Sunday, September 30, 2012

When Funtry Friday slips over Saturday and into Sunday...

Well, now.  It is Sunday.  And what a beautiful Sunday!  Lovely weather, cerulean blue sky, just warm enough, just cool enough...  However, what happened to Saturday?  and Friday?  and maybe the whole week?

The baby chicks are getting big really fast now.  This week, they had their first outing.  Seems like they were all fluffy down just a couple of days ago.

Time slips by quickly when you are having fun!  And I had lots of fun visiting with family this week.  The time just flew by way too quickly and it was time to come home where some friends were waiting for me.

I wonder if my neighbor knows that her dog, Bailey, has swiped her two pound exercise ball...  She just might be missing that.  Let me tell you, if you toss that for the dog it will give you a good workout for sure!  She does look a little guilty there, don't you think?

Speaking of missing things - this is not the photo I missed, because I missed the photo that I missed.  This is the photo taken seconds after the one I missed.  Don't you love the way "sneaky-pete" is peaking at me?

So what photo did I miss?  Billie Jane had her knee resting on the tire so she could balance herself and reach the hay at the other side of the tire feeder.  Yep.  I couldn't get the camera out of the camera case fast enough.  Oh, well, it would have been a great photo but missing a photo is okay.  Missing the important stuff, is not so okay!

And, since I know you all like Funtry Friday - I decided not to miss that!  So gather around friends, and join the flock of Funtry Friday fans - even if it has slid all the way to Sunday!

If you look closely, you can see a bunch of Swallows, several Ring Neck Doves, and a Raven hiding behind Fred, the Pigeon.  Sorry, no partridges and no pear trees - it's a little early for them. 

And, yes, the Pigeon has a name.  He just showed up a few years ago... one solitary who-knows-how-he-got-here pigeon so the neighbor kids gave him a name.  Maybe he decided he would hang around because he got a name.

Well, friends, hope you had fun with your sliding Funtry Friday!  And I hope that Sunday was beautiful for you out in your neck of the woods.  Find some friends to hang around with this week and have some fun - it makes the sky bluer and the sunsets prettier!


For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son,
so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16 NET

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today, it's just for fun!

Art.  Artistic Expression.  Fine Art.

I like to use my art in all kinds of ways.  To echo the beauty of nature... to make people think... and to just plain have some fun!

The Rescue of Mr. Random Dude by tapestry316!

There is no explaining how my brain works so I won't even try.  After hearing about the Random Number Generator, my brain kicked into gear and went on a little excursion.  In a far far far away place where no normal person has ever gone...  (anyone care to define "normal"?) ... Mr. Random Dude was born (? hatched? built? devised? erupted? showed up?).  He has been making *random* appearances ever since then - though he can be quite elusive!

Mr. Random Dude at the beach.

"A lot of people think that computers are a jumble of wires and stuff. They think that little deals called ‘programs’ do all the work. Take all those times you have seen a random number supposedly picked by a computer program. Nah. I am not buying that! I know that there is a little guy that hides in there and decides whose number is going to win. Yep. Mr. Random Dude is that rascally guy and boy is he hard to catch!"
He has had a few near misses though - especially when tempted by chocolate...

Sometimes he wears a costume and hides in very interesting places...

Sometimes he just hides right there in plain view...

One thing for sure, though - you just never know what he is going to do next!

Mr. Random Dude has an apple for the teacher!

Hmmm... I think I see that rascally dude over there... I wonder what he is up to now!  Are you hunting for him, too?

Happy searching!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everyday, everybody...

Everyday everybody misses something.  There is just so much stuff going on around us that it is invariably going to happen.  You will miss something.

What’s really important is to not miss the truly important things.

The TV commercial can wait – listen to the child.  Since when is the flat screen of the computer more important than a beautiful sunset?  Choose a picnic in a park over reading one more political headline and I bet you will be glad you did.

In fact, why are you watching that TV show that you said was boring 15 minutes ago?  Why are you still reading that book after 5 chapters of wondering if it was going to get any better?  Why are you still messing around on the computer when you said you were going for a walk?  Why do you have a bucket list of stuff you will do someday?  Someday is now.  Turn off the TV, toss the book aside, shut down the computer, and don’t make another list where you will cross off three things and then chuck the “note to self” in recycling.

