Friday, August 10, 2012

Funtry Friday - rain, roads, and birdies!

How much rain have we had?  Well... one of Granddaddy's 10 inch rains - with the rain drops 10 inches apart!

But, then when it does rain, it really RAINS!

Ahhhhh!  Such nice big, muddy puddles - great for splashing!  The road, however, seems to have gotten the rain and water running in the wash. 

(No, I wasn't driving when I took the picture. I was parked right in the middle of the road fumbling with the camera and wishing that I had washed the windshield.)

 See the two rocks on the left side of the road?  Redneck cones...  You know - like the traffic cones those big companies used on the roads?  We are too busy giving those cones to the horses, donkeys, and goats, so rocks are what mark the 'hot spots' on the roads.

Whoopsie!  Ahem.  Not the first time this has happened here, and I'm sure it will get fixed pretty soon.  Until then, the road is still wide enough for one vehicle - even if it is the size of the UPS truck.  Two vehicles?  not so much...

And, back home, the baby Swallows are not quite so tiny anymore!  Earlier this week they still had a few fuzzy feathers.

I think the Mama went on strike today, though.  She kept flying over to the nest and then away.  Then she would sit in the tree and call to them trying to entice them out of the nest.  Of course, every time she flew up to the nest, they got all excited!

Up until I saw this photo, I thought that there were four babies in the nest.  Here, I can tell that there are really five.  Well, unless one of them is a gymnast and has been folded in half...

Hope you had lots of fun sights in your neck of the woods!
Happy Funtry Friday!



  1. How funny....traffic cones are for the critters!! Yes, mother swallow is doing her best to entice them out of the nest. Food deprivation will do the trick. I must say they can certainly give you "the look" (first photo)....just like a nest of wrens.

  2. You always manage to get such great swallow shots!! I guess they'll be flying on their own soon. Maybe that one that turned its back is mad at Mama!
    Love the raindrops on the horse! "Raindrops on horses and whiskers on kittens .... these are a few of my favorite things" (couldn't resist!)

  3. the swallows are so cute! Doesn't look like a lot of room for mom there! Be careful on the road! {:-D

  4. Yikes! Big hole on the side of the the warning cones. Those babies have the biggest mouths! I hope they get the idea soon :)

  5. Those birdies are getting so big! Great photos of them! Sadie would have loved to play in those puddles!

  6. I love seeing the "10 inch rain" and your neck of the woods! So fun!

  7. We could use some of that rain here! Great shot of the rain clouds. Love seeing the continuing saga of the baby swallows.

  8. Yikes! Hope they fix the road quickly!
    The baby birds have gotten so big :)

  9. Me too, memories. Today I noticed that there was a real road marker there... Not exactly sure what that means. LOL

    Thanks, pasqueflower! So far, that was the rain... the rest of the time we have had clouds =p

    Thanks, Linda! Granddaddy always said that - in Phoenix it was true a lot of the time.

    Thanks, Sharla - I agree - and then she would have been one soggy muddy puddy! The kitties are enjoying bird TV... but they have been good so far.

    Lee - haven't looked to see if they went flying while I was in town. They are so big, I am surprised that they all fit in the nest! haha - today someone added a real road marker. Hmmm....?

    storybeader - Mom has been hanging on the outside of the nest. The also perch on top of the porch light. Going to have a LOT of clean up this fall!
    Thanks, I will be careful!

    Totally what I thought, Sarah - looks like a tail with an attitude ;-) Great song for our rain!

    Jane, they have the LOOK down pat! LOL - we now have a real road marker. Had to laugh - it is not a cone. It is one of those tall flat stripped deals. Hey - people I know only take the ones that are busted and left in the ditches after all of the construction is done and everything is all packed up and gone. Just a little litter pick up...

  10. The last capture of the birds is great! I'm glad that you're getting rain your way and hope that it doesn't make the roads too muddy.

  11. Thanks, Rose! So far, so good. As long as we have a couple of dry days between, the roads do okay.

  12. Great photos! The swallows are adorable. We had some at the clinic last year and they were fun to watch. They built a nest just outside our main entrance.

  13. Thanks, Sheryl! They certainly aren't shy! Our nests are in busy places, too.

  14. Maybe the mama bird is letting them get hungry so they'll be forced to leave the nest. You got some great photos, Kathy!
    I have to say I like your "cones" much, much better than our orange and white striped ones! It's not so great driving on a partially washed out road--very problematic.

  15. Please pray that it will rain in Maysville, Missouri. No rain there all summer.

    Love your birdies.


  16. Of all the photos in this post, I like the one of the baby swallows in their nest best. What a great shot!

  17. Glad you are getting some rain! The swallows are beautiful!


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