Friday, August 3, 2012

la-lala ~ Country Roads ~ hum-m-mm - Funtry Friday!

Haha - got that tune stuck in your head now?   Care to join me on a little Funtry Friday Country Road Tour?

****yawn****  Let's start with a serenade!

That will get you up and moving!  How about a little drive?

Wow!  Loving these glorious clouds we are having!  Some of them even bring a bit of rain...

...ick, and mud.  The wash had a bit of water in it, but, by the time I was there, it was more puddles than anything else.  However, the clouds were still glorious, and...

There was a beautiful double rainbow!  The second rainbow starts just above the last tree on the right.  This rainbow made a complete arc at one point, but it was sooooo big that I couldn't get the entire rainbow in one picture!

After the rain and the rainbow, we had another incredible sunset!

We have the most amazing colors in our sunsets and sun rises out here!

Now that we are back home - how about a peek at the baby swallows?

They sure are getting big!  I was surprised to see that the eggs in the nest by my front window have hatched, too.  That will be the second batch of babies from that nest, too.  Needless to say, we have a LOT of swooping swallows around here!

Hope you are having a wonderful Funtry Friday out in your neck of the woods!



  1. So many beautiful sky shots! Thanks for sharing your fun & beautiful area :)

  2. Country roads, take me home to the place I belong....
    Oh I do love John Denver.
    Your pictures are so beautiful, I think I could cry. What majesty in those skies!

  3. Absolutely stunning clouds and rainbow captures! I can't believe how big the birds are getting either.

  4. Beautiful photographs!! My brother's guinea hens were the best watch dogs ever. No one could enter the drive unannounced. Good to see more swallows.

  5. Gorgeous skies! The roads make you slow down and look around :D One thing for sure, babies grow! Zowie! Real quick ;) Thanks for sharing Kathy.

  6. And people ask why we stay here in Arizona - LOL! Beautiful shots, Kathy. Mine all have rooftops in them, but I can't resist capturing God's glorious sunrises and sunsets either! We have gotten some rain down here in the Valley - praise the Lord! We sure need it. But I have to admit I am glad I don't have to deal with flooded washes and such anymore. Those poor folks in Anthem really got hammered by this last storm.

  7. what a fun trip! Your scenes look a bit like southwestern Oklahoma, in the "country"! Pretty double rainbow. Cutie swallows! {:-D

  8. I so enjoy your photographs.


  9. It is amazing how quickly baby birds develop! What a gorgeous sunset!
    fun trip down country roads-clouds, birds, puddles, rainbows and all!

  10. Beautiful sky photos - -truly awesome!

  11. Thanks, Kaili - glad you enjoyed them!

    Awwwww - thank you, Sarah =)

    Thank you, Rose! They are all getting big now!

    Thanks, Jane - they are very good watch birds ;-) I have lost count of the number of swallows! LOL

    You are welcome, Lee - thanks! Slowing down on these roads definitely gives me time to appreciate the beauty around me. LOL - so many babies and all of them are growing like crazy!

    Thanks, Karin - I couldn't agree more! Arizona skies are amazing! Praise the Lord - so glad you all got rain! Yay! Yikes - hammered is not good =p Yeah, the muddy roads are not always fun, but so far this year they haven't been too bad.

    Thanks storybeader! Neat that it looks like Oaklahoma =) Watching the swallows has been lots of fun.

    Thank you, Sue! God bless!

    Totally true, Splendid Little Stars! As soon as the babies fly away, new eggs appear. Thank you!!!

    Thank you, pasqueflower!

  12. So much fun at your place! Love the double rainbow... beautiful!


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