Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Three drenchings, two galleries, and one little painting!

Yes, some days just don't go exactly they way I plan them, and yesterday was one of those days.  All set to go to my watercolor class, I headed into town early - only to find that the class had been cancelled but due to a communication glitch I didn't know.

Since "town" is almost an hour away, I had stacked up several errands for the day but now I had some extra time.  Hmmm....  What to do? 

After I shopped a bit at The Art Store, I headed downtown to visit a couple of galleries and chat with a friend.  An Art Day of a different sort!  It was fun and I got to see some great artwork. 

Then it was time to get my shopping done.  But what was that sound?

Yes.  That would be the sound of rain.  No, that would be the sound of a torrential downpour.  Do I have an umbrella?  Nooooo (three syllables, please) I do not.  Well, more accurately, I have one - in the drawer at home.  Can we say drenched?  Totally!  Head to toe - there was some puddle jumping involved...

Moving right along to the next excursion...

Can you hear the thunder?

Mwahahaha!  Drenchings number two and three.  Into the store, and out of the store...

After that, it was time to hurry home and have a little R&R!

original watercolor painting - ACEO
It was a good thing that I decided to paint these lovely flowers when I did, too.  After I let the horses out, they ate them.

Well, my day was interesting to say the least, the rain was refreshing, and this is not the painting I expected to post this week - but I did have fun. 

So how's your week going so far? 



  1. Gorgeous "little" painting you just whipped out! Love this post...we had crazy wind last night and trees were knocked down all over Anchorage...but all of our trees are still upright. :)

  2. LOL Hope your dry by now! Beautiful ACEO!

  3. Showers with your clothes on - what were you thinking? :D Love those flowers!

  4. You can really see it pouring! Glad you got to go home for some R&R and get some painting done :)

  5. Bummer about your class being cancelled! That's a lot of rain! Around here if you use an umbrella you're called a tourist but yet our rain is much lighter than that downpour you were in. Umbrellas just tend to get in the way! :)

  6. What a day! We need a good gully-washer here in NE -- still very, very dry.
    Love the painting!

  7. I laughed at the last bit about the horses and the flowers. Thank goodness you captured them when you did! They are beautiful.

  8. I think your day sounds like FUN! Wish I could puddle jump.

    LOVE the little painting.


  9. I'm sure it wasn't all that fun, but you had me laughing! I love the humorous spin you put on life!
    I've experienced a few rains like that recently. On the last one, I did have an umbrella with me, but the wind turned it inside out. not very functional.

  10. PS: lovely flowers! I hope the horses enjoyed them!

  11. Beautiful painting! I'm glad that the rain was refreshing, even if it meant that your day in town didn't go exactly as you planned.

  12. Love the story of your day. My week? OK, just busy, busy, busy!

  13. Thanks, Linda! Well, busy can be good =)

    Rose, it was really nice to have the rain!

    Oh, bummer, Splendid! I am pretty sure that the same thing would have happened to me. LOL - the horses very much enjoyed the flowers ;-) Thank you!

    Thank you, Sue! It was fun - and actually it was more like a puddle waddle...

    Thank you, Erika!

    Thank you, pasqueflower! Hope you get rain soon!

    I agree, Sharla - umbrellas can be a hazard - lol - especially in the wind!

    Thanks, memories! haha - after all that, it was good to get home!

    Thanks, Lee! LOL - maybe I'll just shove a bar of soap in my pocket next time. Shower and laundry all in one!

    Thanks, Pam! LOL - all dry now =)

    Thank you, Shannon! Yikes! Glad your trees are all still standing!


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