Sunday, September 9, 2012

little ouch moments

Think of your favorite person.  Your very most favorite person on this planet (yes, I am assuming that no aliens are interested in my blog).  Got a picture of your favorite person in your mind?  Okay. 

Now suppose, just suppose that the two of you didn't agree on something.  I mean, really - no two people agree on everything, right?  So let's say you two disagree on something... something really big and important... something really big and important to both of you.

Would you immediately pounce on that person and annihilate them?  I mean you really, really, really love this person.  Would you get in their face and yell and scream the second that you found out they thought differently from you?

I would bet that you, dear calm, intelligent, and caring reader - that you would quietly let your favorite person know that you disagreed with them.  You might even ask them a few questions about why they think that they are right (after all, you admire and respect this person to the max!).  You might even try to put yourself in their shoes and try to see the subject through their eyes.  You might even listen intently to what they have to say and give more than a passing thought to learning why they they believe what they do.  The two of you might just have a conversation, or two, or three. 

You would have communication not retaliation. 

Even if neither of you changed your minds, you would have a greater understanding of why each of you felt the way you did.

Now, suppose... just suppose that you had this same difference of opinion with someone you did not know well.  Will there be the same attempts at communication?  Or will there be immediate retaliation for the differing opinion?


I'm going to work on that...


Nathanael replied, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"
Philip replied, "Come and see."
John 1:46 NET


  1. It depends on if I was married to him or not! LOL Cute photo!

  2. I would hope that I would listen first and express my opinion second -- in both cases! I know I wouldn't yell at the person, 'cause that's just not my way! But sometimes that's hard to do!

    And ... tag you're it!! Here's a fun game that I'm passing on to you! Go to my post to see! Have fun!!

  3. Thanks, Artist!

    LOL - Sharla ;-) this single gal thought about that as I was writing this post. Glad you like the photo =)

    I agree, Sarah - some opinions make me angry when I hear them so I have to stop the automatic reaction so that I can listen *first* and then participate in further conversation. It is hard to do that!
    Thanks! I will go check that out!

  4. Sweet kitty!
    I'm not one for fights, don't like that kind of thing!
    Great post!

  5. I suppose it wouldn't matter, that the person had another opinion. Unless you were trying to convince the person to change their mind. Or you were trying to get a better understanding why the person didn't agree with you. Interesting post - I was thinking of my mother! {:-D

  6. I agree, Pam - it's a good idea to avoid them! Thanks!

    Very true, storybeader. Sometimes people don't have all the facts when they make a decision. Learning how to share factual information that other people may not want to hear is something I want to do better.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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