Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Growing and growing!

Where once a little seed was planted...

A book is now growing!
I have completed a drawing for each page of the children's book that my daughter, Cynthia, wrote - with only minor changes needed on a few of them.
Let the painting begin!
Just had to share the good news!
Happy creating,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Decidedly Pro-Life

Soooo… I was having a conversation with two people this week and the conversation turned to a woman who had recently given birth to a baby.  Both of these women adamantly stated that the baby should have been aborted.  I, just as adamantly, stated that I do not believe this child - or any child - should be aborted. (By the way – we all play nice when we disagree, so we are just as close now as we were before the discussion occurred.)

Then I told them about abortion survivors and what they have to say. For the three of you who are still reading this, go put a face – no, go put a whole lot of faces to the term “abortion survivor”.  Here, here, and here you will see real life stories of real life people who tell you that they are GLAD to be ALIVE.

Then I told them that it wasn’t the baby’s fault. This little child has a right to live, be nurtured, grow up, and even to make mistakes like all the rest of us.  Regardless of the circumstances of this child’s conception, regardless of who the parents are and the mistakes they have made, regardless of the opinions of others – this child has a right to life just like you and I do.

Oh, and by the way, the mother wants this baby.

And, speaking of mothers, it’s important to put a face to the post abortion trauma that mothers and, sometimes, fathers face. And the long road to healing that some people have…

No, I will not change my mind.  I am delighted that both mother and child have been spared the trauma of abortion.

Please be thoughtful and gentle if you choose to leave a comment. Thank you!
Blessings, Kathy

Certainly you made my mind and heart,
you wove me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13

Pro-Life:  I believe in the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death regardless of age, health, or disability.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Funtry Friday - here and there!

So, tell me how you can lose a horse...  Completely!  One morning this week I looked outside and I could not see Billie Jane anywhere.  Anywhere!  When I finally found her, I had to take a picture because it was so funny!  Sorry for the fencing and all that stuff, but if I had opened the door - the "Kodak moment" would have been gone. 

Remember the cute little baby goat?  She has grown up!  Isn't she pretty?! (and big!)

You can find all sorts of things out here... how about a couple of Electric Cats?

Or perhaps you would rather have an Electric Dog looking for an Electric Cat...

Or maybe you would just rather toss away the *toys* and play with the box!

Yep, they thought this up all by themselves - though they did have to have a little help getting out!

Here, there, and everywhere - Funtry Friday always has some down home country fun!

Happy Funtry Friday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's Sunday....

Wow, it's Sunday evening and I should be thinking about blogging, but I am thinking about eating a pear and painting a pair of pears before they need to be eaten which is going to be pretty soon by the look of them, but first I need to go let Hershey get back under the horse shelter with Billie Jane in case it rains, oh - look - there goes Puff... or was it Camper? two black cats live next door and I can't tell mother and son apart...

Now what was I thinking?

Oh, wow - it's Sunday evening and I need to blog before the sun goes completely down or else I am going to have to go outside now and blog after I move the horses around...

Wow.  Sunday evening... It's quiet and peaceful - even though my mind is racing from trivial thought to trivial thought.  How can it be so quiet and peaceful outside and so noisy inside my head?  Why doesn't the peaceful fall landscape permeate my scattered thoughts and quiet the *brain noise* that makes my mind race from thought to thought? 

Maybe, just maybe...

Maybe I allow myself to be *busy* when I need to stop and be quiet.  To stop and *be*.  To be in the moment.  To still my thoughts, thank the Lord for the lovely sunset, the feel of soft winter coats mixing with summer hair on horses, and the blessing of having a busy and active mind that appreciates His creation.

Yes.  Come on busy crowded mind.  Let's go take a little walk outside and visit with the Lord this Sunday evening.  Time to thank Him for a few gazillion blessings.

God bless,

Praise the Lord, O my soul!
With all that is within me, praise His holy name!
Psalm 103:1 NET

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bearizona - Funtry Friday!

Want more Bearizona fun?  Well, Funtry Friday is the perfect time and place!  What better way to celebrate fun in the country than to drive through Bearizona's Wildlife Park.

Bison are the largest mammals in North America up to 2000 lbs (889 kg).  Yes.  These are way past large!

Some days don't you just want to go sit in a sun puddle and zone out... This Black Bear looks so comfy!  These guys can weigh up to 500 lbs (222 kg).  I'll just find myself another sun puddle... he can have that one!

Peek-a-boo!  Who's here?  Look right in the middle...

...and you will see a porcupine napping in the tree!  I did not realize that these little guys lived in trees, but apparently they do around here.

Isn't this Horned Owl magnificent?  How big is he?  Welllll...

