Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous Funtry Friday!

Well, after a bit of rain (which we really needed!), the roads looked like this... 

Not too bad at all - so long as you know how deep the holes are before the water disguises them as tiny dips in the road...

After the rain, there were more spectacular skies!  Wow!

Small wonder that I don't get a lot done some days.  Who could stay inside when there's something like this to watch outside?!

After making several trips in and out on my road, I discovered something.  I discovered that I can't be trusted to give directions to my home.  This is pretty sad because I just gave directions to some friends of mine who are planning to visit soon.  Ahem.  Hopefully they will call... or use a GPS. 

Hey - to me these Mustangs are a great landmark!

But I bet most people would find a stationary and more familiar landmark a little more helpful... 

Yeah, well - now you know.  Don't trust directions from me unless you don't mind moving landmarks...

Speaking of moving, how about moving on to the chicken coop?  (nice segue, huh?!)  The little babies are getting bigger and now they have teeny tiny little wing feathers.  Sooooo cute!

All the rest of their feathers are still their downy baby fluff.  I love this little in between stage!

Well, hope you had a fabulous Funtry Friday in your neck of the woods, desert, mountains or whatever!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. Love your photos and hope your guests arrive! As always, love Funtry Friday.

  2. wow, those are baby chicks? They're adorable! I was just thinking, mustangs love to run... away from that white truck and trailer, which also moves! And then the next moment, they're gone. I don't have a GPS but I would call you. And what an absolutely beautiful sky! Looks like the storm is breezing by. I love looking up at the sky in Oklahoma - lots of different clouds! {:-D

  3. Fabulous sky photo. Hope the road dries out before your friends come to visit!
    Little chicks are so cute -- big chickens, not so much. (We had 1000 chickens when I was growing up --- LOTS and LOTS of eggs to wash, weigh and pack every night after school before doing sheep and cattle chores.)

  4. As always, I love seeing the babies. The sky is so huge! Beautiful capture of it.

  5. Thanks, Jane!

    storybeader - The baby chicks are growing fast! LOL - yes, some horses are hard to catch and Mustangs are FAST! That storm did miss us, but we got a beautiful view of it! I bet the skies in Oaklahoma are gorgeous!

    Thanks, pasqueflower! The roads are all dry now =) Wow - that is a LOT of chickens! The most I ever had was 60.

    Thanks, Rose! The sky is really huge here - and sometimes a sunset will stretch from west to east, north to south. Hard to capture that on film!

  6. Ummm... Oklahoma... yeah, I can spell =p

  7. Always fun at your place... those babies are adorable!


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