Being informed is one thing.  Filling our mind with clutter to the point that what’s really important is squeezed out, is entirely a different matter.  Take time to read to a toddler, toss a ball for a dog, listen to the birds sing, plant a tree, pet a cat, or take an evening stroll with your special someone and enjoy the sunset.  Don’t spend time thinking about what you want to do.  Don’t make plans for "someday trips".  Don’t miss the important things – go do it now!


So teach us to count our days
that we may gain a wise heart.
Psalm 90:12 NRSV

Friday, September 21, 2012

Look up, look down, look all around - Funtry Friday!

You never know what will happen out in the country, so keep your eyes open!  I was outside calmly taking a few pictures for a future painting when I heard a weird windy noise...

That, ladies and gentlemen, would be a "burst".  We get those out here now and then.  Fortunately this one wasn't very big, but it did try to take this tarp with it on its travels.

After redistributing a lot of dust, dirt, and trash, it rose up into the air and stayed for quite a while.  I could see the funnel very clearly because there was a lot of dust in it.

If you watch where you walk, you can see all sorts of neat flowers and plants by your feet.  The recent rain has also brought us a little crop of interesting toadstools.

Yep.  They really do like to grow in the "road apples"...

And what's up out there?  Normally the trucks drive forward, but I think this guy was totally lost because he was backing down the road and backing up the hill...

He made an unsuccessful attempt to back onto my road. Nope.  No way could he make a 90 degree back-up turn onto our road which is *just* two pick-up trucks wide - provided one is not the UPS truck...  So up the hill he went... backwards.

He had a plan.  It pays to have a plan when you drive something this big.  He pulled into a side road...

... and he started to back out of the side road.  It was still a very tight turn; however, pretty soon reinforcements arrived.  Or else there were other people besides me watching to see what was going to happen.  Anyway, one guy came to his aid and signaled to the driver where and how far to back up.

I'll bet he was glad to be on his way in the right direction.  And I bet he will remember where to turn next time!  (Yep, there isn't much more than a couple of feet of space between the big truck and the other vehicles.)

What did the critters think of the fun this week?  Well....

Hershey and Billie Jane vote for the weeds to keep growing.  I'm sure they will get their way since there may be a little bit of rain next week.

Hope you had some fun sights to see - up, down and all around! - in your neck of the woods!

Happy Funtry Friday!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not clouds...

This morning the sky was full of fluffy white stuff, but it wasn't clouds.  It was contrails.

No matter which way I turned, the sky was full of them.  I used to take them for granted. 

Since 9-11, I don't take things like this for granted.

I remember when all the planes were grounded.  
Churches were full.
Flags were flown.
Stories of heroism of the firefighters and bystanders filled the news.
Stories of people who stayed to help the dying and died themselves.
Stories of people who knew they would die, but went back to help others.
The dead were honored.
And stories were told by survivors buried under the rubble.
And survivors who miraculously made it to safety told their stories, too.
And survivors in other places spoke.
And and people left behind told of heroes who sacrificed everything.

While in another country, people danced in the street and celebrated.

What used to be a common sight, was gone.

Funny, when I lived in Phoenix I disliked hearing the helicopters.  They usually meant that the police were looking for someone.

There's a little dirt airstrip not far from me.  Some of the planes are noisier than others.  I grumble.

Instead of grumbling, I need to remember when the planes didn't fly.

And I need to remember why.  We all need to remember why.


For everyone who does evil deeds hates the light and does not come to the light,
so that their deeds will not be exposed. But the one who practices the truth comes to the light,
so that it may be plainly evident that his deeds have been done in God.
John 3:20-21 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous Funtry Friday!

Well, after a bit of rain (which we really needed!), the roads looked like this... 

Not too bad at all - so long as you know how deep the holes are before the water disguises them as tiny dips in the road...

After the rain, there were more spectacular skies!  Wow!

Small wonder that I don't get a lot done some days.  Who could stay inside when there's something like this to watch outside?!

After making several trips in and out on my road, I discovered something.  I discovered that I can't be trusted to give directions to my home.  This is pretty sad because I just gave directions to some friends of mine who are planning to visit soon.  Ahem.  Hopefully they will call... or use a GPS. 

Hey - to me these Mustangs are a great landmark!

But I bet most people would find a stationary and more familiar landmark a little more helpful... 

Yeah, well - now you know.  Don't trust directions from me unless you don't mind moving landmarks...

