Friday, October 26, 2012

Funtry Friday - here and there!

So, tell me how you can lose a horse...  Completely!  One morning this week I looked outside and I could not see Billie Jane anywhere.  Anywhere!  When I finally found her, I had to take a picture because it was so funny!  Sorry for the fencing and all that stuff, but if I had opened the door - the "Kodak moment" would have been gone. 

Remember the cute little baby goat?  She has grown up!  Isn't she pretty?! (and big!)

You can find all sorts of things out here... how about a couple of Electric Cats?

Or perhaps you would rather have an Electric Dog looking for an Electric Cat...

Or maybe you would just rather toss away the *toys* and play with the box!

Yep, they thought this up all by themselves - though they did have to have a little help getting out!

Here, there, and everywhere - Funtry Friday always has some down home country fun!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. My brother and I used to love when my parents bought new appliances because it meant we got to play with the great big boxes! We turned the fridge box into a fort :)

  2. and thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts!!! Love the critters, esp. the electric ones. How wonderful to see children who use their imagination.

  3. Help getting out?! How did they get in? Great shots Kathy! :)

  4. Cute, the girls are growing fast. That little one sure does have a head of hair and such cute smiles on them all.

  5. The electric animals title cracked me up, and the box picture is priceless. I love the expressions on the girls' faces. It's always neat to see the games that kids come up with all on their own.

  6. haha - Edi, they wanted to sleep in the bigger box! Currently they have a bunk bed blanket fort.

    Thanks, Jane! Those girls come up with the funniest imaginary games. You just never know what is next!

    Scary thought, Lee - but the oldest lifted the youngest into the box, then got in herself. Then she pulled out all the pillows in the bottom of the box, and lifted the middle child into the box. How they managed not to squash Sophia, I have no clue - but there were no screams attached to this adventure - well, of the pain filled sort, that is! ;-)

    Marlene, her hair has gotten quite long in the last year! They have all grown quite a lot. Thank you!

    pasqueflower - haha - Yeah - and the outside of the box says it's a car seat. Way better contents now!

    Thanks, Rose! LOL - Really, I think there might be a market for these... night lights, maybe? They were having soooo much fun! They are very creative - TV/computer time is limited and creative play greatly encouraged. =)

  7. Electric animals!??!! What fun! and, those are fun times in the box!!! I remember when my daughter was little and did that!

  8. haha - Boxes are the best, Linda! I think all kids love them. LOL - how else would the critters eyes glow? They seem to have rechargable batteries... LOL

  9. Lol Glad you found Billie Jane! Fun times at your house!

  10. LOL - Pam, I looked all over and finally saw her ears! Just a moment later she raised her head and peaked at me over Hershey. Too funny!

  11. Fun stuff going on around your place!
    The box is so cool! Yes, I was wondering how they got out!

  12. Thank you, Splendid Little Stars! hahaha - Mama to the rescue!


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