Friday, October 5, 2012

Cats and Dogs and Birdies, oh my! - Funtry Friday!

And, in the reverse order - here are the adorable baby chicks!

They still have a little "neck ruffle" of baby fuzzy feathers.  You will note, also, that Mama Hen has her eye on me and is one second off of pecking the camera a good one if it gets any closer.

Looks like the dogs don't have their eyes on anything but sleep.  LOL - Yes, these are the real beds that Gotcha and Glory use and sometimes they actually curl up and sleep in them! 

Just had to share this cuteness from my last visit at their home.

Forrest, however, is stalking not sleeping.  Doesn't she have pretty eyes?  and the longest whiskers you have ever seen?!

Look how much Pal looks like Forrest!  Well, of course she should because Forrest is her mother.

Yes, her eyes are different colors - and pretty spectacular in person.  And, yes, that is a very weird angle for a photograph.  You see, Pal specializes in "out takes"... 

Like this -

and this -

LOL - so if she looks half way normal, I count it as a great photo of her no matter what angle I had to hold the camera!

Hope you had some Funtry Friday fun in your neck of the woods (or prairie)!



  1. Those birdies look tasty, uh, we mean cute! It's funny how Gotcha and Glory at least have their patooties on the beds! Forrest and Pal are beautiful! All photos of kitties are purrfect so no such thing as outtakes! :)

    Angel & Isabella

  2. Awww, I love animal pics the best! those dog ones had me looking twice, I didn't realize they were lying down, the looked like were racing with big tires on their butts, haha! yes I'm not wearing my reading glasses, lol!

  3. Hello from your newest follower.
    Oh my goodness. Those chicks are so cute! I can't believe I have not seen your blog yet!!

  4. Another sweet Friday.....thanks for being you!!!

  5. Baby chicks, sleeping dogs, beautiful much to love here!

  6. Purrrrs - Beaded - I tell Missy that I'm just making the photos more interesting, but she doesn't sees it my ways! Silly Missy! =<,,>= Pal

    LOL - Well, Betty - that made it a ***really*** interesting photo! I guess even when they are sleeping they look like they are running.

    haha - thanks, Linda, sometimes the out takes are the best takes!

    Thank you, Heather! Welcome to my blog =) It's fun to watch the baby chicks grow - they are cute. Glad you enjoyed seeing them.

    Awwwww - thank you, Jane =) And likewise!

    Thank you, Rose! Glad you enjoyed the critter views!

  7. Love the dog shot! Took me a while to figure out the angle too and I am wearing glasses ;) Animal shots are tough unless they are asleep :D Chicks are really growing - still adorable.

  8. pal looks like she has pink eye... maybe red eye! That's really strange, glad it's normal. The doggies are so cute. They must have been sommething, in the bed together! {:-D

  9. Thanks, Pam! I sure do have fun with them all!

    Thanks, Lee. haha - it is a weird angle! LOL - sometimes I have trouble when they are awake, too!

    storybeader - She does have really unusual eyes! I had another cat with two color eyes, but his were blue and brown. They are really fun dogs!

  10. Adorable post :) The dogs... are they wippets?

  11. Adorable post :) The dogs... are they wippets?

  12. Thanks, Aloquin! Those are actually full sized greyhounds =) Search my blog for Gotcha, and also search my blog for Glory, and you will find some other fun blog posts that feature these very cool dogs!

  13. They're all so cute!
    I love the photo of the dogs half in their!

  14. Thanks, memories! They look so funny when they sleep that way.


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