Speaking of moving, how about moving on to the chicken coop?  (nice segue, huh?!)  The little babies are getting bigger and now they have teeny tiny little wing feathers.  Sooooo cute!

All the rest of their feathers are still their downy baby fluff.  I love this little in between stage!

Well, hope you had a fabulous Funtry Friday in your neck of the woods, desert, mountains or whatever!

Happy Funtry Friday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tag - you're it! Cut and paste is next...

I've been tagged bySarah of Magnolia Surprise to participate in a fun blogger game that's making the rounds. The *chosen* ones get to answer some questions so the rest of us can get to know them better .... and then the taggee's get to be the taggers and ask their own questions!

Is that about as clear as mud?

So, once you're tagged, you follow the rules:

you know, like in kindergarten :p

  1. You must post the rules
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you
  3. Create 8 new questions for the people you will tag
  4. Tag 8 bloggers with a link to your post
  5. Let them know they've been tagged

Now, here are the answers to the questions Magnolia Surprise gave me:

1. If you had to quit doing what you do now, what would you do?  Well… let’s see… hmmm…  I guess I would have to not be on disability and go to work.  Work = art and illustrating my daughter’s books.  LOL – guess I would just be doing more of what I am doing!

2. What's your favorite junk food?  Junk food.  Wait – fine homemade chocolate chip cookies are not junk food! And neither is quality dark cocoa hot chocolate!

3. If you could be any animal, which one would it be, and why?  Wow.  That’s a tough one!  Where do I want to end up on the food chain…  Maybe at the end of the cookie*popcorn*peanut butter chain.  Yep, I guess I would be a dog.  They (sometimes) get better snacks than kitties…  (PS  I am too lazy to be a horse.)
4. Who is your favorite singer of all time and which song? 
Easy!  Toby Mac – I Was Made To Love You!
5. What was your nickname as a child? Did you like or hate it? 
Kathy.  And it’s still my nickname, so I guess I like it.  My dad called me Punkin when I was little – I called my daughter and her first daughter that, too.  I don’t really remember being called that when I was little, but something must have stuck because I passed it on.
6. Which reality TV show do you watch without fail? ('cause I know you do ....) 
What is this TV of which you speak?   Nope, I don’t watch TV.  Computer?  Now, that is another matter!
7. Carnival rides -- love 'em, or scream like a girl? 
I would scream like a girl except I would probably be too busy barfing like a baby…
8. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? (c'mon, fess up!)  
I would *really* practice what I know to be true.  Really.  And Truly. Really!

 Okay, I am going to give all my readers a chance to play along if you would like to do that (no, I didn’t ever color inside the lines either – unless I had first drawn the lines myself!  LOL)  If you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.  Write your blog post and come back here to post your link in the comments.  Have fun!

Here are my questions for you!

1.    What is your absolute favorite time of day?

2.    Coffee?  Tea? Or something more exotic?

3.    You are stranded on a desert island, but, no worries, help is on the way!  Assuming you have food and water, what other three things will you most want to have for that lonely three weeks until you are rescued?

4.    Assuming the desert island was not your perfect vacation spot – where would you most like to spend three beautiful weeks?

5.    If you could have any animal for a pet, what would you have?

6.    What is the most fun and messiest project you have ever done?  Yes, mud pies count.

7.    Have you ever read a book that changed your life?  What was it and how did it change you?

8.    What was your favorite game to play when you were a child?

Have fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

little ouch moments

Think of your favorite person.  Your very most favorite person on this planet (yes, I am assuming that no aliens are interested in my blog).  Got a picture of your favorite person in your mind?  Okay. 

Now suppose, just suppose that the two of you didn't agree on something.  I mean, really - no two people agree on everything, right?  So let's say you two disagree on something... something really big and important... something really big and important to both of you.

Would you immediately pounce on that person and annihilate them?  I mean you really, really, really love this person.  Would you get in their face and yell and scream the second that you found out they thought differently from you?

I would bet that you, dear calm, intelligent, and caring reader - that you would quietly let your favorite person know that you disagreed with them.  You might even ask them a few questions about why they think that they are right (after all, you admire and respect this person to the max!).  You might even try to put yourself in their shoes and try to see the subject through their eyes.  You might even listen intently to what they have to say and give more than a passing thought to learning why they they believe what they do.  The two of you might just have a conversation, or two, or three. 

You would have communication not retaliation. 

