Sunday, July 15, 2012

Take out the trash!

Have you ever heard of someone who likes to take out the trash?  I haven’t.  However no one will argue that if you don’t take out the trash really bad things will happen.  

So, what’s so hard about taking out the trash?
  • It’s messy.
  • If you are cleaning, first you have to determine what is trash and what is not trash.
  • That can be mentally messy.
  • Or maybe the messy pile is just too messy to go through to determine what is trash.
  • Maybe playing would be more fun.
  • Or chocolate…

Please tell me that someone else out there has this problem once in a while.  I don’t want to feel completely alone!  Especially since I have a solution to share. 

Ready to Fly! - original ink and watercolor painting

In the Bible (which I like to share quotes from on Sunday) the very first three words are:  In the beginning…

Yes, that is the solution.  Everything has a beginning.  If you want to get something done, you have to start.  You can’t just think about starting.  Take me for instance.

I have been thinking about cleaning both my porch and my laundry room for quite a while.  If I had put my “beginning” cleaning before my busy little snake visit, I wouldn’t have been cleaning like crazy this week.  I was pretty amazed at how much stuff I tossed into recycling and trash bags, too.  I had just put it “out there” for “later” when “I had time” to do “it”.

It?  Take out the trash, drop off the recycling, and put away the rest of the “useful to me” items.

In the beginning… God took six days to create everything and an extra one to rest and enjoy His creation.  We can take a lesson from that, too. 

Begin doing something somewhere.  Then move to the next thing and finish that task.  And then take a rest. 

Whatever you do, don’t start with the rest – start with the beginning!

Now that I have a good beginning on my (little bit late) Spring cleaning, I am going to keep on going.

Have you thought about a project and keep putting it off?  Look for your beginning!


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

PS That cute little butterfly painting has a happy home with Shannon at Copperlight Wood.  Shannon and her husband Vince are giving a brand new beginning to two beautiful children.  Their adoption has been approved, but there are still expenses.  If you would like to know more about Shannon and her family and see these beautiful children, check out her Adoption: ways to help page!


  1. The mail and the recycling are two things that always pile up here! Since I moved my file cabinets upstairs, I never get up there to file things away!

  2. Yep, the messy pile is too messy! I have little messy piles behind a few doors that need NEED to be cleaned! But it keeps getting put off since I'd actually have to make some decisions....
    But, I have started on some much needed organization in my office and will continue on -- "in the Beginning..."
    Fun and thought provoking post!

  3. I guess the important thing I learned is - do it right away. I take the mail from the box at the road and sort it on the way to the house - the recycle bin gets it's share before I take the important stuff in.
    It's so easy to start at the beginning and then get distracted by a couple things that need to get stashed and before you know it I am off on another tangent...the list is the only way I can keep on task. Check off each item as I go :D

  4. My shred pile has runneth over and I'm dreading starting on it. Are you sure I can't start with the rest? :) I do know someone who enjoys taking the trash out so much he does it every time there's trash in the trash can plus he washes the trash can every day! Crazy huh? He's the hubby of a blog friend and I think he's nuts!

  5. Another great message! Getting started with an overwhelming and/or undesirable project is half the battle.

  6. Clutter! organizing my collections. Getting my grandson to take out the garbage so the black bears don't tear it apart. I better get started.

    So happy for Shannon and her growing family.


  7. I'm inspired and agree with Rose. The biggest monkey on my back is going today!!
    Thanks, Kathy.

  8. memories - I have heard that paper is a biggie for a lot of people. It sure is for me, too. I am so happy that our PO has a recycle bin. I try to send a lot of mail there!

    Thanks, Sarah! I agree - lol - decisions really slow me down sometimes.

    Lee - I soooo agree! A list is a wonderful tool, especially if I keep it simple and don't start brainstorming for future tasks! haha

    Sharla - somedays do start better with a little rest and planning and then a focused dive into the work. *roflol* I think he could start a service business and be very successful! LOL

    Very true, Rose! Thanks =)

    Thanks, Sue! Shannon and Vincent are sooo pleased! I will bet ALL the kids are excited, too.
    I agree - clutter grows! It's so easy to just set something on the table instead of putting it away. I like Lee's advice: do it right away!

    Thank you, Jane - and you are welcome! Yay! bye-bye monkey!

  9. I like the whole thing about don't start with rest--my husband just called from work and he was laughing so hard. Great post.

    And I finally read the saga of that nasty snake. I was rolling as I imagined the lady in the field with a box fan and folks just a wavin' as if that was normal. Hilarious.

  10. Your painting is beautiful!!! Nice work.

  11. My husband likes, no loves, taking out the trash!
    That being said, the issue postulated here is how to GET stuff to the trash. Alas! I have accumulated more than I would have thought over the years. I have begun the work of going through stuff--one (perhaps small) place at a time.

  12. haha - Thanks, Erika! It definitely was QUITE a sight! LOL - glad there were no pictures... haha!

    Thank you, Aliferous Express!

    Splendid - Wow! Rare and how delightful for you! Very good point - lol - GETTING things to the trash sounds like a very good "beginning"!

  13. So glad you got things cleaned up. Very inspiring post.
    Congratulations to your friends. I hope they will be very happy.

  14. Thank you, Pam! They are very excited and getting everything ready to travel and bring their children home! I'm glad to have it all cleaned up, too - now, on to the next project!


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