Sunday, September 30, 2012

When Funtry Friday slips over Saturday and into Sunday...

Well, now.  It is Sunday.  And what a beautiful Sunday!  Lovely weather, cerulean blue sky, just warm enough, just cool enough...  However, what happened to Saturday?  and Friday?  and maybe the whole week?

The baby chicks are getting big really fast now.  This week, they had their first outing.  Seems like they were all fluffy down just a couple of days ago.

Time slips by quickly when you are having fun!  And I had lots of fun visiting with family this week.  The time just flew by way too quickly and it was time to come home where some friends were waiting for me.

I wonder if my neighbor knows that her dog, Bailey, has swiped her two pound exercise ball...  She just might be missing that.  Let me tell you, if you toss that for the dog it will give you a good workout for sure!  She does look a little guilty there, don't you think?

Speaking of missing things - this is not the photo I missed, because I missed the photo that I missed.  This is the photo taken seconds after the one I missed.  Don't you love the way "sneaky-pete" is peaking at me?

So what photo did I miss?  Billie Jane had her knee resting on the tire so she could balance herself and reach the hay at the other side of the tire feeder.  Yep.  I couldn't get the camera out of the camera case fast enough.  Oh, well, it would have been a great photo but missing a photo is okay.  Missing the important stuff, is not so okay!

And, since I know you all like Funtry Friday - I decided not to miss that!  So gather around friends, and join the flock of Funtry Friday fans - even if it has slid all the way to Sunday!

If you look closely, you can see a bunch of Swallows, several Ring Neck Doves, and a Raven hiding behind Fred, the Pigeon.  Sorry, no partridges and no pear trees - it's a little early for them. 

And, yes, the Pigeon has a name.  He just showed up a few years ago... one solitary who-knows-how-he-got-here pigeon so the neighbor kids gave him a name.  Maybe he decided he would hang around because he got a name.

Well, friends, hope you had fun with your sliding Funtry Friday!  And I hope that Sunday was beautiful for you out in your neck of the woods.  Find some friends to hang around with this week and have some fun - it makes the sky bluer and the sunsets prettier!


For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son,
so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16 NET


  1. always fun to see your animal!
    Yep. We've all missed those moments with our cameras, but luckily not our eyes and our hearts.
    So Fred has no pigeon companions?
    Maybe Bailey is sorry about trying to carry such a heavy ball.

  2. You started my week off with a big smile, thanks!!

  3. The babies are so cute! They grow so fast!
    And how cool to see so many different birds all together in the tree!
    Glad you had fun with your family this week :)

  4. I always enjoy seeing the babies! It looks like the animals are doing well. It's great that you had a good visit with your family this week.

  5. Splendid - so true! Sometimes I leave my camera inside just so that I won't miss really seeing things. No, but he does like to pal around with the doves ;-)

    Thank you, Jane, and you are welcome!

    Thanks, memories! I have never seen that many in the tree before - and almost all the varieties that we usually have around here were there!

    Thanks, Rose! It's fun to share the animal antics! It was a wonderful visit.

  6. Love your pics -- it must be so great to live with all those animals! Tell Billie Jane she must pose for you sometimes and wait patiently for you to get the camera. I tell Oliver that all the time, but he doesn't listen...

  7. Oh, how nice! I'd love to come visit;)

  8. Love the bird picture (well all the pictures) . . but most of all I love your humor!!

  9. So happy to see all your critters. The tree full is a great shot - nice they can all hang out together :D

  10. love all the animals that keep you company. The bunny is so cute, and Bailey does look guilty. But he just wants to play and grabbed the first thing your neighbor is so fond of. Can't blame him... {:-D

  11. Is the pigeon banded? Just curious - I used to breed and race homing pigeons, so I am always curious when a lone pigeon shows up! Bailey is definitely looking guilty! I LOVE the look on Billie Jane's face - like she knows she foiled your attempt at a cute shot! Stinker! I'll be in Flagstaff starting tomorrow through Saturday afternoon on Ladies' Retreat so I hope to get some good pics and enjoy some cool weather!

  12. LOL - Sarah, Billie Jane listens, waits, and moves just a couple of seconds before I'm ready. ;-)

    Thanks, Nancy =) I put the water on for some cocoa!

    Awwwww - thanks, Linda! It was really cool to see all those birds in the tree at one time! haha - glad you like my crazy sense of humor.

    Thanks, Lee! I don't think I have ever seen that many birds in the tree before.

    storybeader - Thanks! LOL - the lastest Bailey toy seems to be the practice baseball for the kids next door.

    No, Karin - no band at all and he has been here for several years. He looks like a "garden variety" Pidgeon. We have had other birds blown in by storms including and Egrett and a Pelikan. There are a few lakes around here where Egretts show up, but the Pelikan was a big surprise! Have a wonderful blessed time at your retreat! Yay!!!

  13. Lots of fun around your place. Looks like quite the party in that tree!

  14. Thanks, Pam! I was amazed to see that many birds in the tree - and so many different kinds! LOL - it was quite a party!


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