Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today, it's just for fun!

Art.  Artistic Expression.  Fine Art.

I like to use my art in all kinds of ways.  To echo the beauty of nature... to make people think... and to just plain have some fun!

The Rescue of Mr. Random Dude by tapestry316!

There is no explaining how my brain works so I won't even try.  After hearing about the Random Number Generator, my brain kicked into gear and went on a little excursion.  In a far far far away place where no normal person has ever gone...  (anyone care to define "normal"?) ... Mr. Random Dude was born (? hatched? built? devised? erupted? showed up?).  He has been making *random* appearances ever since then - though he can be quite elusive!

Mr. Random Dude at the beach.

"A lot of people think that computers are a jumble of wires and stuff. They think that little deals called ‘programs’ do all the work. Take all those times you have seen a random number supposedly picked by a computer program. Nah. I am not buying that! I know that there is a little guy that hides in there and decides whose number is going to win. Yep. Mr. Random Dude is that rascally guy and boy is he hard to catch!"
He has had a few near misses though - especially when tempted by chocolate...

Sometimes he wears a costume and hides in very interesting places...

Sometimes he just hides right there in plain view...

One thing for sure, though - you just never know what he is going to do next!

Mr. Random Dude has an apple for the teacher!

Hmmm... I think I see that rascally dude over there... I wonder what he is up to now!  Are you hunting for him, too?

Happy searching!


  1. Haha...he's off on another adventure :)
    It's great to just have fun with our work sometimes!

  2. Three cheers for mr. Random Dude, woohoo! can't wait to see what new adventures he gets himself into next :-D

  3. I know him! Very elusive but I have spotted him...and then he's gone ;-) Thanks for the fun!

  4. I love Mr. Random Dude! This series is so fun.

  5. I love love love Mr. Random dud... Lol what a fun character.

  6. It's fascinating to hear about the process behind the art. This is such a fun character.

  7. This was a FUN post! Love the snowman!

  8. Adorable :) I'm very glad I know now who Mr. Random Dude is!

  9. The silly fun is a nice break sometimes, memories!

    LOL - pink, he is such a busy rascally dude!

    You are welcome, Lee! I wonder where he will hide next...

    Thanks, Kaili - I have a lot of fun creating these =)

    Thanks, Pam - and all because my mind wanders... LOL!

    Thanks, Rose - he has quite a history going back to 2008 ;-)

    Thanks, pasqueflower! That was a really fun one to do.

    Thanks, Aloquin - glad you enjoyed the adventures of the rascally dude!

  10. Mr. Random Dude sure is sneaky! But I can tell he's having lots of fun!

  11. Mr. Random Dude is just so fun! Keep it up!

  12. Thanks, Linda! It is fun to see what he will do next! ;-)

  13. Love your random Dude. What a great creative way to express your art. Give me more!!!

  14. Thanks, Pamela! I have done a whole bunch of these and made prints of some of them. He keeps popping up in my Etsy shop now and then! Glad you enjoyed his adventures.


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