Even if neither of you changed your minds, you would have a greater understanding of why each of you felt the way you did.

Now, suppose... just suppose that you had this same difference of opinion with someone you did not know well.  Will there be the same attempts at communication?  Or will there be immediate retaliation for the differing opinion?


I'm going to work on that...


Nathanael replied, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"
Philip replied, "Come and see."
John 1:46 NET

Friday, September 7, 2012

Another busy country day - Funtry Friday!

Well, if you are going to have a busy day, it's best to start with a hearty breakfast (or two or three) and that hearty breakfast will be extra good if you share it with friends.

Though, I think I will leave the chicken food to the guineas... ummmm... and Forrest.

Well, I see that the mud bogging at the sod farm as stopped and the plowing has begun again...

All I have to say is:  that's a lot of lawn to mow.

No what in the world is Forrest into now?

Ummm....  That looks like Hershey's fly mask.  Or rather, half of it...

What fly mask?  That fly mask, Forrest.  And, no, you may not keep it.  (Yes, I found the other half, too.  Not sure how he did it, but Hershey ripped it in half... Talent.  Sheer talent!)

Well, off to town to get a new fly mask so the nasty flies won't pester Hershey's eyes. 
Then back home to put the new mask on Hershey and douse both horses with fly spray.
Pull some weeds.
Feed some critters.
Pet some critters.
Feed more critters.
Pull more weeds.

And stop to enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Yes, the days are always busy here, but a sunset like this makes you forget just how busy.

Hope you had a happy Funtry Friday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Three drenchings, two galleries, and one little painting!

Yes, some days just don't go exactly they way I plan them, and yesterday was one of those days.  All set to go to my watercolor class, I headed into town early - only to find that the class had been cancelled but due to a communication glitch I didn't know.

Since "town" is almost an hour away, I had stacked up several errands for the day but now I had some extra time.  Hmmm....  What to do? 

After I shopped a bit at The Art Store, I headed downtown to visit a couple of galleries and chat with a friend.  An Art Day of a different sort!  It was fun and I got to see some great artwork. 

Then it was time to get my shopping done.  But what was that sound?

Yes.  That would be the sound of rain.  No, that would be the sound of a torrential downpour.  Do I have an umbrella?  Nooooo (three syllables, please) I do not.  Well, more accurately, I have one - in the drawer at home.  Can we say drenched?  Totally!  Head to toe - there was some puddle jumping involved...

Moving right along to the next excursion...

Can you hear the thunder?

Mwahahaha!  Drenchings number two and three.  Into the store, and out of the store...

After that, it was time to hurry home and have a little R&R!

original watercolor painting - ACEO
It was a good thing that I decided to paint these lovely flowers when I did, too.  After I let the horses out, they ate them.

Well, my day was interesting to say the least, the rain was refreshing, and this is not the painting I expected to post this week - but I did have fun. 

So how's your week going so far? 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

No quiet Sundays for some people.

*feed critters*
*grab Bible*head to church*
*worship*sing*visit*munch*laugh*head home*


I didn't have to walk miles out of my way to go to church.  I drove straight there.
I didn't have to make sure that no one saw me go into the building.  We were visiting right outside the building.
I didn't have to hide my Bible.  I carried it in plain view.
I didn't have to silently mouth the words to the hymns.  There was some great harmony going on and some of us were just making a (loud!) joyful noise to the Lord.
Our pastor spoke boldly and said what he thought.  Nobody arrested him.  Or us.
Some people stayed for the Bible study.  Nobody arrested them either.

A lot of people in a lot of countries face arrest, or worse, for gathering to worship or study the Bible.  Voice of the Martyrs has a lot of information about them.

My day was uneventful.  Quiet.  No one was pounding on my door to drag me off to prison...  or worse.  Today, others paid a high price for their faith.  What can I do?

"One With Them™ is an Open Doors initiative designed to bring awareness to the reality of Christian persecution to the Western Church. Through One With Them we seek to inspire Christians in the United States to stand as ONE with those who share our faith in Christ, but who don’t share our religious freedom."

One with Them is featuring One Body-Many Gifts:  "Your artistic talent can make their cause not only known, but understood."

That inspired me to create this from my little corner of the world... to theirs.

If you had a nice quiet Sunday, think about those who didn't.  You can see more on Within Reach Global.
Thanks for thinking about those who are persecuted for their faith.
Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;
and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.
Hebrews 13:3

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