Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Need help lift off..."

You just never know what you might find at Prescott's local art walk.

The Frame & I

Earlier this year I dropped by the Frame & I because I knew there was something there that I just had to buy...  A book!

Lola Hetteen Knudson and my autographed copy of her book, "Magnetic Connection"!

Oh my goodness!  I had read reviews of Lola Hetteen Knudson's book, "Magnetic Connection", perused descriptions of the plot, and let a few paragraphs tease my already energetic curiosity.  Really - UFOs in the Bermuda Triangle - what's not to love?  And the *thick plottens*, as we say around here...

Need help lift off…"

Following a solar storm and wildly surging seas, the Miami Coast Guard receives an SOS in old radio code claiming to be from a UFO disabled at the bottom of the ocean, needing help to restore lift power. As the news goes global, nations and interests maneuver to possess its technology, without regard for the aliens' rights or lives.

Meanwhile, marine biologists Drew Culhane and Kathy Ennis discover and have secret contact with a second UFO. At odds with each other, the power of bureaucracy, and partisan agendas, they take on a perilous commitment to help rescue the aliens - but find themselves in a race against time. They and the world are soon in the middle of a fantastic saga which ultimately reveals the truth about a legendary mystery.

No spoilers here!  I will just say that I couldn't put this down.  It was a great read and it kept me wondering how it was going to end - all the way to the last page!  If you like science fiction and plot twists that keep you guessing, this is a very fun book that you will enjoy.  You can get your very own copy of "Magnetic Connection" right here.

By the way, this family is full of talent!  The great cover art for Lola's book was done by her husband, Robert Knudson, who is a professional artist.  It really captures the mood of this book very well. 

Grab a copy - you won't be disappointed!
Happy reading!


PS - Look for another book review in the near future because another friend of mine who is also an excellent author just had her most recent published book released!  Oh, I know sooooo many talented people!  What a blessing!


  1. The book sounds very intriguing! There is not much better than a book you can't put down and wish would never end.

  2. How fun to get to talk with the author and get your book signed :)

  3. You've captured my interest. So nice that you met the author!

  4. Thank you for to just find more hours in my days!

  5. Wow...that's a really interesting topic! I get into a bit of mild science fiction from time to time, so perhaps I'll put that on my list!

  6. The Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated me -- I'll definitely have to read this book! I've read tons of sci-fi but not anything recently, maybe this will get me jump-started again!

  7. That books does sound really good! It's great you got to meet Lola too!

  8. Very true on both counts, Splendid!

    memories - It was very fun! I met them several years ago and we have had a few times to visit before. They are both really neat people!

    Jane - enjoy! It is fun to know the author.

    hahaha - Kim, so true! I have anoter great book sitting here and it's calling to me! LOL - loud and clear!

    I really enjoyed it, Lee!

    Nancy - this was fun because the characters are very believable and it all happens in 'normal' places.

    Have fun, Sarah! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    Thanks, Sharla =) It was so special to have her autograph my copy, too!

  9. sounds like a wild story! Fun store name! {:-D

  10. storybeader - It was a really fun story - lots of plot twists that kept me wondering how it would end! It is, isn't it!

  11. How fun to meet the author and get your book autographed.

  12. It really was fun! Thanks, Pam!


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