Friday, October 12, 2012

Drippy Funtry Friday

You can't really (in my opinion) call it rain if only the very top bit of dirt gets just barely wet enough to keep the dust down, but as soon as you walk - you leave dusty foot prints in the damp earth.

However, it still can make for some spectacular clouds!

Every way I looked today, there were gorgeous clouds.  I love the way the clouds are sitting so low on the hills.

It has gotten suddenly colder here, and the trees are putting on their fall colors.

The wind was blowing a bit today (hence the slight blur in the photo) and lots of those leaves landed on the ground.

Benny didn't seem to mind the light rain.  He came out to eat some of his grass.  If you look closely, you will see that he is actually sitting up on his haunches to eat.  See his front paws just dangling there?

By afternoon, there was no more pretense of rain.  The sun was shining and everything looked crisp and clean.  There was just enough rain to wash the dust off of all the trees and plants.

Well, Billie Jane still looked a bit damp after the rain, but both she and the bazillion visiting birds seemed to be enjoying the aftermath of our brief shower.

Yep, those little black dots on the ground are part of the huge flock of birds that meandered through here this afternoon.  It was fun to watch them land and fly, land and fly, land and fly... over and over again.  I think they are enjoying the cooler weather.

Hope you are having some pretty fall days out your way, too!

Happy Funtry Friday,


  1. Don't see any fall here yet. Lovely clouds and hope you weren't counting on the rain. Great to see Benny & Billie Jane.

  2. You always get such great photos of the clouds! Looks like it turned out to be a beautiful day :)

  3. Beautiful cloud shots, Kathy! Dangling paws...too cute, very focused on a snack.
    We got rain today and it will be around through Tuesday! YAY! Lots of fog hanging in the trees, too. :D

  4. Clouds are so fascinating!
    Sometimes you just have to get up on your haunches for a snack!

  5. Great pictures, I love the big open skies out here in the west. I miss the storm clouds in Utah, they could get really dramatic at times. Benny is so darn cute, almost, and I say emphatically almost, makes me want to get a bunny. One of those big floppy eared ones would be great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ahhh! Love your skyscapes. Cloudy here, too, but not much rain. We could use some.

  7. Benny is so cute sitting up like that! We got lots of rain so no more dust here! It looks so peaceful in your neck of the woods!

  8. Gorgeous clouds! The sky is so big there.

  9. I'll try to send you a little fall, Jane! LOL - not much rain here, but it was pretty! Thanks!

    Thanks, Edi - it was a nice day!

    Thanks, Lee! He was very focused! Hope you enjoy your rain.

    Thanks! haha! Very true, Splendid!

    Thanks, Marlene! I do enjoy the big skies, too. tehe - Bunnies can make fun indoor pets, too - they can be box trained like a cat ;-)

    pasqueflower - Thanks! We could use some rain here, too. Hope you get some soon!

    Thanks, Sharla! Glad you got some rain to keep the dust down. It was pretty after the rain - the dust was washed off all of the plants so all the colors were really bright.

    Thanks, Rose! It's amazing how big the sky seems. Even though our valley isn't really huge, it seems like we can see forever!

  10. Love the cloud flurry in your first photo! I like how, when it rains early in the day and then the sun comes out, everything looks so fresh and shiny! A new start!
    Not much fall here in TX....

  11. Thanks, Sarah! The clouds have been spectacular lately and I am really enjoying them. It was so pretty when the sun came out - like you said, fresh and shiny! We do have a little bit of fall here - the leaves are pretty when they change colors.

  12. Lovely photos! I take cloud photos, too.. glad to see I'm not the only one. ; )

  13. Thanks, Janet! Growing up in a desert really made me appreciate the rare clouds. We always enjoyed watching them.


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