Friday, July 6, 2012

Itty bitty baby Funtry Friday

Open your eyes, look really close, and you will find some little itty bitty bits of Funtry Friday fun today!

These little guys are all over the place this year!

little lizard

Well, it kind of goes with Summer... these itty bitty guys are all over the place, too...

tiny mouse running for cover
This little baby visitor has been lots of fun to watch!

awwww!  cute baby bunny

I have to say that I am happier to have this resident under the shed than the skunk I had before...

yep - a new resident under the shed

This baby?  *sigh* It was bound to happen...  and I am sure there will be more...

baby tumbleweed
Yep, there is the new crop and they are green and growing.  Lurking behind this one is the rest of the family, dry and ready to roll - or fly

Maybe if we all went back to beginning of time there would be a way to halt the tumbleweed takeover...  Wait!  I know where the beginning is!  See - right there!!!

In the beginning...

Well, this "beginning" is the beginning of a very cool timeline at the Prescott Public Library.  The rest of the timeline goes way out there and up those stairs.

more of the beginning and some of the middle

Pretty cool, huh.  It is actually done to scale, too.  Well, except for the guess of how far the Egyptians were from The Beginning.

Well, I had better go round up all the critters and feed them so we can all take the middle of this day and move it towards the end.  Hope you all had a very Funtry Friday!



  1. Love the itty bitty babies. I must admit you got me good with the tumbleweed. My smile almost disappeared at first and I should have known better!

  2. Love the critters found near you (well except the snake)... very cool timeline too!

  3. That is a very cool timeline as Pam said. I loved tiny critters, especially the bunny.

  4. Love the little critters! Very neat timeline, thanks for sharing!

  5. I love seeing all of the little critters! We've seen some tiny bunnies lately here, too. I'm going to include one in the Scavenger Hunt this week. The timeline is really neat as well.

  6. Cute little critters! We'd like to see some bunnies around here! That timeline is really neat!

  7. I was surprised to see a little lizard in Missouri last weekend! He was so little and had a blue tail...wish I would have been fast enough to get a picture!
    That time line is so cool!

  8. Thanks, Kim!

    LOL - naughty me, Jane! haha!

    Thanks, Pam =) We have lots of birds here now, too - lol - they are harder to photograph, though!
    The timeline is really neat!

    Marlene - the bunny is lots of fun to watch! There are actually several timelines in Prescott and one that I know of in Chino Valley. I think they are really fun!

    Thanks, Lee! I don't know who thought up the idea to have the timelines, but I think they are neat, too.

    Thanks, Rose - what fun! Looking forward to seeing your little bunny, too. I think the timelines are really fun. I may go looking for the rest of them - could be fun!

    Thanks, Sharla! Maybe your little bunnies are still hiding ;-) I agree - it's amazing and quite long!

    What fun, memories - sounds like a cool lizard! Most of the timelines around here are pretty old and lots of fun to see.

  9. Kathy, those tumble weeds are huge! Do they prickles? I love your baby bunny, would make a good mate for mine!

    1. They are very prickly, Sandy. Ouch! There seem to be both baby bunnies and baby jackrabbits this year - very fun!


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