Friday, July 13, 2012

Funtry (Wednesday, Thrusday and) Friday Insanity!

This week I had a surprise visitor.  If you want to see pictures, check out The snake needs a bell, because you won’t see any pictures of him here.  I was just a little too busy to stop and take any…

The first time the bull snake appeared, he made acquaintance with my cat.  She was uninterested and wandered away.
CAT - original ACEO ink drawing - 2.5" x 3.5"

Dogs are a different matter.  They also have that definite bark that says “NOW!”.  Wednesday evening, I heard THE bark.  This did not thrill me because I was in my jammies and slippers.  I rushed to the aid of what I thought would be a trapped bird, only to find the more than friendly Bull Snake on my porch.  This is an enclosed porch… with a dryer vent opening into my laundry room which is right off my kitchen.  Right...  I wrestled the dogs inside, grabbed my shovel, and tried to scoop up the snake and toss it away from my porch (and particularly the dryer vent).  It was not a pretty picture.  Snake was unhappy and hissing, and so was the crazy lady in the jammies and slippers with a shovel.  Snake made a hasty exit… under a cabinet.

And the sun set on a day with more excitement than I wanted.

Thursday morning, I got up, poked under the cabinet with the shovel.  Yay!    After a couple of hours of cleaning and sorting stuff, I lifted the top section of the cabinet and hauled it to the driveway.  Returning to the porch, I pulled the bottom part of the cabinet… much to my surprise, it hissed at me.  I can jump pretty far, pretty fast.

And I can also call my neighbor pretty fast.  She with my rake, and I with my shovel stood determined to remove this pesky critter. The cabinet was definitely in the way, so, while I kept the snake from heading to the dryer vent, she hauled the bottom part of the cabinet to the driveway.

By the way, did I ever tell you that my other neighbors behind me raise emus?  It’s pretty cool to hear them ‘thrumming’ in the morning.

Oh, yeah, the saga of the snake… All we had to do was to nudge him towards the door and, hopefully, off he would go.  There was just one catch.  I had put a box fan behind the door, so the door wasn’t flat against the wall.  Guess where the snake went?  Behind the door.  Behind the fan.  Then, into the fan.  First we both thought, “Oh, no…” Then Lorie said, “Wait – this might be a good thing!”  She picked up the box fan, snake and all and made a mad dash for the driveway.

We stood there and watched to see what would happen.  Nothing.  Snake in fan. Sitting there looking at us.  She headed home, and I grabbed the box fan.  I figured farther away from the house would be a good thing, so I headed to the field across the road.

Even though I wasn’t in my jammies and slippers, this was still not a pretty picture.  Here is a sweaty, dusty, dirty, just past middle aged woman, carrying a box fan with a snake in it.  Oh, and the wind is blowing which begins turning the fan.  Box fans are not designed with enough space for a four foot snake to curl up and still have the fan blades turn.  Add to the current scene… thump, thump, thump as the plastic fan blade turns and bumps the snake with each turn...  I pause at my gate to take the chain off, and six inches of snake makes an appearance.  I jiggle the fan, and the snake retreats inside it.  I head to the field where I lower the fan to the ground.  By this time the snake is grateful to escape the insanity.

I was watching the bull snake slither away, when a truck drove by.  I guess people are used to all kinds of things out here because the driver just waved at the crazy, dusty, dirty lady with a box fan staring at a vacant field.

I dashed across the road and went to fix the dryer vent and the door so there would be no more visitors.

In the midst of everything, we did have some lovely rain – enough even to make a few puddles!

reflection of the tree in a puddle on the porch rail

I was hoping this morning that there would not be a page three to the snake saga *rolls eyes* and I’m still not sure if I had a repeat visit or not because I never saw a snake today.  

As I went to make a better cover for the dryer vent, I stuck my hand in there and I could swear that I heard a hiss.  I discovered that I had a retractable arm.  I beat it to the laundry room and moved all the extra “stuff” out of there.  At one point, when I moved something on the dryer, I thought I heard that familiar hiss from behind the washer.  I continued working, and, by the time that I pulled both the washer and the dryer away from the wall, I didn’t hear anything.  I didn’t hear anything on the porch either.  *whew*

I figure that if there was another bull snake in the dryer hose, it decided to leave and was able to get out under the door on the porch.  Now, both the door space and the dryer vent are *hopefully* completely blocked.  I have a clean porch and a clean laundry room.  Oh, and I do have a couple of Handy Dandy Port-a-snake Box Fans within arm’s reach!
Handy Dandy Port-a-snake Box Fan
Actually, Thursday we used a different one.
Friday I had this one ready if needed in the laundry room!

