Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Masking Fluid Fun!

Using art masking fluid to block out areas on watercolors is not only fun, it can become a little bit addicting!

Remember this little critter?

I have been playing with the art masking fluid again and adding more layers of paint.

I am building up the dark areas gradually.  With each wash, I am continuing to add more art masking fluid to preserve some of the previous color before I add the next wash.

When I get to the last wash and take off all of the art masking fluid, it will be like Christmas!  I have no idea exactly what it will look like, but it has been fun to add layer upon layer. 

I did discover something today... When you are warm the fan will feel very good to you; however, it will dry the masking fluid before it hits the paper...

See the big chunky green globs?  Yep.  The masking fluid dried in the brush and on the paper faster than I could dip the brush and get it back to the painting.  Crazy!  When that happens, your brush will pick up whatever masking fluid is already on the paper and it all becomes a gooey mess.  To fix it, I turned the fan down - and then repainted the masking fluid area.  I think it will work okay, even though it isn't very pretty. 

I had a bit more fun with the little ACEO firework paintings, too.  I added several layers of paint with several layers of masking fluid to them, as well.

They are still a "work in progress", as I want to add a bit more color and perhaps some iridescent paint.  Then I will do one more wash to add some darks to the background. 

If you want to learn how to use the art masking fluid and to see some hints that make it super easy, check out my Independence Day blog post.  haha - I spent the 4th of July painting!

If you like to play with new art ideas, check out my Tutorials page - there are lots of fun ideas there!

Happy creating!

ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals and they are little 2.5 by 3.5 inch works of art.  They may be done in any media and any subject - they just have to be that trading card size.  ACEOs are lots of fun to collect and to create!


  1. That sounds like a very fun art supply and would have to be addicting!
    Your green blobs simply look artsy to me.
    I love your fireworks ACEOs!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished piece!
    The fireworks are so pretty :)

  3. I've never heard of masking fluid. I'm like Edi - want to see what happens! {:-D

  4. Wow, how interesting. I had no idea there were so many steps to a painting. Thanks for enlightening me!

  5. I have been wanting to use masking fluid with my pages. You have inspired me to pick some up this weekend.

  6. I never heard of masking fluid, but I think it may be the answer to my being able to finish a piece I started early last summer! Very cool... Thanks for posting this. I love the fireworks!

  7. Love the fireworks prints. And I've wondered what ACEO meant! You've enlightened me. Thank you!!

  8. Awe, thank you, Splendid! The more I play with it, the better I like it =)

    Thank you, memories - I am looking forward to finishing it, too, so I can see what's under all the masking fluid! haha

    storybeader - I had heard of it, sold it, read about it, studied it, but! until I took the watercolor class, I had never used it very much. haha - sometimes I need a little push ;-)

    Thanks, Jane - and many hours of work, too. LOL - we artists just like to make it *look* easy! haha!

    Oh, Erika - I think it would work really well on journal pages! Heads up - I just found out in a book that the rubber cement pick up may remove your pencil lines when you remove the dry masking fluid. "Try masking tape" was the author's suggestion - but I haven't tried that method yet. When I do, I will blog about that, too!

    Yay, Janet! Thank you =) Hope it works well for your piece!

    Thanks, pasqueflower! Haha - after I wrote this post, I thought that I should probably add that little bit of description. If you do an internet search for ACEO or ATC, you will find a TON of web sites and sale sites. ATCs (Art Trading Cards) are the same type of art card, but they are usually traded and not sold.

  9. Not being much of an artist, I've never heard of art masking fluid! But your paintings are sure to be fabulous once you are done!

  10. I have to give this a try. I am loving the layers of paint.


  11. I haven't heard of masking fluid before so not sure what it's doing but I think your work turned out lovely despite the fan drying it! The fireworks are great too!

    Hope all the critters are staying cool!

  12. Okay, I thought the green globs were part of the whole picture - they look like rain drops. Okay, so I have been praying so hard for rain that a lot of things look like raindrops - I think I'm hallucinating rain! Anywho, I like the globs. Remember, sometimes a "mistake" can be a huge blessing in disguise!

  13. The art masking technique is fascinating! I love learning more about your creating processes. The fireworks are great!

  14. Thanks, Sarah! Lots of artists aren't familiar with masking fluid either ;-)

    Sue, this technique makes it a lot easier to preserve your 'lights' when working layer upon layer.

    Well, Sharla - when I take all the masking fluid off, it will be easier to see what it did. LOL Dogs are out flat under the fan. *whew* little warm here now!

    Haha - yes, Karin - dreaming rainy dreams here, too, and the clouds are still taunting us!
    Oh so very true - mistakes can turn out to be blessings!

    Thanks, Rose - so glad you enjoy seeing how things happen!


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