Here he is, flying straight at us.  When he went over our heads, his left wing touched my sister's head, his body touched Lorie's head, and his right wing touched my head.  Pretty incredibly awesome!  I figure his wing span was a little over 6 feet (1.8 meters).

Well, I hope that filled up your country fun tank for another week!  Happy Funtry Friday!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't use other people's photographs - it's more fun to take your own!

As an artist, I firmly believe in protecting my copyrighted material.  I also believe in protecting other peoples' copyrights.  When I do a painting for sale, I use my own photographs or photographs that I have permission to use.  It is illegal to swipe photographs... and it just isn't nice either.  Besides which, it is waaaaayyyy more fun to take your own photographs!

So where do I take my photographs?  Anywhere I am.  My camera travels with me all the time.  Sometimes I take "camera walks".  Sometimes I just happen on a cool "Kodak moment" at home or in the yard.

This week my sister and my friend kidnapped me* for a fun trip to Bearizona.  Oh, the photographs I took that day! 336 photographs before my battery died.  At Bearizona you drive through the park while the animals roam free. 

Okay, ladies and gentlemen - roll your windows up, keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times...

Yes, this wolf is hunting the Big Horn Sheep.  Fortunately for them, they are safely behind a large fence and separated from the wolves. 

How close were we to the wolves?

I am looking out the passenger seat window while my sister is dodging pot holes and rocks on the driver's side.  Wolf is happily taking up the middle of the road.

Were there other critters?  Oh, yes!  After all, it is called Bearizona!

There were lots of Black Bears.  You will note the blue reflection in the lower right portion of the photograph.  See! - I can follow directions.  The window is rolled up.  This big guy ambled up to the road.  How close was he to our car?

My sister had to wait until he got out from in front of the car to take a picture.  If he had been the really big huge one, she wouldn't have had to wait because that guy could have been on all fours and looked straight over the hood into the front window!

Did I take pictures I plan to turn into paintings?  Absolutely!  Tons of them (remember, I took 336 photographs! haha).  Here is one photograph I plan to use.

This might be a little blurry, but I am sure I can make it work for a painting.  Pretty cool, huh!  Yes - this would be from the High Country Raptor show.  And, no, my camera was not elevated above my head.  That baby is aimed right at me!  Ooohhh-la-la! What fun!**

See what kind of adventures you and your camera can have?  Now all I need to do is sort through all those photographs and decide what to paint first...

Hope you have had some great "photo ops", too!

*I was willingingly "kidnapped" - lol - for some birthday fun!
**Of course, Funtry Friday will be filled with more of these adventures!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October? 2012? How did that happen?





Seems like just yesterday...

*wanders off to look at some more golden oldie photographs*


The Lord is compassionate and merciful;
He is patient and demonstrates great loyal love.
Psalm 103:8

Friday, October 12, 2012

Drippy Funtry Friday

You can't really (in my opinion) call it rain if only the very top bit of dirt gets just barely wet enough to keep the dust down, but as soon as you walk - you leave dusty foot prints in the damp earth.

However, it still can make for some spectacular clouds!

Every way I looked today, there were gorgeous clouds.  I love the way the clouds are sitting so low on the hills.

It has gotten suddenly colder here, and the trees are putting on their fall colors.

The wind was blowing a bit today (hence the slight blur in the photo) and lots of those leaves landed on the ground.

Benny didn't seem to mind the light rain.  He came out to eat some of his grass.  If you look closely, you will see that he is actually sitting up on his haunches to eat.  See his front paws just dangling there?

By afternoon, there was no more pretense of rain.  The sun was shining and everything looked crisp and clean.  There was just enough rain to wash the dust off of all the trees and plants.

Well, Billie Jane still looked a bit damp after the rain, but both she and the bazillion visiting birds seemed to be enjoying the aftermath of our brief shower.

Yep, those little black dots on the ground are part of the huge flock of birds that meandered through here this afternoon.  It was fun to watch them land and fly, land and fly, land and fly... over and over again.  I think they are enjoying the cooler weather.

Hope you are having some pretty fall days out your way, too!

Happy Funtry Friday,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Think back... think way back! to crayons and paperclips...

Remember taking a piece of paper and covering it with all kinds of wild crayon colors and then covering over all of the colors with black crayon? Remember how much fun it was to take an uncurled paper clip and scratch through the black crayon to the colors below - watching your bright creation unfold before your eyes?

I had that kind of deja vu this week when I was at our Prescott Valley Art Guild meeting and I watched Joseph Robertson demonstrate how he does his scratchboard artwork. Needless to say, my childhood creations were nothing like what he was showing us!

