he enjoys telling stories of his war buddies and his time served. I'm glad I get to hear them :)

  5. how wonderful he put that together as a memorial. And that you do the same to memorialize the day. Didn't realize it was Pearl Harbor Day. I don't really understand the label. And what record is that? Just curious... {:-D

  6. Wow, Linda - that is awesome. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?! Thanks!

    Thank you, Margaret!

    Thank you, Kim!

    Thanks, Edi - how wonderful that your Grandpa is sharing stories and that you get to enjoy them!

    Thank you, Deb! Sorry - I should have said that "this is what Dad wrote on the record label" - lol, I'll fix that... He went to a local recording studio and recorded President Roosevelt's Message to Congress in which he asked for a Declaration of War. I think he enlisted in 1942.

  7. What a wonderful post! My parents remembered Pearl Harbor Day the way I remember when JFK was shot, and my kids remember 9-11. Days that change history and destroy your sense of safety and security.

  8. Thank you, pasqueflower! Yes, that is very true. I can remember where I was and what I was doing when JFK was shot and when the 9/11 attack happened. My parents could have told me where they were when they heard the news about Pearl Harbor. Lasting memories - and a reminder to hold our freedoms more dear and our loved ones more closely.

  9. What a beautiful tribute to your father.


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