Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hidden treasures...

When the watercolor class I had signed up for was cancelled, I went looking for some other fun ways to try something new or revisit something I hadn't done in a while.  In my extensive *blinkin' huge* stash of books, I found this cool vintage treasure published in 1940.

What fun!  I plopped it on my art table right on top of all the current projects neatly lodged under my important paper weight (created by my dear daughter *ahem* a few bunches of years ago).  This book, I said to myself, will be lots of fun to peruse and I may just find some new (old) idea to try.  I opened the book and started to thumb through the pages...

Oh my!  What a surprise! and what a fun thing to find!  This was a text book that my father used while in college and these are his handwritten notes from the class.  At this point, I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry (yep, I am that sentimental...).  My father had a degree in Business Interior Design - check out my blog post, My Father was an artist , to see some of his artwork.  Needless to say, I will be checking out this book a lot more closely now!

I will also dive into a couple of other books that I found in my stash.

Both of these books have some fun texture ideas, great illustrations, and lots of opportunities to "paint along" with the writers.

And, if that isn't enough to keep me happy, I will pop over to and play with some water drops!  They are a fun addition to paintings.

Looks like I have lots of fun things on my table now.  How about you? 



  1. How cool to find your father's handwritten notes! I'm sentimental about these things too. My mom knows not to throw anything away until I get to sort through them first :)

  2. Thanks, Jane! I was really happy to find them!

    memories - So glad I am not the only one who is sentimental about these things! LOL - I was sooo glad to discover them hidden away after all these years!

  3. Love the art finds. Sounds like you will have hours of enjoyment.

  4. Thanks, Pam! I was so happy to find that it was Dad's =) I will enjoy them all!

    Thanks, Pamela! I am sure I will have lots of fun with them! So nice to find one that was Dad's, too!


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