Friday, June 29, 2012

Funtry Friday tour around town!

Hey, c'mon and join me for a little spin around the country and let's see what kind of fun is up around here this Funtry Friday! 

Antelope Garden Club garden
Our Post Office always looks so pretty.  The Antelope Garden Club plants all sorts of neat things in this little area right outside the door.  They even have little signs to tell you what all the plants are - and big signs that tell you not to step on them!

Middle School artwork
The inside is really neat, too, because instead of a bunch of advertising, their inside window display has art from the Middle School!  This one is a display of city buildings in perspective.  I love the creativity that kids have - and the fact that most of these had a big yellow sun somewhere up in the sky! 

Well, lets wander back to the home place and see what's up with the critters.

Billie Jane, Hershey, and Bethie
Huh... Bethie does not seem to be the least bit concerned that Billie Jane and Hershey are eating all of her hay.  I guess she likes the weeds better...

Oh my!  Look at our little baby Barn Swallows now!

Baby Barn Swallows

Yep, these are the babies, but they aren't babies any more! 

Learning to fly!
Both of the parents have been showing them the art of flying and all of the babies have been swooping around all over the place.  It has been lots of fun watching them fly.  They sure did grow fast!

Well, hope you enjoyed your little Funtry Friday tour.  Glad to have you along!  Hope you had some fun out where you are, too!

Happy Funtry Friday,


  1. Great tour! I especially loved the baby swallows!

  2. You have quite a nice post office! Looks like the baby birdies are outgrowing their digs!

  3. Your post office is so much fun! That's neat. I enjoyed seeing the baby birds. So sweet.

  4. That was a great tour! How lovely that the Post Office has a garden and art work to brighten up one's visit! fun to see your animals including those cute birds hanging out in the nest!

  5. Thanks for the tour! Lots of fun! Awww great pictures of the babies!

  6. Glad to have joined you. I wish we could have such a prettied up post office. There are some trees but they could use some gardening. I love school age art. We have many pictures framed here by Cole and Noah from very early ages. LOVE THEM.
    Your barn swallows will be taking off soon.

  7. Lovely garden and what a great community spirit in the Post Office.
    Always a bittersweet moment when the baby birds find their wings.
    My best to Billie Jane, Hershey,Bethie, and the rest of the crew.

  8. Thanks, pasqueflower - they have been so much fun to watch!

    Beaded - I can't imagine how they all hunkered down in there - they are pretty big now! It is fun to see what's new at the PO when I go there.

    Thanks, Rose - I'm glad the PO puts of the art display. The little birds have been lots of fun!

    Thanks for joining the tour, Splendid! I enjoy the garden, too - the garden club does it every year! I suspect that the swallows are thinking about 'brood #2' in the same nest! LOL

    Thanks, Pam! It wasn't easy to get both the one flying and the ones on the nest! LOL

    Sue - they have taken flight! I have some of my daughter's artwork on my wall =) I really enjoy seeing what's new at the PO - small town fun, for sure!

    Thanks, Jane - passing on the greetings to them! The babies are flying all over the place now and they are all mixed up with the ones that hatched next door. The sky is full of swooping swallows, morning doves, grackles (I think), and one lone pidgeon... Not sure where Fred came from, but he hangs around with the doves. LOL

  9. Oh my -- those birdies look squashed in their nest! It must be fun watching them grow and learn. Looks like mama's doing a good job!

  10. They sure did look squashed! They have been flying all over the place and they they all chatter back and forth. Somehow I think the conversation is: Where is my food? Out there - go get it! LOL

  11. Great shot of the bird in flight!
    And I love the window full of middle school art :)

  12. Thanks, memories! It took a while to get that photo, but the two parent birds kept flying up by the nest and I finally got a couple that weren't too bad! Their artwork is soooo cool! The exhibit changes monthly, I think, so we should have a whole new collection soon!


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