Friday, August 31, 2012

Funtry Friday *ahhhhh* moments!

Ah!  Look!  It's not all rain here - in fact, most of the time we have beautiful blue skies.

Hershey says:  "Ah.  I am sure if I stare at this wall it will disappear and I will be able to get to the hay that I know is in there!"

Billie Jane says:  "Ah.  What is that?"

Ah... don't panic.  This is not guinea carnage.  It's just a guinea spa moment as they all take a dust bath together!

Ah - er, more like awwwwwww!  A good picture of the little babies - good enough that I can tell that they will be "feather footed"!

Ah!  So this is what they do after the sod is harvested at the sod farm!  They play in the sprinklers and go mud boggin'!

And a double ahhhhh!  Yay!  Sunflowers and some time to do a little ACEO painting of one!

This is an original mixed media watercolor and ink painting that is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm).  An ACEO (Art Card Editions and Original) is a collectible art card.

Hope you had a bunch of ahhhh moments today, too!

Happy Funtry Friday!


  1. So much fun! Those little babies are so sweet! Beautiful sunflower!

  2. Another wonderful Funtry Friday!! Love the chicks and the dust baths. I had no idea so
    many birds partake in this ritual. Great sunflower and thanks for being you!

  3. Beautiful little chicks! Love your little sunflower :D

  4. Your blue skies look beautiful! And the babies are SO cute!!!

  5. I always enjoy the baby shots. Your commentary from the animals cracks me up.

  6. Hope you got some hay Hershey! The little babies are so cute! Boys and their toys - sheesh! We want to come spend some time in the country with you and the birdies!

    Angel & Isabella

  7. I envy your country life. Very nice ACEO, too!

  8. beautiful sunflower! We had guinea hens in our compound at work, many years ago. They were *ah so mean* when it came to protecting their chicks! Watch out! And what a lovely landscape - it goes on for miles! {:-D

  9. Thanks storybeader! LOL - they are feisty birds! It is pretty here and we can see pretty far!

    Thank you, pasqueflower!

    Angel & Isabella - Wees got great Birdie TV here - lots of channels - c'mon! Haha - Hershey got his hay and was very happy!
    Pal and Forrest

    Thanks, Rose - it's fun!

    Thank you, memories!

    Awwww - Thanks, Jane! LOL - the guineas really enjoy their dust baths as much as the chickens do!

    Thanks, Lee!

    Thanks, Pam! They are so cute!


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