For one thing, he was using Ampersand's clay coated scratchbord which is a few hundred steps up from paper. This is (according to their web site) a "clay coated hardboard panel for scratchboard that is coated with India ink".

Joe had all sorts of tools to scratch through the India ink to the clay surface beneath it, including some I would have never expected to be used for scratchboard. For instance, he used an eraser to create a softer edge around his drawing.
That little white bottle up there? That would be Windex! A little bit of Windex on a paper towel (note the crumpled piece of black and white paper towel to the left of his artwork) and you can remove the ink from the clay surface. Using that method gave a very subtle and soft looking area in the lower left of his artwork which was destined to become a cactus.
Then came the color...
Watercolor, ink, and thinned acrylic paint are a few of the things that Mr. Robertson suggested for adding color. His favorite pigment for adding color, though, is thinned acrylic paint. Once the paint is thoroughly dry as well as all the water in the ink around it, then you can actually go back with your scratchboard tools and add highlights or more lines which can also be colored.
According to Ampersand, completed Scratchbord artwork may be finished with a spray fixative and framed without glass.  Hmmmm.... another good reason to use thinned acrylic paint for the added color - that would be a much more durable medium for framing without glass.
Aren't demonstrations fun? I am always learning something new when I watch someone else work.  How about you?
Happy creating,
Be sure to check out Joseph Robertson's website to see more of his amazing artwork!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey, any lost Christians out there? Any lost anybodies?

Any wandering Christians?  Any pouty Christians?  puny, pookie, bad day Christians? 

Well, stop it.  God called us to be more than that.  He called us to take His light into the world - not our dark. 

I'm not suggesting you put on your fake "happy face" and pretend.  The world needs to see us for who we are - lost, stragglers, strugglers...  But we are so much more than that because we have so much more than that.

We have Him.!bible/John+3

Then Jesus spoke out again, “I am the light of the world
The one who follows me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.”
John 8:12 NET

We are not meant to be solitary creatures. We are meant to nurture and be nurtured. 

We are blessed by the journey of others out there...

Their gift of laughter refreshes us...

We can be challenged and find answers...

And we can be quietly blessed...

We are meant to share our gifts not hide them.

And we are meant to go look for other lost stragglers and strugglers and share what we have learned about Him - not with a frown and a pointing finger, but with His message.

Time for me to step out of the way, and let you have your say.  Thanks for listening!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cats and Dogs and Birdies, oh my! - Funtry Friday!

And, in the reverse order - here are the adorable baby chicks!

They still have a little "neck ruffle" of baby fuzzy feathers.  You will note, also, that Mama Hen has her eye on me and is one second off of pecking the camera a good one if it gets any closer.

Looks like the dogs don't have their eyes on anything but sleep.  LOL - Yes, these are the real beds that Gotcha and Glory use and sometimes they actually curl up and sleep in them! 

Just had to share this cuteness from my last visit at their home.

Forrest, however, is stalking not sleeping.  Doesn't she have pretty eyes?  and the longest whiskers you have ever seen?!

Look how much Pal looks like Forrest!  Well, of course she should because Forrest is her mother.

Yes, her eyes are different colors - and pretty spectacular in person.  And, yes, that is a very weird angle for a photograph.  You see, Pal specializes in "out takes"... 

Like this -

and this -

LOL - so if she looks half way normal, I count it as a great photo of her no matter what angle I had to hold the camera!

Hope you had some Funtry Friday fun in your neck of the woods (or prairie)!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hidden treasures...

When the watercolor class I had signed up for was cancelled, I went looking for some other fun ways to try something new or revisit something I hadn't done in a while.  In my extensive *blinkin' huge* stash of books, I found this cool vintage treasure published in 1940.

What fun!  I plopped it on my art table right on top of all the current projects neatly lodged under my important paper weight (created by my dear daughter *ahem* a few bunches of years ago).  This book, I said to myself, will be lots of fun to peruse and I may just find some new (old) idea to try.  I opened the book and started to thumb through the pages...

Oh my!  What a surprise! and what a fun thing to find!  This was a text book that my father used while in college and these are his handwritten notes from the class.  At this point, I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry (yep, I am that sentimental...).  My father had a degree in Business Interior Design - check out my blog post, My Father was an artist , to see some of his artwork.  Needless to say, I will be checking out this book a lot more closely now!

I will also dive into a couple of other books that I found in my stash.

Both of these books have some fun texture ideas, great illustrations, and lots of opportunities to "paint along" with the writers.

And, if that isn't enough to keep me happy, I will pop over to and play with some water drops!  They are a fun addition to paintings.

Looks like I have lots of fun things on my table now.  How about you? 

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