Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Living Creatively

Most of you know me as a watercolor artist, who plays around with ink and a few other mixed media "recipes". It's especially fun when I get to play "art" with my delightful grandchildren.

I have been playing with paint and drawing horses since I was a child. I have also been playing with dolls that long. My Nana used to make all kinds of stuffed toys and dolls and I think I never outgrew the love for them. When my daughter was young, I used to design, create, and sell all kinds of dolls. Of course, I also made some just for "playing", too!

Yep, I made all of those - and lots more. Several of those were made from patterns that I created. I really enjoyed designing doll patterns - especially the crocheted ones.

For a brief time, I even created a few porcelain dolls. Here is Titania from Midsummer Night's Dream.

I entered her in a competition and won a ribbon for her. Not the big blue one, but I was still very happy about winning a "runner up" award. It was my first (and only) doll competition.

It was lots of fun to bring this creation to "life".  That's what is especially nice about living creatively - there is a joy in taking simple raw materials and watching them become something wonderful. Like turning paper and paint into a beautiful painting, or wire and beads into stunning jewelry.

Or this pile of fabric into...?

Hmmmmm.... what shall we be creating here, I wonder?

Hope you are having a creative day, too!



  1. Oh my, I even see a Cabbage Patch and a Pound Puppy in the mix! And is that a unicorn I spy up there on top?!! Your porcelain doll is a beauty -- no wonder she won a ribbon! You are full of surprises, Miss Kathy!!

  2. How neat! I had no idea you created dolls. The porcelain doll is just beautiful!

  3. Kathy all the dollies are great but the crochet critters are cute! Wonderful playthings!

  4. Kathy, a girl after my own heart. I too love making dolls, although I never have made a pattern for one, just used others patterns. The porcelain doll is gorgeous.

  5. Wow, your dolls are great! I had no idea that you made dolls. I really enjoyed seeing your collection today.

  6. Your doll collection is fantastic. I especially love your porcelain doll -- incredible!!

  7. I've always like stuffed animals but those dolls are adorable. And the porcelain Titania is beautiful. Lucky daughter, to have her mother making her own dolls! {:-D

  8. Thanks, Sarah - and yes, yes, and yes! The unicorn is from a pattern that I created myself. =)

    Thank you, Edi! My creativity pops out in all sorts of places.

    Thanks, Lee! Yes they make great playthings especially because they are totally washable and have no buttons to pop off.

    Thanks, Marlene! After I made a bunch of dolls, I just wanted to combine ideas from different dolls and *poof* I was into pattern design.

    Thank you, Rose! So glad you enjoyed them!

    Thank you, pasqueflower!

    Thank you, storybeader! It was lots of fun to make them all and I am delighted that my grandchildren also enjoy dolls.

  9. oh . . . a new side of you that we haven't seen before. I am interested in dolls, have a couple of books about making them, but haven't started yet (this new craft for me!)

  10. Oh, Linda - you will have a wonderful time! It's like creating a three dimentional story - and you get to play with them, too. LOL

  11. Beautiful porcelain doll. Making dolls and stuffed animals sounds like a lot of fun. I made pouting babies for a few years was lots of fun. I bet your grand daughters will love their dolls.

  12. I still make dolls - remember "Mack" the boy doll I made for Robert that he hauled around in the basket on his tricycle? I have never outgrown my love of dolls, either! In fact, I believe I still have a cat that you made me somewhere......and your Nana's frog she made for Dale finally was loved and patched and loved until his stuffing was gone! Good memories!


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