Friday, June 8, 2012

Up, Down, and All Around - Funtry Friday!

Happy Funtry Friday!  Are you wondering what's up around here?

The moon!  I love the way you can sometimes see it so clearly during the day.

the moon

And the Hollyhocks are up and blooming!

beautiful pink Hollyhocks

Oh!  Look down there!  Do you see who is hiding from us?

Can you see the Killdeer?
 Shhhhhh!  look over there - someone else is hiding!

The Invisible Rabbit
Well, it's time hit the road and see what's up around town.  Let's start at the feed store.

Silver Shed
Olsen's Grain is a very fun place to shop and a fun place to snap a few photos on the way by.  The grain mill here is from the 1940s and some of the other buildings are pretty old, too.  I don't know how old this one is, but it sure has a lot of character.  And yes, it seriously is called the "Silver Shed" and it has the sign to prove it.

The Silver Shed Sign

Well, it's about time for me to get ready for my watercolor class, so I will catch up with all of you later. 

Just "chicken" to see if I have everything I need in my bag!

Hope all of you have a Happy Funtry Friday! 

Have a little country fun today!


  1. Sweet! I love romping through the neighborhood with you in your posts. :)

  2. You've started off my weekend with a smile again!! Thanks for being you.

  3. Were you listening to Winnie the Pooh? The title reminds me of one of his silly songs.

    I like the chicken bag--you are so funny. Hope the class was fun!

  4. What fun! I love the hollyhocks photo. My grandma used to make me hollyhock dolls when I was a little girl.

    And the egg bag is just TOO cute! (Don't put all your eggs in one!)


  5. Your hollyhocks are so pretty! And I love the "invisible rabbit" :)

  6. I love seeing the moon during the day, too. Great animal captures!

  7. Thanks, Shannon! Fun to have you join me! Your escapdes are pretty great, too!!!

    Awwwww! Thanks, Jane! *big smile*

    Erika - Something was rattling around in my head-bone! Not sure it had music to it, but I remember playing a game and saying 'up, down, and all around'. LOL - thanks - the bag was a gift from a dear friend who loves chickens, too. I did have a lot of fun! Looking forward to the rest of the sessions!

    LeAnn - I have wanted to make those dolls with my granddaughters, but the flowers haven't been in bloom when they have been here. hahaha! I promise I will share the eggs!

    Thanks, memories! Hershey ate all the hollyhocks in the yard =p The little rabbit stayed and posed for such a long time. I was still pretty far away, though.

    Thanks, Rose! It's fun to photograph the sights and critters around here.

  8. The little bunny is so cute! Killdeer used to chase me when I had to mow our yard in Kansas. They'd lay their eggs in the grass and then the momma would act like her wing was hurt to keep us away and although I would leave their area alone she still came after me screeching so loud I could hear her over the mower. Silly birds!

  9. Beautiful moon and hollyhocks, we have some of those in our back yard. Cute chicken bag!


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