Sunday, October 28, 2012

Decidedly Pro-Life

Soooo… I was having a conversation with two people this week and the conversation turned to a woman who had recently given birth to a baby.  Both of these women adamantly stated that the baby should have been aborted.  I, just as adamantly, stated that I do not believe this child - or any child - should be aborted. (By the way – we all play nice when we disagree, so we are just as close now as we were before the discussion occurred.)

Then I told them about abortion survivors and what they have to say. For the three of you who are still reading this, go put a face – no, go put a whole lot of faces to the term “abortion survivor”.  Here, here, and here you will see real life stories of real life people who tell you that they are GLAD to be ALIVE.

Then I told them that it wasn’t the baby’s fault. This little child has a right to live, be nurtured, grow up, and even to make mistakes like all the rest of us.  Regardless of the circumstances of this child’s conception, regardless of who the parents are and the mistakes they have made, regardless of the opinions of others – this child has a right to life just like you and I do.

Oh, and by the way, the mother wants this baby.

And, speaking of mothers, it’s important to put a face to the post abortion trauma that mothers and, sometimes, fathers face. And the long road to healing that some people have…

No, I will not change my mind.  I am delighted that both mother and child have been spared the trauma of abortion.

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Blessings, Kathy

Certainly you made my mind and heart,
you wove me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13

Pro-Life:  I believe in the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death regardless of age, health, or disability.


  1. Yes! And Yes again! I've had the joy of getting to know Gianna over this last year, and the world is a better place because she survived being aborted. Just think how better the world would be if the more than 3000 children in America who are aborted daily could also survive...

  2. Well said, Kathy! The abortion survivors have a powerful story to tell. Their strongest witness is the very fact that they live! I pray that what you shared in love today will take root and blossom. The truth is powerful. God bless you for speaking for those who have no voice!

  3. It always amazes me when people think they know what is right for others. (referring to your friends here) This mother wanted her child and I'm glad she made the decision to keep it :)

  4. Thank you Kathy for taking a stand and lovingly supporting life as god intends it to be.

  5. I'm right with you on this topic. I am not passionate about many controversial topics, but this is one of them. In this day and age with all that we know about life in the womb, I don't know how people can still be okay with abortion. You're right that it's not the baby's fault. No one deserves to die because of another person's selfishness.

  6. Have you ever noticed that those people who are pro-abortion have already been born?!

  7. Amen, Shannon! How cool that you know Gianna! She spoke in Prescott recently, but I missed it. The CPC is making a video available at cost and I may get one.

    Thank you, Melody - and thanks go back to you, too, for speaking for those precious lives! Thank you for the prayers!!!

    Edi - Yes, it was her decision. Unfortunately, some people are manipulated into making a decision that they don't want. Like you said, that is not right.

    Thank you, Kim - and you are welcome!

    Amen, Rose! You are so right! And there are lots and lots of people waiting in line to adopt children - any children.

    Great point, Karin! I remember seeing a T-shirt that said "As a former fetus, I oppose abortion." Interesting, too, that there are so many who survived abortion and who are delighted to be alive.

  8. Kathy-- you are so brave to stand up to the opposition! Good for you! Abortion is a blight on this country and I cannot see, either, like Rose, how people can be for it! Thanks for the frank discussion of the subject!! Bless you!

  9. Thank you, Linda - Phil. 4:13! To God be the glory. It's a message I feel strongly about - both for the babies who are lost and for the women who suffer as well.

  10. Just because someone isn't wanted or just because someone has a challenge that causes them to approach life differently from most--just because of these things--that doesn't make their lives any less valuable or precious.

  11. Splendid Little Stars - Over and over, I have heard parent after parent speak of how much they are blessed by caring for their disabled child. I can say from personal experience that caring for my widowed mother who had dimentia blessed me abundantly. We miss so much of the beauty and variety of life when the value of life is measured only by our personal comfort and convenience.


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