Friday, November 2, 2012

The tall and the short of it... Funtry Friday!

Not hard to tell who is tall and who is short here!

This gives you a better idea of what size a miniature horse really is.  And, by the way, Raven (on the left) and Izzy (on the right) have their ears aimed backwards because they are looking at each other and Crystal (in the background) has her ears forward because she is looking at Raven and Izzy. You can tell where a horse is looking by the position of their ears. And, yes, their eyes can move independently of each other, and when they do each ear will show where the eye on that side is looking.

Another interesting thing about horses is that they can sleep standing up; however, they never sleep soundly unless they are laying down. Raven is just waking up here. When sleeping, they will rest their chin on the ground or sleep flat on one side - but only when they are confident that they are safe.

Since a horse is a "prey animal", these things help them to escape their predators quickly should the need arise.

Goats, on the other hand, will sleep in all sorts of positions.  Doesn't this make you want to go take a nap???

Three different goats, all napping in three different positions! Love the dangling foot...

Adding to the napping fun, here is Mama Hen and her two little chicks getting ready for a cozy night's sleep.

They are almost as tall as her and it won't be long before they are as big as she is. By the way, they still sleep tucked under her wings - which is very cute to see!

Here are our tall mountains with the snow they had last week. What?! Do I hear laughing? Hey! For here, the San Francisco Peaks are tall (12,633 feet - 3,851 m - in elevation). And that white stuff is snow! Yes, there will be more snow later...

Well, now that I have seen that snow (even though it is already melted) I want to go cozy up and get warm. Wonder if there are any late fall sun puddles to be had around here...

Happy Funtry Friday! Hope you manage a little fun in the country this weekend, too.

*wandering off in search of a warm patch of sunshine*


  1. How sweet it is. I love all the critters and you for being you!

  2. I'm ready for a nap, point me in the direction of bed. Cute pictures and Izzy is a cutie.

  3. That's really interesting about the horses...I never knew that!
    Your photo of the mountains is just beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the eye ear connection on horses :D
    <3 the photos!

  5. What a great view! Loved the horse photos - tall and short!

  6. We didn't know that about horses eyes and ears so that was fun to learn! We think it'd also be fun to learn more about the woofies and kitties around there! Just sayin'.

    Angel & Isabella

  7. Makes me sleepy just looking at them! Those goats are a hoot!

  8. Thank you, Jane!

    LOL - me too, Marlene! Thanks =)

    Thank you, Edi - horses are pretty fascinating! Glad you enjoyed the photo.

    Thank you, Lee! It is pretty fascinating to watch, too, since the ears keep moving and that indicates where they are looking.

    pasqueflower - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed =)

    Purrrsss - Isabella and Angel, so glad you asked! We will makes sure that Missy gives the kitties and the woofies their times, too!

    Karin, I was laughing sooooo hard! They were totally sacked out and did not want to move.

  9. love all the pics! Didn't know that about horses ears and eyes - I just thought their ears were back when they were mad! That's as much as I know... LOL {:-D

  10. storybeader - Thank you! You are right - they will lay their ears backwards and flat on their heads when they are angry - and swing their heads around. That pretty much means business! LOL - the twisty ears are usually more straight up or tilted.

  11. Interesting about the horses ears/eyes -- I had no idea that their eyes worked independently! Apparently, their ears are a dead giveaway!! I always learn something when I visit your farm!!

  12. I always enjoy learning about animals from you. The horse shots are great, and your final capture of the mountain is just stunning.

  13. Sarah, their ears do give away a LOT of information about a horse! Thanks, glad you enjoy the visit!

    Thank you, Rose! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  14. fun post! I didn't know that about horses' ears and eyes.
    The goats are so funny!
    and the chicks are cute!

  15. Thanks, Splendid! Glad you enjoyed your visit =)


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