Friday, August 24, 2012

Funtry Friday full of sun, rain, mud, and soggy popcorn!

We have had just enough rain to make mud pies and sunflowers.  The mud pies aren't too bad unless they are stuck to the bottom of your shoes - and the sunflowers are splendid!  I decided to paint one on a birthday card for my friend, Margie - not sure that I am ready to call the painting "all finished", but it is close.

The rain brings out all sorts of other things, too - like these cute toadstools.  I am thinking that a little painting will happen with this photo, too.
And (not sure why I think the theme from Jaws should play in the background...) here comes a mushroom ~
Right in the middle of the picture.  That white thing that looks like a rock... LOL - I am easily amused by odd flora and fauna... and ridiculous photographs... 
And clouds.
What am I doing out here taking lame pictures of mushrooms instead of great pictures of clouds?  Ummm... while listening to the thunder... and watching the lightening... 
Time to head inside!  (With a quick stop to snap one last photo of an almost perfect heart shaped rock!)
Hope you had some fantastic Funtry Friday sights, too!  Oh, and yes - I did get LOTS of rain - and more pictures *from the porch*!


  1. Great shots! I love the mushroom breaking through :D

  2. Can you see the face in your clouds? Big gray lip-sticked lips on that one!! There's a face in your dirt with the heart rock for a nose! (I'm easily entertained...)

  3. The card is great...good idea for your shop too!
    And the clouds are very telling!
    I love the heart rock and Sarah is right...I see the face too!

  4. Ominous clouds! Hope you are safe. The rock is amazing. My grandsons would have scooped it up!

  5. Wow - what a sky!

    You should have some of those sunflowers in your shop. I totally want to purchase one.


  6. Oh my, now I'm skeered. Did that lone mushroom come looking for you? Love the sunflower & the clouds.

  7. Love the card! Your neck of the woods is so different than ours so it's always fun to see what's going on or coming up in the country!

  8. Beautiful Sunflower card! I love Toadstools and Mushrooms in art (just not in food lol) Beautiful clouds!

  9. Great photos! I love your linework for the sunflower - your lines have so much texture and character. Those clouds are beautiful and impressive too!


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