Friday, December 14, 2012

Can has Funtry Friday?

Can has nap?
Oh, yes... the watch dog sleepeth...
Can has little birdies in the chicken coop?
Um... not my first choice for you to chase sparrows in my chicken coop, Puff...
just sayin'...
Can has pretty ice sculpture?
Ooopsie... can has time to fix the leaky faucet?
Can has pink horse?
Hershey, did you make a trip to the horsie salon and I didn't know about it?
Can has pretty sunset?
Oh! I see! Hershey has been "dipped" in a beautiful sunset that turned him all pink.
Happy "can has" Funtry Friday!


  1. That sunset is just breathtaking! Fun post :)

  2. Can has rain? WOOHOO! Are you getting any snow, or "just" rain like down here in the Valley? Hershey is beautiful!!

  3. Another beautiful sunset / skyscape!
    I could use a little nap--the "watch dog" has the right idea!

  4. pink Hershey!
    a nap and birdies are wonderful to dream about!
    gorgeous sunset!

  5. The doggie reminds me of one of my best friends. {sigh} Pretty sunset and water spigot! {:-D

  6. The dog in the car is too sweet. Great cat capture! The colors in the sunset are so rich.

  7. So much fun at your place. Sweet animals!


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