Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't use other people's photographs - it's more fun to take your own!

As an artist, I firmly believe in protecting my copyrighted material.  I also believe in protecting other peoples' copyrights.  When I do a painting for sale, I use my own photographs or photographs that I have permission to use.  It is illegal to swipe photographs... and it just isn't nice either.  Besides which, it is waaaaayyyy more fun to take your own photographs!

So where do I take my photographs?  Anywhere I am.  My camera travels with me all the time.  Sometimes I take "camera walks".  Sometimes I just happen on a cool "Kodak moment" at home or in the yard.

This week my sister and my friend kidnapped me* for a fun trip to Bearizona.  Oh, the photographs I took that day! 336 photographs before my battery died.  At Bearizona you drive through the park while the animals roam free. 

Okay, ladies and gentlemen - roll your windows up, keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times...

Yes, this wolf is hunting the Big Horn Sheep.  Fortunately for them, they are safely behind a large fence and separated from the wolves. 

How close were we to the wolves?

I am looking out the passenger seat window while my sister is dodging pot holes and rocks on the driver's side.  Wolf is happily taking up the middle of the road.

Were there other critters?  Oh, yes!  After all, it is called Bearizona!

There were lots of Black Bears.  You will note the blue reflection in the lower right portion of the photograph.  See! - I can follow directions.  The window is rolled up.  This big guy ambled up to the road.  How close was he to our car?

My sister had to wait until he got out from in front of the car to take a picture.  If he had been the really big huge one, she wouldn't have had to wait because that guy could have been on all fours and looked straight over the hood into the front window!

Did I take pictures I plan to turn into paintings?  Absolutely!  Tons of them (remember, I took 336 photographs! haha).  Here is one photograph I plan to use.

This might be a little blurry, but I am sure I can make it work for a painting.  Pretty cool, huh!  Yes - this would be from the High Country Raptor show.  And, no, my camera was not elevated above my head.  That baby is aimed right at me!  Ooohhh-la-la! What fun!**

See what kind of adventures you and your camera can have?  Now all I need to do is sort through all those photographs and decide what to paint first...

Hope you have had some great "photo ops", too!

*I was willingingly "kidnapped" - lol - for some birthday fun!
**Of course, Funtry Friday will be filled with more of these adventures!


  1. Haven't been to bearazonia yet, but since seeing your pictures it looks like I will have to make the trip.

  2. I'm so thrilled to see a few of your photos. Great action shot of the bird!! So now we have 331 to go?

  3. What a fun birthday adventure!
    That first wolf looks a little scary, but the second one looks like he's waiting to be petted :)
    Can't wait to see what you paint first!

  4. Great Shots, love the wolves. Our neighbor had a German Shepard and wolf mix he called Ice as she was white. Looked just like the one in the road. Ice was as sweet as can be but really large.

  5. Love the photos from your abduction! Wolves looking deceivingly docile :D
    Glad you had fun, Kathy! I look forward to your paintings ;-)

  6. This looks like a fun outing! I have my camera with me as much as possible when I'm out and about so I don't miss an opportunity for a good shoot.

  7. Looks like you had a good time at Bearizona!! I try to remember to take my camera with me, but I usually forget! So my Christmas list has one item -- a small pocket size camera that still takes really good pics!! Then I can just leave it in my purse and always be at the ready! That raptor (hawk?) will make an excellent painting! That's a really good shot of it zooming right at you!

  8. I'd love to go to Bearizona! How cool to be so close to the animals! That bird photo is fabulous and I can't wait to see your painting!

  9. Pamela, it was fantastic! I really enjoyed being so close to the animals - and being able to take so many close photographs, too!

    LOL, yes, Jane - but not all of the photos turned out great - haha. There were several from the Raptor show with no bird - they flew so fast!

    It was fun, Edi! The first wolf was definitely "on patrol" for the next meal. The white wolf looked like he (she?) owned the entire world! LOL

    Thanks, Marlene! I bet that mix would be really large - and pretty, too.

    Thanks, Lee! Yes, they do! It was lots of fun =) Now to carve out some painting time!

    It was fun, Rose! I like to keep my camera handy, too - you never know when something fun will happen.

    Sarah, I did have a lot of fun! I have a Nikon Coolpix S8200 and I really like it. It's compact but still has lots of features and takes great photos. That is a hawk. I was really glad that I got that shot!

    It was lots of fun, Sharla! Just about as good as Bird TV - but with all the birdies' friends, too.

  10. Beautiful photos Kathy. So glad you had a fun time.
    Was it your birthday, or someone else's ?
    If it was yours... Happy Birthday!

  11. Thanks, Pam! It was my birthday =)

    1. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Kathy, Happy Birthday to you! lol Glad you had a fun birthday and that you can't really hear me singing ha ha

  12. Bearizona!! How fun! Hubby and I traveled to the wilderness and rarely saw wild animals of any kind.
    I am most happy to know that someone else besides me can take so many photos at one time.
    This sounds like (and looks like) a most fun birthday adventure!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  13. It was lots of fun! Thank you =) That's one thing I really enjoy about digital photography - I can take all the pictures I want! LOL


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