Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Does Fall stir the student in you?

Somehow the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall always reminds me of my grade school years.  I really enjoyed learning new things and I looked forward to the beginning of a new school year.  I still do!
Remember this little guy from my watercolor class?

Well, I have been playing around with some of the new things I learned in my class.  I took the masking fluid off of the twisty horseshoe in the front and began adding some color to it.

Then I couldn't stand it anymore, so I took all of the masking fluid off and "unwrapped" my painting!

Pretty fun, huh?!  There are lines and spaces of all the tones in the painting that were kept nice and crisp by the masking fluid.  haha - It seems odd to see my little critter all white instead of green.  Hmmm...  maybe this little critter won't be grey after all!

Just joking (maybe)!  I gave the little critter a light wash of grey and warm browns, and added some more detail and color to the horseshoe.  I also added some of the shadows.  I keep thinking that I want to add some dry grass on the right side.  What do you think?

Fall definitely makes me think about taking classes, but, until I can manage to go to another watercolor class, I am going to have fun with a library book.  Currently I am enjoying "Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors" by Ray Hendershot.  It's a really great book with lots of fun texture ideas clearly explained.  It also has lots of step by step photos that show the results of his process.  It's a little class at home!  Nice to have a fun indoor project on these hot Summer days.

Hope you are having lots of Summer fun!  Happy Creating!

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  1. This reminds me to take photos of the what I created with masking fluid. I was inspired by your last post that I finally decided to try it instead of just thinking about it.
    I liked it but my kids were in awe of what it could do:)

  2. I like watching the progress and love the rusty look of the horseshoe and am waiting to see how the critter ends up! Dried grass sounds like a nice addition :)

  3. I so enjoy what you're learning in your classes and this looks like so much fun!

  4. Yay, Erika! Looking forward to seeing what you have created!

    Thanks, Lee! I think I will play with the dry grass idea - it just needs something else in there! LOL

    Thanks, Janet! It was lots of fun to learn how to use the masking fluid. There are some other things I learned about it that I haven't tried yet, too. Masking fluid is very versatile!

  5. Ah, nice! It totally does for me too: always awakens the desire to learn something new!

  6. Your little critter is so cute :) I think the grass would look great!

  7. It's amazing to see your artwork evolve!
    I do get a hankering to head back to school in the Fall - sometimes I take quilting classes or sign up for the public library's book discussions. If I won the lottery, I might become a professional student.

  8. Thanks, Nancy! Yes, that's the way I feel, too!

    Awwww - thanks, memories! Thanks for the input!

    Thanks, pasqueflower =) LOL - I think I could be a professional student, too!

  9. What a great take on the back to school challenge! I've enjoyed learning about this masking technique from you.

  10. Thanks, Rose! Couldn't resist because I still like to take classes =) Glad you have enjoyed learning about the masking technique.

  11. awww, look at our wee little critter, no longer green, lol! I love taking online classes, since there really isn't anything close by, but Fall makes me think of 'school' too. Definitely take advantage of the free library books :-D

  12. grr, I meant to say 'your' wee critter, lol!

  13. I have all those water color books at I showed the other day on my blog and I got a few more at the library, but I am a bit confused, now. I guess I am just trying to cram in everything at once! Oh me . . . your critter is going to be great I know! And a bit of grass would add "life".

  14. Pink, I keep thinking about checking out some online classes and then I forget to do that... LOL - we shall wait to see what color the little critter will be! ;-)

    Linda, one of the best things that I did was to start a watercolor notebook where I take things from the books and actually do them. I make notes about what I have done and what colors I have used. It has been VERY helpful! Getting the brushes wet is the best way to get unconfused, too. Sometimes when you are painting while following directions, it actually makes more sense. Have fun!

  15. I love your enthusiasm!!


  16. What a sweet little critter. Glad your having fun with your Library Book!

  17. looks great! Anxious to see how the little critter there turns out. I haven't had the confidence to use a book for lessons - maybe I should try... I love the online classes I've taken. What a good twist on our challenge topic! {:-D

  18. Love your little gray ghost critter ('cause he looks like a ghost to me!) -- much cuter than when he was green!!
    I like your expression of the challenge topic!

  19. Thanks, Sarah! haha - hadn't thought of him as a little ghost critter - though I'm not really sure what manner of critter he is!

    Thanks, storybeader - painting this mystery critter has been fun! I like to use books if they have good photographs and good descriptions since I can do things at my own pace.

    Thanks, Pam! It has been a fun book.

    Thank you, Sue!


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