Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adoption from the inside out.

Is there a little something missing from the picture you are painting for your life?  Does it seem a little bland, lifeless, lacking in the splashes of color that bring daily smiles? Can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing?

My adopted granddaughter, Sophia - HOME!

It might be adoption.  You just might be missing a smile from someone a continent away. 
I would like you to meet Shannon and Vince who are in the process of adopting two beautiful children from a country in Europe we shall refer to as Spaghettia.  

Welcome to adoption – from the inside out.

Andrey, waiting to come home.

Here are some of Shannon’s thoughts from her blog, Copperlight Wood:

“There is a country that I used to not care about. I didn't know where it was on the map. I didn't know its shape, its capital, its distance from us, or the issues facing it. But now, I can tell you the approximate distance from one special orphanage to another special orphanage, and how far they each are from the capital. And how far they are from us. Just because of two very special kids.
But they are not the only kids.”
Reagan, waiting for a hug.
“I need to tell you that I had a rosy view of adoption for years - when it was a "someday we'll do that" kind of thing. And even when it went from a "someday we'll do that" kind of thing to a filling-out-paperwork-over-massive-amounts-of-sushi kind of thing, we still had a rosy view of it - kids need homes, yes, and we can provide that, yes, and it will be just like adding two more people to our family because they will be healthy and little, and there will be no "issues" to speak of...yes?”

“And we got to looking at the real situation, and the real situation intervened on our plans. The real situation is that many of the kids who most need to be adopted have serious issues - sometimes medical issues, sometimes development issues, sometimes issues that just come with living in an orphanage for years and not being let out of a crib for more than two hours a day. If you adopt internationally - or even domestically, in many cases - it is a very long wait for that ideal tiny baby that will grow perfectly with your family.”

”The real situation is that we could stay on a list for the next three years for something that is (maybe) a little easier. But in that three years, children will languish in cribs. They will wait. They will suffer. They will be hungry. And the space that we have in our home for two more children will be empty.”

There are as many as 163,000,000 orphans in the world – some estimates put it at over 200,000,000.   Behind each one of those numbers is a child. Shannon didn’t say that – I did (See my blog post, Accomplishing the Impossible) – but this is something that I know and that Shannon and Vince know.  200,000,000 children waiting for a hug, a home, safety… Love.

Shannon and Andrey

Overwhelming?  Here’s a bit of advice from Shannon…

What if you looked up a few of these issues? What if you became familiar with Down Syndrome, or Aspergers, or hydrocephaly? What if you picked one of those unpronounceable medical diagnoses and just wondered if it would be something you could handle in your home? What if you found a list of waiting children and requested the password to see their pictures, and you prayed over them? What if we all prayed them home?”

Vince and Reagan
What if we stepped up to help those who are adopting?  What if we skipped some snacks and fancy coffee and gave the money to someone who has a child waiting to come home?

What if we listened to God tugging at our hearts?

Why are Shannon and Vince adopting?  “…because His calling for us is greater than we know...but He knows what He's getting into. He still chose us. He still chose them. Only He can see where this is going.“

Shannon and Vince are adopting because they listened.


Watch the video!

Some ways to help only take a little time.

Visit Shannon’s original blog post.


Shannon’s current favorite Scripture is Psalm 34 - the whole shebang ;-)
Taste and see that the Lord is good!
How blessed is the one who takes shelter in him!
Psalm 34:8 NET


  1. Yes!! Praying them ALL home! Thank you!

  2. Great post!
    I have helped a number of friends with adoptions by donating items for them to host an auction. And I've even gotten to make a couple Adoption word albums.
    Though I'm not in a position to adopt a child myself, I love knowing that I've gotten to help someone who is :)

  3. There are several people in our church that have adopted kids from places like Africa. There is one couple there right now waiting for the okay to take their two babies home.

    Not everyone can do it but those that can--what a great gift!

  4. Thanks for sharing their story with us today!

  5. Beautiful story and couple. Thank you for sharing it! Wishing them a wonderful life and sweet dreams.

  6. memories - That is awesome!

    Erika - how cool! It is a wonderful gift!

    You are welcome, Rose!

    Thank you, Janet!

  7. Beautiful children! Praying for your adoption! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  8. They are, aren't they, luvncrafts! Shannon has shared some of their background on her blog, too. Amazing!

  9. Sophia is beautiful! How wonderful that she is home!
    "What if we all prayed them home?" What if?

    There are 2 couples in my neighborhood who have adopted children from other countries. One couple is waiting and waiting for their 2nd child. I have a friend whose daughter and SIL have 2 adopted kids and are caring for 2 more (cousin who is unable to care for them herself). There are many adopted children, but yes, many who still need homes.

    I am an adopted child.

  10. Thank you, Splendid! What if, indeed! Praying that each and everyone will have a home. How wonderful that you know so many adoptive families! Thank you for sharing - how wonderful that you were adopted!!!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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