Friday, November 9, 2012

A beautiful Funtry Friday! Hey - who's that???

What a lovely day - a nice mix of crisp fall air, gorgeous clouds,
 ...a bit of rain, and... wait, no - don't touch that buttonnnnn......

 ...and Bird TV! Clouds, smouds - Pal reporting the real Fun in Funtry Friday! Look at all those BIRDIES! What do you think, Lova? Hey Cookie - did you see the BIRDIES?

 Hey, Doggies - the birdies is in the air... doggies... umm.... Forrest, see if you can get the doggies to look up at the birdies. 

****pfft**** The doggies missed the best part of Bird TV. Again. Silly doggies - you needs to pay attention to your kitties!  Forrest here - and I'm going back to catch the end of the  Bird TV show!

OOooohhh, Pal - did you see that????

I sure did! Pal here - reporting on the latest Funtry Friday happenings  out in the country! And we are

No playing with the buttons, Pal! I need to write a Funtry Friday blog post.  Now, let me see... where was I?

...ummmm... What's this photo of birds all about?

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Thanks for reminding me that the flocks of grackles will return to our trees soon. What an ungoldly racket!!! I could hear them looking at your photo. I can't believe Forrest & Pal didn't chase them since the dogs weren't!

  2. Fun, reminds me of a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie.

  3. Those doggies sure did miss all the fun but we saw the birdies! Good job reporting Pal and Forrest! We LOVED seeing you and Love and Cookie too today! Keep an eye on those birdies!

    Angel & Isabella

  4. I like the Birdie TV channel too, but Trail (my next-door doggie neighbor) won't look when I tells him either! Silly doggies....


  5. LOL! Lots of birdies flying here, too. NE is famous for the Sandhills crane migration.

  6. The sky is just stunning, and of course the kitty is adorable. What else do you need?

  7. Jane - wees buzy snoopervising the Birdie TV today cause wees tired from blogging. Chasing may happen tomorrow...
    Pal and Forrest

    Mmmmmm, Marlene - Maybe a large 300 pound KITTY CAT would help that movie... ;-)

    Dear Angel and Isabella, Doggies sure were slow in the Birdie TV department, huh!? Glad you enjoyed them - we thought they were purrrrfect! Pal and Forrest

    Oliver - Furrry odd that doggies everywhere is missing all the good Birdie TV! Puurrrs to you, Pal and Forrest

    What fun, pasqueflower! We get a few water fowl around here who get a little off course from our nearby lakes.

    LOL - Not much else at all, Rose!


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