Sunday, August 12, 2012

Go for the Gold!

Olympic Dressage
Well, the Olympics are ending today, but the story will go on and on for many of the competitors.

Athletes have spent many, many, many hours, months, and years of training, developing skills, gaining bodily strength and stamina, as well as constantly seeking more knowledge to perfect their talent and rise to a higher competitive level.

Then they repeated the process.  More years of training, learning better skills, becoming even stronger and wiser so that they might achieve the next higher level of competition. that they can repeat the process again, and again, and again, after each new level of competition is accomplished...

I wonder if those who won the "Gold" remember what it was like to begin.  Do they remember what it was like before they invested that first hour of their time?  Are they so far distanced from that moment that they couldn't explain "step one" to a beginner? 

What about those who didn't win anything?  Were they so consumed by their passion that now there is nothing but a yawning emptiness that engulfs them? 

I was glad to see that some of the competitors were not hesitant to thank God for their talent.  I remember one competitor who did not win, but was grateful that the Lord gave her a chance to compete. 


Being passionate about a dream is one thing.  Being consumed by it is another.  Keeping our eyes on the "Big Picture" while we steadfastly follow our dreams allows us to grow and flourish.  That helps us to accept the defeats as well as the victories - and to remember how far we have come since we took that first step toward the dream.


I have competed well; I have finished the race;
I have kept the faith!
2 Timothy 4:7 NET


  1. These competitors are truly amazing! I think of all the hours they put into their sport. But then I can see a similarity to myself and my work. Every day I put hours and hours into what I do, looking for new ways to better myself and my work. Maybe next year they'll have a sport for laser engraving...LOL :)

  2. Great post. And the verse from 2 Timothy is so appropriate-- a reminder that as I pursue my personal goals, often facing defeats or setbacks, I must keep the Faith. And keeping the faith requires maintaining a work-pray-play balance, and, at times, letting go and letting God.

  3. Boy, I hope those that "lost" don't feel an emptiness. They may not have received a medal for their efforts, but I'm sure if they look deep inside they realize how much they learned about themselves and how much they can accomplish. They are all winners in my book, as it's such a fraction of humanity that even gets to compete.

  4. LOL to Edi! She'd certainly win! I can't imagine training for something as much as those athletes do. So many sacrifices for usually just a few seconds of competition. They are absolutely incredible!

  5. The scripture is so perfect -- every athlete should remember it. And every athlete who competes in the Olympics is a winner, medal or not!

  6. Forgot to say -- I love your Dressage watercolor! I enjoyed watching some of that; the horses are amazing!

  7. It's great that so many athletes are not afraid to thank God publicly during the Olympics.

  8. Acknowlegement of God in all of our efforts for His graciousness in giving us our talents is a humble and great thing to do!

    (Love the dressage watercolor too!)


    Love the dressage watercolor!


  10. You know, I was discussing this with hubby the other day. How I think an athlete should be a gracious hero. And how many are, win or lose. And how tough it is to be 4th...or even 2nd for some. I think they really display their character and heart best when they hit that disappointing place marker that makes them want to scream. I was saddened to see so many athletes cry...cry or scream in anger when misfortunate things happened to them or when the lost. But the best moments are those of grace.

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

  12. Great post... it is so much work the athletes put in to their dreams. I really enjoyed watching the Olympics.
    Beautiful ACEO!


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