Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not quite Funtry Friday - Thank You!

It takes a little bit of energy to be 'bionic'!  I am, however, recovering well from my pacemaker surgery and looking forward to sharing my adventures this week - even though, for some reason, the calendar says Saturday and not Funtry Friday!

Of course, the highlight was a visit from my daughter and granddaughters who came to make sure I behaved myself.  We all managed to have some art fun, too.

Art time!

Aren't their paintings cute?!  They did way better than I did when I tried the blind contour drawing...

Blind contour drawings
Okay, granted - they were looking at their paper and I was not.  Still - it is really hard to tell that there are two rabbit drawings and one cat drawing...  I'll stick to doing the contour drawings with a bit of peaking now and then!

I did manage to take a walk earlier this week and I saw all these ravens sitting on this big chunk of whatever.  They were very busy being noisy!  You might want to hit the mute button...

Melodious Ravens

And, can anyone tell me why we have clouds like this -


and rain like this?


I am just going to say that it must be Arizona and the rains haven't quite arrived...

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes this week!  I appreciate all the kind comments and encouragement, too!  Hope you all had a wonderful week and are enjoying your Funtry Friday Saturday.



  1. Glad you had visitors to make sure you behaved yourself after surgery! Your granddaughters are good little artists! I recognized the cat but not the rabbits in the blind contour drawings. Those clouds left a pitiful amount of rain! :)

  2. I'm seeing the best little visitors anyone could ask for. Lovely art and may just have to try contour drawing.
    Oh my, those kind of clouds & rain that cause you to put up the outdoor project just in time to have the sun come back out.

  3. Hi Kathy! Glad you are doing well - I find grandchildren make you feel better just by being around. Yours are lovely and great artists, too! OK so the bunnies are hiding in those drawings but the cat was visible :D

  4. Thank goodness for the rain!! And a great photo of the rain cloud!!
    Wish we could see some rain clouds here. 28 days with no rain, and temps in the 95+ for 10 days with no end in sight. Very sad. Grateful every day for air conditioning.

  5. I'm so glad that your surgery went well and that you've had fun with you r family while you've been recovering. We're having the same lack of rain this way.

  6. The photos of the clouds and rain drops are fun.
    I am glad you are doing well and were able to spend time with family doing art as you recovered.

  7. I had no idea! You are an inspiration for me.


  8. Sigh. I am beginning to wonder what rain is - and the sad thing is that this is going on all over our beautiful country! Even in WI, where another very dear friend of mine lives, they are desparate for rain. It is so awesome that the girls are interested in art - keep the creative juices flowing, my friend! Children need an outlet for their creativity.

  9. Thank you, Sharla! haha - critters from space! It was fun to have company! We get lots of clouds this time of year...

    Jan - so very true! haha - yep, lots of threats of rain, but not much rain yet. Do try it - it's lots of fun even when things turn out very odd! LOL

    So very true, Lee! Glad you are doing well, too! Thanks - we like to do art together! haha - I think I may try the blind contour drawings again.

    pasqueflower - Hope you get some rain soon! Still lots of clouds here.

    Thanks, Rose - it was fun to have the visitors and I'm glad to have the surgery behind me. Hope you get some rain soon!

    Thank you, Erika! It was a good way to spend the recovery time.

    Thanks, Sue - and you are an inspiration to me!

    Karin - Yes, it seems that the weather is either very dry or flooding in many areas. Would be nice to see it even out a bit.
    The girls really enjoy doing art and get to do quite a bit at home and at Grammy's ;-) They do need an outlet for their creativity - I agree!

  10. So glad you are recovering well!
    a visit from your daughter and granddaughters, with art projects, too-- that's the life!
    clouds--all that drama, so little production!

  11. Thank you, Splendid! It was wonderful - we all had fun =) LOL - and the clouds are still doing that!


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