Friday, July 27, 2012

Week in review - Funtry Friday!

Hi there!  Glad you are joining me for a little Funtry Friday tour of my crazy week!

Earlier this week, I decided that I wanted to take a really nice picture of Billie Jane so I could do a really nice painting of her.  "Smile, Billie Jane!"

If I had tried to get her to stick out her tongue, it would have never happened!

I did take a lot of photos to get this fun picture of the baby swallows next door.

Apparently three out of the swallows agree that it is feeding time!

Eggs, eggs, eggs!  I just love the way that not only does each breed of chickens have different eggs, but each hen lays a slightly different color and size within their breed. 

Those teeny tiny little eggs belong to a full grown hen.  Here she is standing next to a Bantam.

This hen is really small!  I think she is only about 5 or 6 inches tall.

We have been having clouds almost every afternoon.  As I write this, more are gathering, though today there is still a lot of blue sky.  The other day we had a little bit of rain, and this ~

Oi!  Another one of those photographs that, had I been trying to get that picture, I would probably not have succeeded.  Yikes!  I hope all the lightening stays up in the sky and I don't have a repeat of this scene!

I had my post-surgery check up this week.  This is in the exam room.  I have seen it before.

I have a t-shirt that says, Dyslexia makes reading nuf Nuf NUF!  Yes.  As I said, I have seen this sign before, but when I read it, I still see "SNORING AND SLEEP AREA".   Nuf, indeed!
Makes me want a nap every time!

Hope you had a great week.  Thanks for dropping by and enjoying Funtry Friday with me!


PS The Blogging Business Artisans have a monthly challenge and here is the one for July:
July Challenge - Jenny (Bird in the Hand Art) - Summer Lovin'
Anything summer-related, love-related, GREASE (the movie related)

These are all some of my favorite summer things around here - well, provided the lightening stays in the sky, and I get the nap with out having to go to the doctor's office!


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  2. It's so great when you get those unplanned shots. Wow, what a tiny hen! Another wonderful post and yes, I initially read "snoring and sleep area"!!! I might spend all day figuring that out.

  3. Some really great shots, Kathy! Swallows look very hungry, Billie knows the Bronx Cheer? Cute post ;-)

  4. Those little tiny eggs are SO cute :)
    Great photo with the lightening! That would make for a cool watercolor!

  5. LOL! Fun post indeed! Love those baby swallows - just look at them sticking their neck out and hollering at the top of their lungs. : ) I feel like that sometimes on this diet.

  6. Enjoyable post. Nice photos.

  7. Great photos! I especially love the 3 hungry little swallows. And the storm cloud photo is amazing!!

  8. *waves to Daffy*

    Thanks, Jane - haha - After I realized that it was the same sign I read wrong last time, it really made me laugh! She is a really pretty hen, too.

    LOL - Thanks, Lee - yep, and I'm not sure who taught her that!

    Thanks, memories - I hadn't thought of a painting from that photo, but you are right. Glad you enjoyed the egg photo.

    Thanks, Janet - hope your diet goes well. Those babies were really loud, too!

    Thanks, Steve - glad you dropped by.

    Thanks, pasqueflower - It was fun to watch the mama bird feed the babies. Glad you liked the photos!

  9. I take it Billie Jean doesn't care to have her photo taken?! Great raspberry, Billie Jean! I'll bet you learned that from Kathy (ahem!). That hen is SO cute and so are her eggs! Swallows are so much fun - in downtown Phoenix at a certain time of year, they love to play among the high rise buildings - catching the updrafts and such. They are so full of joy! Thanks for the fun pics!

  10. The first two pictures are priceless, and your storm capture is great! Sometimes the best shots come when you're least expecting them.

  11. those are all great photos - Billie Jean, the baby birdies, and the lightning! Hope you got rain, only! {:-D

  12. Thanks, Karin! haha - she would much rather have food than a camera aimed at her! I love watching the swallows fly, too! She is such a cute hen - a perfect "miniature"!

    Thanks, Rose! I agree - and I try to have my camera handy so I can be ready!

    Thanks, storybeader! No rain yet, but some really pretty clouds with a bit of blue sky.

  13. Praying for rain! Love the photos!


  14. Fantastic photos! Love the birdies and Billie Jane sticking out her tongue at you! Are you going to draw her like that? It would be cute if you did! That bitty hen is just so sweet -- she must have tiny little chicks.

  15. Thanks, Sue!

    Thanks, Sarah! LOL - I hadn't thought about doing a drawing of her, but that could be fun! She has hatched any that I know of, but she was a very small chick!

  16. I always love your Funtry Friday posts! Great shot of the swallows :)

  17. aaahhh...Summer! There are the things that are expected and those that aren't.
    You captured a couple great animal shots! Getting them to pose in any particular way is truthfully just not possible.
    We had a summer once where the sky would get threatening often enough, but no rain. It was a drought year and we longed for it. Your sky is quite dramatic!
    Now rain, will ya!!

  18. Thanks,Kaili! They were lots of fun to watch!

    Totally true, Splendid! Thanks =) We had a good amount of rain tonight! Yay!

  19. What a beautiful picture of Billy Jane!
    Adorable Swallows! Cute T-Shirt!


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