Friday, September 21, 2012

Look up, look down, look all around - Funtry Friday!

You never know what will happen out in the country, so keep your eyes open!  I was outside calmly taking a few pictures for a future painting when I heard a weird windy noise...

That, ladies and gentlemen, would be a "burst".  We get those out here now and then.  Fortunately this one wasn't very big, but it did try to take this tarp with it on its travels.

After redistributing a lot of dust, dirt, and trash, it rose up into the air and stayed for quite a while.  I could see the funnel very clearly because there was a lot of dust in it.

If you watch where you walk, you can see all sorts of neat flowers and plants by your feet.  The recent rain has also brought us a little crop of interesting toadstools.

Yep.  They really do like to grow in the "road apples"...

And what's up out there?  Normally the trucks drive forward, but I think this guy was totally lost because he was backing down the road and backing up the hill...

He made an unsuccessful attempt to back onto my road. Nope.  No way could he make a 90 degree back-up turn onto our road which is *just* two pick-up trucks wide - provided one is not the UPS truck...  So up the hill he went... backwards.

He had a plan.  It pays to have a plan when you drive something this big.  He pulled into a side road...

... and he started to back out of the side road.  It was still a very tight turn; however, pretty soon reinforcements arrived.  Or else there were other people besides me watching to see what was going to happen.  Anyway, one guy came to his aid and signaled to the driver where and how far to back up.

I'll bet he was glad to be on his way in the right direction.  And I bet he will remember where to turn next time!  (Yep, there isn't much more than a couple of feet of space between the big truck and the other vehicles.)

What did the critters think of the fun this week?  Well....

Hershey and Billie Jane vote for the weeds to keep growing.  I'm sure they will get their way since there may be a little bit of rain next week.

Hope you had some fun sights to see - up, down and all around! - in your neck of the woods!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Glad the "burst" wasn't large enough to take you away. Wait a minute, that might have made a fantastic birds eye view Funtry Friday.
    Yep, don't think that truck driver will take that turn again! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wow...the burst is amazing! I can't believe you can see them that well in the air! Scary though!
    That driver won't try to come visit you :)

  3. I so enjoy visiting with you! Always see something new :D

  4. I love seeing all of the open space and hills! Just beautiful.

  5. I enjoy your country! I remember some of those 'dustdevils', as we called them, when I lived in Texas. Ours had lots of tumbleweeds in them!

  6. LOL - not sure I want to ride the burst, Jane! haha! even if it would give me a great view! If the drive does come back, I bet he will be much more careful where he turns! Hope you have a great weekend, too =)

    memories - I had a bigger burst lift my horse shelter, carry it about 25 feet and drop it on my round pen several years ago. They are scary! Thankfully this was a smaller one. LOL - watching the truck was entertaining - but I am glad he didn't get stuck!

    Thanks, Lee! Everyday has something new here!

    Thanks, Rose! That's one of the things I really enjoy about being here!

    Linda - we get both dustdevils and bursts. The bursts are stronger and look like a little tornado. We have had some huge dustdevils, too - but, even though they are huge, they don't seem to have the same strength to the winds. Fascinating to watch, though! LOL - and, yes, usually full of tumbleweeds!

  7. I've seen dust devils -- but not a burst. Love the photo of your horses.

  8. Wow Scary, glad your safe.
    Always an adventure at your place!

  9. Thanks, pasqueflower! The burst is similar to a dust devil - just a bit more concentrated wind. Glad you enjoyed my horses =)

    Thanks, Pam! LOL - it was weird to hear it and I just barely got a picture before it moved away. Lots of little adventures around here!

  10. That burst is quite interesting! wow!
    a good reason why I'd never want to drive such a big vehicle.

  11. Splendid - It was interesting - glad it wasn't any bigger! I agree - I wouldn't want to drive that big a truck either - especially not backwards! LOL


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