Friday, November 30, 2012

You asked for it! Funtry Friday

If you think you are have deja vu from last Friday, you may be right. But what self-respecting grammy wouldn't take an opportunity to show off her "grands"?

 Biggest sister and bigger sister with little sister.

Naomi is definitely a character!

Biggest sister and big sister with little sister.

Cuteness, cuteness everywhere!


Needless to say, this little bundle of joy has been the center of attention! Hope you enjoyed page two of our recent fun.


  1. So sweet! My, how Sophia has grown.

  2. Beautiful children! Great Group of Girls :D bet the laughter is contagious.

  3. They're all so adorable Kathy! You are very blessed!

  4. These are such sweet, sweet photos! The girls will treasury them in years to come! My youngest (now 10) still looks at the pictures of her big sis holding her (then 4 years old) ... such wonderful memories

  5. Adorable and precious!!! Aren't you so grateful for pictures?? :)

  6. Thank you, Pam!

    Thanks, Jane! Yes, she has grown a LOT!

    Thanks, Lee! - Contagious and hysterical! LOL

    Thank you, Edi! Yes, I feel very blessed!

    Thanks, Cynthia! Yes, we all do love to look at our family photos =)

    Thanks, Sharla!

    Thanks, Betty! I do feel very blessed =)

    Thanks, pasqueflower =)

    Thanks, Jen - I certianly am grateful for them!

  7. You are right! Cuteness everywhere! Congrats!


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