Well, I hope you had more fun and less insanity in your neck of the woods!  Happy Funtry Friday!



  1. Oh My, that was worth the wait!! At least he enticed you to clean up the porch and the laundryroom........Hehehe!

  2. How sweet it is. I've been involved in a few "hunting expeditions" but nothing of this magnitude. My insides reacted to your adventure the next morning also. Thanks for the thrills and laughs. I'm still giggling about the fan, the wind, and you out in the field.

  3. I don't know the difference between snakes, but I suppose if I lived in the "country" I would make a point of knowing my snake species! You've very brave. Thank goodness for fine neighbors. Have a nice (lonely) weekend! {:-D

  4. I call that "cleaning under duress" but I'm sure the snake is happy to be free!

  5. OMG I am on the floor! Handy Dandy Port-a-snake box fan -- I can just see you now! The guy passing by probably thought you were going to cool down the field with your fan...
    You've gotta be brave -- I scream if I see a tiny garden snake!

  6. Love this story!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a funny experience and your description of the entire incident was cracking me up!

  8. Funny story! I have one about a ribbon snake in my Christmas tree! but that's for another time!

  9. At first sight of a snake, I would have been in South America! I am terrified of snakes!

  10. God bless you, Kathy! This is a lifestyle I would have to get used to and I am not sure I could. Worms freak me out, nevermind a bull snake. LOL


  11. I never knew bull snakes hissed - but then, I have never annoyed one by shoveling him multiple times either. In one apartment I lived in there was an empty field right behind my teensy yard. Murdock (my son's cat, named after Howling Mad Murdock of A-Team fame)gifted me with with a cute little red snake that he caught just for me! They are called Red Racer for a reason and I, too, had a "cleaning under duress" episode in the kitchen! I feel your pain, sister!

  12. LOL - Kim, now I have to sort through the laundry stuff I dumped in different places... but the laundry room looks great!

    LOL - Jane - me too! I just pictured what I would think if I had viewed that scene... *roflol*

    Thanks, story! Yep, it helps to know the critters - and which ones are okay. So far, so lonely =D

    Lee - haha, I'm sure - and I am happy to have the cleaning done!

    Marlene - somedays the adventures just happen out here! LOL

    Thanks, Sarah - not sure I qualify as brave or not. LOL - more desperate, I would say!

    Thanks, HiGirls - glad you enjoyed my hysteria! LOL

    Thanks, Sheryl - I have to admit that we did have a couple of good laughs - once our critter was away from our homes! LOL

    Oh my, Linda! Yikes!!!!!!! LOL - that has got to be a great story!

    Awww, Beaded - I am not that fond of them... LOL - but sometimes out here you just have to "get 'er done"!

    Thanks, Sue! LOL - Yeah, it did take some getting used to - but I do enjoy it - well, MOST of it! LOL

    LOL - Too funny, Karin! Yep, cleaning under duress is much funnier AFTER the fact!

  13. You are so much braver than I would ever be with a snake! I hope that things are a little less eventful your way this next week. Also, jealous of your rain.

  14. I probably would have had to live in a hotel until someone could come remove the snake! I love the box fan transporter :) But I'm not sure I could have transported him myself!

  15. LOL What a way to get your cleaning done ha ha Always an adventure at your house... I am glad you are safe! Wow, you have more guts than me lol

  16. Oh, my! What a story! You handled this much more ably than I could have!

  17. Well, Rose - I am VERY picky about the snakes that I will be around! Today I didn't see any. *whew* Hope you get some rain, too!

    memories, that has been a thought in the back of my mind! Moving the fan with the snake quietly inside was okay... anything else, and I would have tossed that fan in a hurry! LOL

    Totally true, Pam! I am ready for a few days with a little less adventure! LOL

    Judy, sometimes I just go on 'auto pilot' and get it all done. LOL - sometimes I wonder how I did what I did, too!

  18. Ha ha!! I'm so glad I took a minute to catch up on this! It makes my Saturday sound like a piece of cake!

  19. LOL - Shannon - welcome to the excitement of "warmer weather" *roflol* Thanks!


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