Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby it's cold outside! Freezey Funtry Friday

Brrrrr! It is getting cold around here. Definitely time to toss a log on the fire and warm up - that is, if I could get to the stove...

I guess Cookie wants to warm up, too!
Ummmm... and look who tried to follow me inside...

I don't know, Hershey - I just flat don't think this is going to work so well! Seriously, I think he would have followed me right inside the house! LOL

...unlike Lova - who is very happy wandering around in the Hollyhocks.

The cooler weather seems to suit her just fine, though she does like to come inside when the temperature drops to burrrr degrees!
Fortunately, these guys are staying outside - though I have no idea how they are surviving the freezing temperatures. I just saw another one today...
Mama Hen and her babies seem to be enjoying the weather, too.

The babies are so cute - one of them even has the same little "top knot" that Mama has!

Well, I hope it's not too cold for you in your neck of the woods. We are still having some lovely days followed by cold nights. There have been lots of mornings with ice on all the water buckets and even the big horse tank. Definitely looking like fall around here!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. HaHa! Hershey, Get off the porch! Cookie, don't get too close to the fire!

  2. Charming I might have let Hershey come in. lol

  3. Well, it's a little cold here - we're sitting pretty at 10 degrees and 50 mph winds. You should come over for cocoa! ;)

  4. Good lord, I'm fussing about 42 degrees with no wind!!
    Do you think Hershey might take a seat on the couch?
    We're finding grasshoppers with three inch long bodies this year. Seriously, never in my 61 years have I seen that. Tell me we're not the only ones.
    Once again, Funtry Friday has started off my weekend with a smile.

  5. Kathy, you have such an interesting crew of critters! Maybe a miniature horse could fit inside ;) We had a week of cool nights and some glorious fall days - threat of rain is looming and all the mountains have snowy peaks again :D

  6. Hershey seems to want to be with is people pretty bad. Love seeing your critters. Your temps sound about like ours not bad during the day but cold at night.

  7. Harley is loving the cooler weather! I think he'd stay out there all day if we'd let him!
    Hershey is so cute trying to come inside :)

  8. Love seeing your animal pics -- reminds me of my youth on the farm. Unseasonably mild weather here in Nebraska -- beautiful weather for a home football game.

  9. Brrrr, brrr and more brrrrr!! We natives are such sissies! LOL!! Seriously, though, I have had to start collecting boxes for the stray and feral cats and trying to find places for them to stay warm and dry. I have to crochet a few more blankets for them too, since more have appeared since some of the folks around here move out and don't bother to search for their pets. GRRRR. Hershey is just wanting to come in and visit for a while - I don't blame him!

  10. Shades of Lazarus in the livingroom, huh, Cynthia! Usually it's Lova right next to the heater.

    P and P - I have seen pictures of horses with their heads peeking in open kitchen windows!

    *roflol* Shannon, two cups might just get me there even in the winter! ;-)

    Jane - glad you enjoyed the visit! That grasshopper is about 3 inches - we usually get all sizes here. LOL - I think Hershey would have headed for the kitchen to nab some carrots! Brrrr! Shannon has us all beat!

    Very fun, Lee! Soon you will be painting snow! LOL - a miniature horse would fit quite nicely - haha, but not for long! I did hear of a woman who converted a bedroom into a stall and had one inside.

    Marlene - he is a very socialble horse! Yes, I think our temps are similar right now.

    Edi - some critters just love the cooler weather! I was glad I had my camera when Hershey tried that! He was so funny!

    pasquflower - what fun it must have been to grow up on a farm. A lot of work, but still fun!

    Totally true, Karin! Yes, I see that it has gotten cold down your way, too. Oy... so sad that people leave their pets behind =( Hershey follows me everywhere when I am outside - such a sweet horse!

  11. the pic of Hershey "at the steps" is adorable. I threw another blanket on the bed, but our days are still nice too! {:-D

  12. Ha! looks like you have a house full! Cookie is so cute back'n it up to the stove ... that's where I'd be!! And Hershey - too cute ... following you right in! glad the critters are outside. We still get a few strays this time of year that manage to sneak in before the cold weather set in. Just found one the other day.

  13. Thanks, storybeader - I am about to toss another blanket on my bed, too.

    AantiquityTravelers - It's fun to have the animals around - good company and good entertainment. LOL - and they keep most of the other little critters outside!

  14. Hershey trying to follow you inside is too funny! Great pictures as always. I never get tired of seeing your animals.

  15. Lots of fun at your place.
    We saw a ladybug last Saturday, funny to see them in the winter.

  16. It was really funny to watch, Rose - I think he would have come all the way inside, too!

    I do have fun, Pam! Wow - and it's colder where you are. I really do wonder how they survive the freezing temperatures.


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