Sunday, June 3, 2012

The snake needs a bell. Just sayin'....

You say it's Sunday?  Are you sure it's not Friday?  My blog thinks it's Friday *winks* - look at this!

Don't mess with THE Chicken!
One of my neighbor's has this sign on their fence.  Definitely goes on my list of great signs!

Starting to look a little like Funtry Friday, huh?!

Forrest needs a rest.
Forrest had a very busy morning.  She had to defend her castle from the neighbor's cat, watch a ton of birds, and chase a snake...  No, there are no pictures of her with the snake...  But here's the snake.

Bull Snake
Yeah, here's my friendly Bull Snake... all just about four feet of him.  He and Forrest went nose to nose, but neither one was more than curious.  This, you will note, is an aerial shot... from my porch.  I also do not have a picture of myself tossing rocks to keep this little critter from ending up right here. 

keeping an eye on me
It all started when I was watering my trees.  Then I moved to water the flowers.  Then I turned around to go to the next tree.  There he was - slithering in my direction about two feet away.  *sheesh*  I want a bell on this dude.  Seriously!

See his little blurry tongue?
I did get a chance to take a lot of photos (from the porch) - mostly because I was determined to get a picture with his tongue sticking out.  Do you know how long that took?  Long enough to be ridiculous.  I did discover that every time I clicked the camera, he stuck out his tongue.  This was not helpful, because he sucked it back in faster than I could take another picture.  Except for once.  And, no, it was not the last picture I took.  I worked so hard to get that picture that I don't care that his tongue is a blur!  Just look where the white arrow is and pretend you see his tongue.

Pal pretending that I am a scratching post.
Pal was not interested in the snake.  Or the camera.  She was more interested in clawing her way to the top.  Of me.  Doesn't she have the prettiest eyes?  They are two different colors!  And her claws are pretty darn sharp, too, just in case you wondered...

Well, for a Sunday, it sure does look like a Funtry Friday on the blog.  I also have pictures of a cute little rabbit and some of the local birds, but that will have to wait for another day.

For now, I am going to see where that snake went - he needs to wear this so I can hear him coming. 

The snake needs a bell.

Either that, or it's 'clock soup' for his lunch.

Hope you had a great weekend, and a Funtry Friday on this fine Sunday evening.  Just pretend we had a little time warp...


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  1. One of my neighbors needs a sign like that for his rooster....a tasmanian devil hidden in feathers.
    Wow, now that's a hefty snake and worthy of "the bell"! Hugs to Forrest (yeah right) and Pal. Love your posts & a hug for you, too.

  2. that bell will surely keep him in place, if nothing else! Too funny... OK, I know it wasn't funny to you. You tell a great story. Thanks for the laugh. BTW, Pal eyes ARE beautiful! {:-D

  3. Great shots! Yup, snake is big and needs some sort of a warning system. Must be finding enough food to keep him around. Pal is a cutie!

  4. Forrest and Pal are both beautiful! The snake? Not so much! This post has dashed any hopes we had of living in the country because it reminded our mommy of how much she HATES snakes! They give her something called the eebie jeebies!

    Angel & Isabella and Woos from Sadie too!

  5. Thanks for sharing your critters! Your tongue picture is great! Takes great patience to get that! Wish I could see a better shot of Pals eyes. Have seen other cats with different color eyes. They're beautiful!

  6. I see it! I see it! I see it!
    I know exactly what you mean! These critters will simply not pose for us. Cats aren't so great, but not so bad either. They do occasionally actually wish to please us and will try. But bees...and butterflies...and even snakes! Oh no! They never hold still and pose!
    Yes, do put a bell on that snake! YIKES!
    Pal's eyes ARE pretty and I can imagine how sharp her little sweet claws must feel as they make their way up your tender skin.

    FUNtry Friday, huh?!

    That chicken sign is awesome! I know someone who would love that!

  7. Thanks, Jane! Yeah... I hope this is the 'big guy' for this year! Haha - YOU may hug Forrest if you soooo desire. I will call the paramedics for you... LOL

    Thanks, story! Maybe I need a leash... and a tether... and a bowling ball... At least this is a *nice* snake. Pal is a little rescue kitty - her eyes are sooo specitacular in person!

    Lee - noticable drop in the mouse population... Snakes have a pretty large area that they range in, so I think I am sharing him with the neighbor's mice, too. Pal is really sweet!

    Abby - Thanks! Wish it was a clearer tongue picture - it was really cool to watch. Ummmmm - from the porch! I had one other cat who had two different colored eyes, too. Pal is not fond of posing - LOL!

    Angel, Isabella, and Sadie ~ Missy does a great 'snake dance' when he shows up. Then she stares and tries to make him evaporate. Maybe she has those jeebie things, too. I checked him out, and he seemed just fine.
    =<,,>= Forrest, The Cat
    PeeSsss - Missy says snakes is her least favorite country thing!

  8. The chicken sign is priceless, and I love the scratching post picture!

  9. Yikes! You're brave...that snake would be toast at my house!
    Pal looks so cute :) I love her eyes!

  10. Thanks, Rose! That sign makes me laugh every time I drive by it. If I don't pay attention to Pal fast enough, she lets me know about it!

    memories - *roflol* After you see my 'snake dance' you can decide if I'm brave or not! LOL
    Thanks - she is a really pretty cat! (no, not prejudiced ;-) not at all!)

  11. Yikes! I'd go inside and never come back out:) And my cat Lucy also likes to climb up me- it's not so fun. Haha. She does it when I'm working out and she just NEEDS my attention right then.

  12. Nancy - lol - well, there are a few areas that I am avoiding... Yep - I don't think cats have a 'hold' button!

  13. Always fun around your house... Wow I would not want a snake hanging around. Scary!

  14. Always something new, Pam! I'm not so fond of snakes when they are lurking... This one is a beneficial snake, though, so he is welcome to hang around. LOL - where I can see him!

  15. Just came from your port-a-snake box fan post and had to actually see the snake! I'd be running the opposite direction!

  16. LOL - Sarah, we did do a pretty good snake dance to get out of his way! LOL


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