Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out of the art box and onto the table!

If you are an artist - make time to do your artwork!

Seriously... don't let *stuff* keep you so busy that days pile into weeks without time to create.  Want some ideas to give yourself a little jump start?

Here you are ~

Get a pretty new journal where you can sketch and write your thoughts.  Or, in my case, pull out the one you got a while ago and didn't use yet.

Get a new pen and play with it.  Emphasis on play!

Do something different.  Are you a sculptor?  try your hand a beading!  Do you make jewelry?  try photography!  Are you a photographer?  try painting!  Do you paint?  dabble in sculpture!  I did.

I read the greatest hint in this book - make a model of the character you want to draw.  Duh.  Sometimes I wonder why the simplest ideas are the hardest ones to discover.  Here is our book's newest character (more or less - he still needs a few refinements), but now I can easily see what he looks like from different angles.  Ahhhhhh!

Oh, our book?  Yes - it is progressing after a bit of a break!

Sketches are being turned into drawings, expressions are being refined, and our new little character is being added here and there.

Working on a project you enjoy is another fun way to jump start your creativity!

Taking time to enjoy the beauty of God's creation is another wonderful way that I refresh myself.  During a recent spectacular sunset, I did this little 7 x 10 inch (18 x 25 cm) original watercolor while braving the adventures of plein aire painting... on my back porch.  Tremendously brave aren't I?

Hey.  There were bugs out there.  *applause* to the real plein aire painters! 

But, seriously - have an art adventure - it is a delightful way to spark some creative energy!  Take a class, enjoy a workshop, have an art/sewing/craft party with friends, take your art on a road trip, travel to a museum, visit an art gallery, or find a wonderful arts and craft fair to wander through. 

What are you doing to nourish your creativity?

Happy creating!

PS - Any ideas for a title for my little watercolor painting?  haha - I must have used up all my creativity while painting, because I have no idea what to call it!


  1. What fun! Trying new things always jump-starts my creativity! I got a day this week to try a whole bunch of new designs and I was SO excited!
    You could call your new piece SkyScape or StormScape?

  2. I agree==have an art adventure! I think we get so caught up in thinking we are in the midst of a 'dry spell' that we don't go out on a limb and just play.
    I am loving the sketches--look forward to seeing how everything turns out. And your sunset reminds me that I want to create for an auction coming up in October. It will be part of a Christian basket of goodies and I want to add something to the mix.

  3. Thanks for all of this great inspiration! I have been out of habit with art because I have been so busy - but this post is a great reminder. Excellent tips, very helpful :)

  4. Thank you for reminding me to get a sketchbook to carry with me! I'm never at the computer when an idea strikes, but I just keep forgetting to get one for my purse :)

  5. Okay, I'm the left brained oddball and trying new things makes my stomach churn. I really need to learn to embrace creativity and just go for it! Your sculpture is fabulous and love the sketches! Can't wait to see the final project!

  6. Wow... looks like you are having a ton of fun. I remember making clay characters in 5th or 6th grade, was so much fun! Hope you'll share him when your all done! Beautiful ACEO too!

  7. Thanks, Pam! I will share him and some sketches of him, too =)

    haha - Sharla - that sounds like me with a new recipe! LOL - or even just cooking for someone else! LOL Sometimes it's good to have a little mind streching fun, though! Thanks! Glad you liked them!

    You are welcome, Sharrie! After losing so many ideas that I was SURE I would remember, I travel with a little notebook all the time! I even tossed an extra one in the truck - just in case. LOL

    Thanks, Kaili - and you are welcome! This blog post helped me to remember some of the ways I keep my creativity going, too. Sharing, writing and teaching are great ways to learn, too!

    Very true, Erika! Thank you =) Your auction sounds like a great 'art adventure'!

    Thanks, memories - great title ideas. Great that you got to try lots of new ideas! Experimenting is so much fun!

  8. So true, Kathy! If you never make time for art, it just doesn't happen. At some point, there are no more excuses. I love your idea about switching things up, too. Sometimes that is the best way to renew your creativity. Your sculpture is adorable.

  9. Thanks, Rose - it was fun to do something completely different. Great comments! The longer we wait to create, the easier it is to make excuses, too.

  10. What a great post Kathleen! The longer we procrastinate, the longer it takes for us to get into the flow to do what God has called us to do!

    Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading more in the future!

  11. Enjoyed this post so much, shared a link on my blog! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  13. Very true, The Artist In Me! And thank you for the blog feature!


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