Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Having some mixed media fun!

It's a well known fact that watercolor paper is, well paper. And WATERcolor paint is floated on top of the watercolor paper. When the watercolor paint is dry, if you add water you can lift the color right off the watercolor paper.

That is all just fine - if you are still working on your painting and that is what you want to do. However, if you have framed your watercolor painting without glass and someone has doused it with a latte (ack - the waste!), your paint will mix with the coffee and permanently change color.

That is why watercolor paintings are framed with glass over them. Usually a mat is added to keep the glass from sitting directly on top of the painting, too. And, that is one reason why some people don't like watercolor paintings - they don't like glass.

Well, you know I like to experiment so I decided to have a little fun and turn a watercolor painting into a mixed media painting and frame it without glass.  I haven’t tried this on anything larger – this little painting of Bethie is 4 inches square.

I created this mixed media painting on archival 140# watercolor paper. It has paper collaged onto the watercolor paper with acrylic medium. I then created a pen and ink drawing and painted that drawing with artist grade watercolor paints. The painting was sprayed with a UV protective spray and the surface was coated with acrylic medium. This was all done so that the lovely little watercolor painting could be framed without glass.

It has lasted well over the years, but I have taken steps to make sure that it isn’t in direct sun.  All lattes have been consumed without dousing the painting, too!  It is fun to have the look of watercolor without having the glass in the frame and the coating adds a nice subtle texture to the surface.  You can see a little bit of the textured lines of the acrylic medium in this photo.

I had lots of fun creating this little painting and trying something new!  Do you have a favorite project that was lots of fun?



  1. The acrylic medium sounds like a great option instead of glass. Keeps the art from seeming trapped :)

  2. I love the texture & colors! That little goat face is too cute.

  3. I guess I didn't know that about watercolor paintings. I figured once the paint dried that was it. Your little goat is adorable!

  4. What a fun painting! And I loved reading about your technique.

  5. What a cute face.
    I have to saw that sewing dresses for my daughter were really fun.

  6. Bethie is certainly a little cutie! I learned something today about watercolors and watercolor paper! Thanks!

  7. I love how it turned out! And Bethie is very sweet looking!

  8. Beautiful painting and interesting facts!


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